Best USB C Power Delivery Charger PD For Quick Charge iPhone X Android

If you have purchased a brand new iPhone or an Android phone only to find that a quick charger does not ship in the box, you are not alone. Most of the latest mid-range phones come with the quick-charge feature. However, the (quick) charger needs to be purchased separately. What you would need is a USB Power Delivery Charger or ‘PD‘ to make good use of fast charging.

But before getting into the details, let us explain what a USB PD specification is. Let’s find out.

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USB has emerged from a data interface competent of supplying restrained power to a central provider of energy using a standardized data interface. Now several devices charge or receive their power from USB ports built on in Notebook PCs, automobiles, aircraft or even wall outlets. USB has matured to become a standard power socket for many small appliances such as smartphones, MP3-DVD players, and other mobile devices. Users require USB to meet their obligations not only concerning data but also to give power to, or charge, their devices quickly, often without the need to install a driver, to carry out “regular” USB purposes.

The ‘USB Power Delivery Specification‘ allows the highest functionality of USB by implementing more flexible energy distribution along with data over a single standardized cable. It aims to work with and strengthen on the current USB ecosystem.

Essential Characteristics of USB Power Delivery Charger

  • Congenial with current USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 wires
    and connectors
  • Permits voltage and current states to be transmitted
    over the standardized USB power pins.
  • Facilitates higher charge and current to deliver
    power up-to almost 100 Watts
    – Limits to match cable-capabilities
    – More upper limit fixed by International safety specifications
  • Switchable reference of power delivery without substituting cable direction
  • Coexists with existing USB Battery Charging 1.2 specifications

USB Power Delivery Charger

For charging devices like Android phones which either comes with a micro-USB or a USB Type C interface, there are plenty of certified chargers out there. Unlike Apple’s lightning port, USB C is an open standard for device manufacturers. So, to fast charge your device, the choice is plentiful. In this article, we have listed out USB power delivery charger (s) which we think is safe for your device. So, here we go!

USB Power Delivery Charger For Android Phones

In this section, we have listed out our favorite USB C (or earlier) PD chargers, since they follow an open standard. We will come back to the iPhone scenario once we are done with Android devices. Do note that we only recommend using only up to 50W USB-C charges, just to be on the safer side.

1. AUKEY 46W USB-C Charger with Power Delivery (PD) 3.0

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The Aukey USB wall charger comes with USB-C Power-Delivery output as well as a standard USB output to charge both types of devices.The USB-C port delivers up to 46W Power Delivery and is compatible with legacy devices as well. You can use the standard 10.5W USB port to power all your 5V USB devices and comes with an output of 2.1A.

The charger is compact and features a foldable plug for ease and mobility. It is ideal for on-the-go charging, especially for mobile users. The device features a built-in protection with prevents devices against unwarranted current, heating, and straining. The is a feature that we like.

The retail packaging contains an AUKEY PA-Y10 Amp (USB-C) Wall Charger, User Manuals, and comes with a 45-Day Money Back Guarantee. It also comes with industry-leading 24-Month Product Replacement Guarantee.

2. Google 18W USB-C Charger with Power Delivery

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The official Google Type-C 18W Power-Adapter is designed with USB Power Delivery to energize your ‘USB-CTM’ approved devices fast. It also comes with a long, removable USB-C cable. The long 1.8-meter cable helps you move away from the power outlet. For added practicality, the USB 2.0 cord also separates from the adapter.

The plug is compatible with Google Pixel & 2, Google Pixel XL & XL 2, Google Pixel C Tab 2 and other Type-C mobiles or tablets.

3. Anker USB-C 60 W Adaptive Charger with Power Delivery

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The device comes with ‘Fast-Charging Technology’ over  USB-C Power Delivery. It is capable of charging all USB-C devices such as the new MacBook (Pro), at 29 Watts total rate. All the other ports come with a proprietary ‘PowerIQ‘ tech to intelligently identifies your device and increases its charging speed, up-to 2.4A per USB port.

The charger comes with five ports, One USB-C port with Power Delivery (PD) and four standard USB ports with ‘PowerIQ’ which allows concurrent multi-device charging at extraordinary speed. The device also keeps your gadgets safe from surge protection, heat control, and more exceptional security features.

In the box, you get the Anker ‘PowerPort+’ with five ports, USB-C with USB PD, guidance manual, Power cable, and an extended 18-month guarantee and reliable customer service.

USB Power Delivery Charger For Apple iPhones

Apple officially confirmed that all of their devices since the iPhone 6 support quick charging. However, since Apple does not include a rapid charger in the box, you will have to look for alternatives. If you have a 12 Watt, 2.4A iPad charger lying around, you can safely use it. If this is not ideal, then you should buy a USB Type-C to lightning cable from the market and use any one of the chargers mentioned above.

If you are not comfortable with 3rd party accesories, then you should try the 29W USB-Type‑C Power Adapter directly from Apple. And yes, the charging cable is sold separately.

usb power delivery charger

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