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usb power delivery charger

If you have purchased a brand new iPhone or an Android phone only to find that a quick charger does not ship in the box, you are not alone. Most of the latest mid-range phones come with the quick-charge feature. However, the (quick) charger needs to be purchased separately. You would need a USB Power Delivery Charger or ‘PD‘ to make good use of fast charging.

But before getting into the details, let us explain what a USB PD specification is. Let’s find out.

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USB has emerged from a data interface that supplies restrained power to a central provider of energy using a standardized data interface. Several devices charge or receive their power from USB ports built on in Notebook PCs, automobiles, aircraft, or even wall outlets.

USB has matured to become a standard power socket for many small appliances such as smartphones, MP3-DVD players, and other mobile devices. Users require USB to meet their obligations concerning data and give power to, or charge, their devices quickly, often without the need to install a driver, to carry out “regular” USB purposes.

The ‘USB Power Delivery Specification‘ allows USB’s highest functionality by implementing more flexible energy distribution and data over a single standardized cable. It aims to work with and strengthen the current USB ecosystem.

Essential Characteristics of USB Power Delivery Charger

  • Congenial with current USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 wires
    and connectors
  • Permits voltage and current states to be transmitted
    over the standardized USB power pins.
  • Facilitates higher charge and current to deliver
    power up-to almost 100 Watts
    – Limits to match cable-capabilities
    – More upper limit fixed by International safety specifications
  • Switchable reference of power delivery without substituting cable direction
  • Coexists with existing USB Battery Charging 1.2 specifications

While using your laptops or smartphones or tablets, or other devices for your work or entertainment is significant, it is equally substantial to charge them well. There must be no compromise in terms of charging because it will ultimately influence the device’s performance.

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In the modern era, the USB-C gradually turns out to be the preferred charging port for advanced devices. Whether you own the latest laptop, smartphone, tablet, or any other such tools, you may need to check the compatibility with the USB Type-C port for the charging.

You cannot use any outdated USB-C adaptor. In no time, USB-C is becoming the preferred connectivity interface in the latest Samsung/Android smartphones, iPhones, iPods, Macbooks, and other devices like smart TVs and Nintendo Switch.

With the USB-C Power Delivery (PD) chargers, you will be able to charge your PD devices safely and quickly. This is because these chargers settle on to deliver optimum charging current with USB PD devices. Simultaneously, they will convey only the required flow. In this way, they employ a safe and quick charging mechanism.

The high-output USB-C PD chargers, as well as the PD power banks, would charge your USB-C PD devices faster. This is because they could send out much higher charging voltages and currents along with charging power, reaching up to 65 watts. To know which of these chargers can charge at 65W, go through the below section highlighting the best USB C PD 3.0 65W chargers:

Best USB C PD 3.0 chargers with 65 Watts rating:

Sr. No.ImageProduct NameManufacturerBuy Now
1VERNET USB C Wall Charger 3-Port 65W Fast ChargingVHEONETBuy from Amazon
2SIIG 65W USB Type C Wall ChargerSamsungBuy from Amazon

2. SIIG 65W USB Type C Wall Charger:

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The 65W USB C wall charger in the present discussion is alternatively referred to as a USB C laptop charger. This is because this USB-C PD charger is found extensively used to charge laptops. It comes with a power delivery feature and a QC 3.0 USB port. The included port helps connect your smartphones, laptops, MacBook Pro, and other similar devices for USB C charging. It is considered that this SIIG charger is an excellent alternative to the Macbook power brick and also found affordable.

The design of this wall charger is made sleek and portable. A fold-away plug for hassle-free storage accompanies this design. This will ultimately make it a perfect wall charger to pack into your suitcase, backpack, or laptop bag. During its operation, it will deliver a simultaneously fast-charge mechanism to charge up to 2 high-powered devices. The optimal charging efficiency is achieved with USB power delivery and quick charge 3.0 capabilities. You may be surprised to see fast charging on both ports simultaneously.


  • The included USB-C PD port is capable of delivering output up to 65 W. This is more than sufficient power to charge your laptops, notebooks, ultrabooks, cell phones, and many other USB-C-powered devices.
  • Its USB-C plug is equipped with a reversible connection design. This unique design enables plugging the charging cable on the first try.
  • There is the facility of type-A quick charge 3.0 port. It allows charging up to 4 times faster than old charging ports. This port can also achieve up to 70% battery charge within 30 minutes while charging the QC 3.0 supported devices.
  • The advanced safety features implemented in this PD charger protect excess charging, heating, current, and power. In this way, both your tools and charger get protection against unexpected power issues.

1. VHEONET USB C Wall Charger 3-Port 65W Fast Charging:

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Presented with a fast-charging mechanism, this 65W USB PD 3.0 charger is highly effective at charging. Its working mechanism will dynamically decide power output over a USB Type-C connection. Consequently, safe and efficient recharging is possible for a broad range of compatible devices simultaneously.

The reason behind why this VHEONET USB charger is said to boast extensive compatibility is that it is designed to work with nearly all USB-C and USB-powered devices. For instance, it can charge all USB-C devices like Android phones, iPhones, tablets, laptops, headphones, wireless speakers, MacBook Pro, wearables, e-readers, and photography gear. Any devices possessing a USB-C port will be able to get charging from this wall charger.

When you want to carry it to travel, you need to coil its three cables and pack it inside your backpack. Charging all your USB-C devices via a single PowerPoint plugged inside a single outlet reduces time to waste. Also, you will eliminate the issues of forgetting a charger connected to another outlet. The capability to charge 3 different devices simultaneously is the primary benefit of this USB-C charger. There is the inclusion of universal adapters for various power outlet standards.


  • A USB C port facilitates the multi-port charging with power delivery, a USB A port with QC 3.0, and a standard USB A port.
  • When the QC port and A port are utilized simultaneously, the output voltage found is 5V. On the other hand, when USB-C is being used with a USB-A port or QC port, the output power exceeds 5W. Also, the USB-C port output can be transferred from PD65W to PD45W.
  • Your devices will stay safe with the implemented surge protection, advanced safety features, and temperature control.
  • To remove the hassles while packing for travel, this charger comes with a foldable plug and two travel adapters. This will enhance the convenience of your trip.

Best USB C PD 3.0 chargers with a rating other than 65 Watts:

Sr. No.ImageProduct NameManufacturerBuy Now
1Nekmit Thin Flat 42W 4-Port Wall Charger, USB C ChargerNekmitBuy from Amazon
2AI AIKENUO 48W Fast Charging PD Wall Chargers.AI AIKENUOBuy from Amazon
3JSAUX USB-C 3.0 Power Delivery AdapterJSAUXBuy from Amazon
4EasyAcc 48W USB C Fast Wall ChargerEasyAccBuy from Amazon
5Anker 60W [PowerIQ 3.0 & GaN] PD USB C ChargerAnkerBuy from Amazon
6RAVPower 61W Wall Charger with PD 3.0 [GaN Tech] Type C Fast ChargingRAVPowerBuy from Amazon

6. RAVPower 61W Wall Charger with PD 3.0 [GaN Tech] Type C Fast Charging:

Check on Amazon

The present model of the USB C charger from RAVPower will deliver power output up to 61W. This will allow it to match a broad range of PD devices ranging from smartphones to laptops. It is now possible to charge your MacBook Pro to its full capacity in less than 2 hours. It is important to take into account that for quick charging, C-C cable is essential.

The charging performance will always be superior because this PD 3.0 charger configuration includes GaN tech & PI chipset. This chipset makes sure the components stay cool and decrease power consumption. Furthermore, it will boost the charging efficiency to more than 93%.

The key component used in this RAVPower charger is Gallium Nitride. This element is actually a major upgrade from its silicone predecessor, providing a considerable boost to power density and switching frequency. As a result, effective charging is delivered in a small profile. The 61W USB-C output will effectively charge your devices at speeds reaching up to 2.5 times the standard 1A.


  • RAVPower made the overall design compact and slim. This will allow you to carry it wherever you want easily. Its size is designed to be 50% smaller than a typical 61W MacBook charger.
  • It comes with full compatibility to easily charge all the USB C devices that are PD optimized.
  • This type C PD charger is TUV certified along with inbuilt safeguards. They will protect against excessive current, power, or heating.
  • All the included pins will neatly fold inside this charger unit for presenting high portability. Also, they will make sure no other objects present in your bag get scratched.
  • When this charger gets connected to a device or socket, the built-in LED light will shine. In this way, it will precisely show off the charging status.

5. Anker 60W [PowerIQ 3.0 & GaN] PD USB C Charger:

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The PowerPort Atom USB C charger is designed in ultra-compact size to make it travel-friendly and let the users use it conveniently. It can charge a maximum of up to 60W without any compromise in the charging efficiency. This sleek designed charger is useful for charging your laptops, some models of iPhones, MacBook Pro/Air, iPad Pro, etc.

All these devices possess USB C compatibility, so they can receive charging output from this Anker charger. The critical aspect to consider is it comes implemented with the Anker signature power 3.0 technology. This technology offers high-speed charging to any compatible device.

The unique specialties include compact size and build quality. The availability of the matte finish on its side is an extraordinary aspect.
Whether you use phones, tablets, or computers daily, you need to keep this charger with you. The 60W USB-C power 3.0 port makes this USB C charger compatible with most devices with a USB C port.


  • The charging efficiency is increased by the inclusion of the gallium nitride (Gann).
  • Every included prong will fold down inside to allow easy portability.
  • Due to its small size and foldable plug, it can be carried anywhere while you travel.

  • The implementation of Anker’s MultiProtect safety system presents comprehensive protection for your devices.

  • The cutting-edge charging technology, i.e., PowerIQ 3.0, charges almost all tools at its supreme possible speed. This technology will convey full-speed charging along with excellent support for the Qualcomm Quick Charge.

4. EasyAcc 48W USB C Fast Wall Charger:

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The high-speed charging output is the primary specialty of this fast wall charger from EasyAcc. In its body, you will find the USB-C power delivery port that will offer a full-speed charge to your phone, laptop, and tablet. The standard USB port is capable of providing support for QC 3.0. This allows the charger to charge 4 devices at a faster pace than the ordinary chargers. The prime benefits of using this fast wall charger are super convenience and excellent portability. This charger unit will not occupy much space.

There is a foldable plug, and due to its palm-size, it is suitable for travel. So, you can easily pack it anywhere and carry it with you. Generally, this USB C fast charger is found compatible will all popular forms of lightning cables. Despite possessing fast charging abilities, this one is cheaper than a few other fast chargers available on the market. When not in use, you can quickly flip up the prongs. When they are folded, they will make a clicking sound. This indicates that this wall charger is durable and well-built too.


  • This EasyAcc wall charger has passed multiple tests to offer complete protection for your devices. This unit is CE/FCC/RoHS certified, along with the implementation of circuit design protection.
  • Your devices will stay protected against over current, over-voltage, and short circuit.
  • It comes with universal compatibility to support all your standard USB and USB-C phones. Also, it can charge laptops, tablets, and Apple devices.
  • Its USB-C port comes with 30W PD (Power Delivery) to charge your tablet, phone, and laptop at the highest possible speed.

3. JSAUX USB-C 3.0 Power Delivery Adapter:

Check on Amazon

Implementing the next-generation fast-charge technology, this Power Delivery adapter is efficient in its operation. It is purposely made in a compact design to make sure it would not obstruct other outlets. Its small profile and capability to occupy less room entices the attention of customers to buy it. Though its size is small, it will not fall off from the outlet.

There is the inclusion of a portable plug to make this adapter travel-friendly. It will be quite simple to store and carry this adapter. You may be surprised to know how quickly your phone charges, and during charging, it will not get much heated up. Besides, the color selection is too admirable. Whenever you require a tiny charging port device while traveling, this adapter will suffice the need.


  • With the presence of a USB C PD 3.0 port, this USB-C adapter will deliver 18W power to quickly charge your iPhone, iPad, and other devices supporting USB Power Delivery.
  • It comes with the UL, CE, FCC, and RoHS certifications and various protection systems to assure your devices’ safety.
  • Its overall size is made 50% smaller than few other wall chargers available on the market.
  • There is a tiny foldable plug included to let it make perfect for travel.

2. AI AIKENUO 48W Fast Charging PD Wall Chargers:

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With power output support up to 48W, this wall charger is equipped with the Power Delivery 3.0 USB-C output and the Quick Charge 3.0 USB output. Both these outputs will be helpful to charge all your USB-C as well as USB-powered gear competently. This will aptly meet all your charging requirements. Both the ports can simultaneously work without causing any interference on the power delivered at the output. Not just it charges faster than conventional chargers, but it is ultimately safer.

Compared to a standard wall adapter, this PD wall charger is 4 times more rapid. The quick charge tech’s execution facilitates compatible phones to instantly attain charging up to 80% within a short duration. You will get a user guide, 1-year friendly customer service, and a 30-day money-back guarantee along with this charger.


  • With the latest PD 3.0 fast-charging technology execution, every PD port can offer 18W power output. This will convey safety protection and high voltage charging.
  • The implemented Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology works at 4 times more speed than typical USB adapters.
  • It comes with CE /FCC/ ROHS certification. Besides, multi-charging protection is employed to ensure your devices stay protected against excess voltage, heating, and short-circuit issues.
  • With the smart negotiation for the optimum voltage, the compatible devices will attain adaptive power output. Also, this negotiation will result in more optimized charging cycles. Therefore, there will not be much heat produced during charging and not much stress given on your device’s battery.

1. Nekmit Thin Flat 42W 4-Port Wall Charger, USB C Charger:

Check on Amazon

This 4-port wall charger supports four standard USB outputs to fulfill all your charging needs and comes with an 18W USB-C PD port. All 4 smart ports enable you to charge 4 devices at the same time effectively. Whether you want to charge your iPad, iPhone, smartphone, or Android devices, this USB C charger is preferred. Its design is made ultra-slim and lightweight for saving space. You will not face winding cable issues, and it is quite easy to store.

Unlike other wall chargers, this one is constructed superior by its non-slip design and a stronger hold. In its making, Nekmit has included quality parts to offer support along with the outlet. This will keep it plugged in and make sure it does not fall off. Its unique low-profile design will perfectly fit in small spaces without any compromise in the charging effectiveness.

Since it works at its full charging capacity, it will always present high charging efficiency. There will be no hassles while accessing this Nekmit charger behind the majority of furniture equipment. For example, the charging output will not be obstructed by beds, drawers, couches, sofas, etc.

Its lightweight design and compact size allow it to save space when it is being carried along. What helped the most is the USB-C port and 3 USB ports. Implied from the product name itself, Nekmit has made it thin compared to the usual adapters. If you want to let it stay concealed, you can put it behind the cupboard in your room.


  • Nekmit has implemented smart IC technology that automatically detects the output of your device. So, your device will always charge at the supreme speed.
  • When plugged into the outlet, stability is ensured by the multi-protect safety system and a 3-prong design.
  • Every USB-A port is capable of providing a maximum of 12W with overall power of 24W. This will employ fast charging mechanism through USB-A.
  • With the include USB-C port and USB-A charging port, the charger’s compact USB charging hub will fulfill the majority of your devices’ power needs.
  • In its charging hub, there are 4 charging ports included, and they face downwards. This kind of alignment would safely charge up to four devices simultaneously. This feature allows this charger to employ enhanced control and prevents damages caused by hindering furniture pieces.

To Summarize:

All these USB C PD 3.0 chargers come with different output power capacities, but they are dedicated to charging your devices quickly. It is now possible to save the excess time wasted on a prolonged charging process using these chargers.

USB Power Delivery Charger

There are plenty of certified chargers out there for charging devices like Android phones, which either comes with a micro-USB or a USB Type C interface. Unlike Apple’s lightning port, USB C is an open standard for device manufacturers. So, to fast charge your device, the choice is plentiful. This article has listed out USB power delivery charger (s), which we think is safe for your device. So, here we go!

USB Power Delivery Charger For Android Phones

This section lists our favorite USB C (or earlier) PD chargers since they follow an open standard. We will come back to the iPhone scenario once we are done with Android devices. Do note that we only recommend using only up to 50W USB-C charges, just to be on the safer side.

1. AUKEY 46W USB-C Charger with Power Delivery (PD) 3.0

Buy From Amazon

The Aukey USB wall charger comes with a USB-C Power-Delivery output and a standard USB output to charge both types of devices. The USB-C port delivers up to 46W Power Delivery and is compatible with legacy devices as well. You can use the standard 10.5W USB port to power all your 5V USB devices, and it comes with an output of 2.1A.

The charger is compact and features a foldable plug for ease and mobility. It is ideal for on-the-go charging, especially for mobile users. The device features built-in protection with prevents devices from unwarranted current, heating, and straining. The is a feature that we like.

The retail packaging contains an AUKEY PA-Y10 Amp (USB-C) Wall Charger, User Manuals and comes with a 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee. It also comes with an industry-leading 24-Month Product Replacement Guarantee.

2. Google 18W USB-C Charger with Power Delivery

Buy From Amazon

The official Google Type-C 18W Power-Adapter is designed with USB Power Delivery to energize your ‘USB-CTM’ approved devices fast. It also comes with a long, removable USB-C cable. The long 1.8-meter cable helps you move away from the power outlet. For added practicality, the USB 2.0 cord also separates from the adapter.

The plug is compatible with Google Pixel & 2, Google Pixel XL & XL 2, Google Pixel C Tab 2, and other Type-C mobiles or tablets.

3. Anker USB-C 60 W Adaptive Charger with Power Delivery

Buy From Amazon

The device comes with ‘Fast-Charging Technology’ over  USB-C Power Delivery. It can charge all USB-C devices, such as the new MacBook (Pro), at 29 Watts total rate. All the other ports come with a proprietary ‘PowerIQ‘ tech to intelligently identifies your device and increases its charging speed, up to 2.4A per USB port.

The charger comes with five ports, one USB-C port with Power Delivery (PD), and four standard USB ports with ‘PowerIQ,’ which allows concurrent multi-device charging at extraordinary speed. The device also keeps your gadgets safe from surge protection, heat control, and more exceptional security features.

In the box, you get the Anker ‘PowerPort+’ with five ports, USB-C with USB PD, guidance manual, Power cable, and an extended 18-month guarantee and reliable customer service.

USB Power Delivery Charger For Apple iPhones

Apple officially confirmed that all of their devices since the iPhone 6 support quick charging. However, since Apple does not include a rapid charger in the box, you will have to look for alternatives. If you have a 12 Watt, 2.4A iPad charger lying around, you can safely use it. If this is not ideal, you should buy a USB Type-C lightning cable from the market and use any one of the chargers mentioned above.

If you are not comfortable with 3rd party accesories, you should try the 29W USB-Type‑C Power Adapter directly from Apple. And yes, the charging cable is sold separately.

usb power delivery charger

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We hope you like our article on USB power delivery chargers and the best ones currently available. Your valuable comments or opinions are appreciated in the comment section down below. Thank you for visiting us, have an excellent day!

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