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Best Right Angle Low Profile USB C Cables – Fast Charging 6FT Options

Best Right Angle Low Profile USB C Cables

If you are looking for some of the best right angle low profile USB C cables, you have landed in the right place.

The low speed while charging a smartphone, laptop, or tablet or accomplishing data transfer may indicate the inefficiency of the cable used. The type of wire used for such purposes lays a prominent impact on the corresponding output. The concerns regarding cable tangling and inflexibility are commonly found in low-quality cables.

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Moreover, these cables also prove to be inefficient in terms of charging speed and data transfer. To successfully eliminate such issues, the right angle low profile USB C cable is quite beneficial to use. They are excellent for charging your mobile devices in a car. They are also suitable for effortlessly accessing your tablet or phone’s charging port when connected to a laptop or wall charger.

The structure features a right-angled USB Type-C connector allowing the users to connect to ports that are difficult to reach. The same is perfect for easily charging your mobile devices. The angled connector makes sure the cables are protected from bending awkwardly or from straining excessively to make a connection.  First of all, take a look at their applications and then go through the best ones:

Applications of right angle low profile USB C cables:

Out of the many applications, these cables are widely used for three applications. They are as below:

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  1. Power, your USB-C, enabled laptops using a USB Type-C wall charger
  2. Charge your USB-C devices with a USB-C wall charger, power bank, or car charger
  3. Charge as well as sync your USB-C mobile digital devices directly from the USB-C port on the laptop

In addition to these applications, they are suitable to work as a spare while traveling. You can substitute the USB-C cable packed along with your mobile device or can keep it spare while traveling. Therefore, your mobile devices and laptop are readily available for use while on the road. Moreover, with up to 3A of power output, it is possible to use them to power a USB-C laptop.

Best Right Angle Low Profile USB C Cables – Table

Sr. No.ImageProduct NameManufacturerBuy Now
1CIKOO 2 Pack USB C Charging CableCIKOO 

Check on Amazon

2UGREEN USB C Cable Right Angle (3FT)UGREENCheck on Amazon
3APFEN Metal Durable iPhone ChargerAPFENCheck on Amazon
4Cafele Right Angle USB C Cable with Led LightCafeleCheck on Amazon
5Oxsubor USB C 90 Degree Right Angle Cable (2 Pack)OxsuborCheck on Amazon
6SUNGUY 90 Degree USB C Cable (3 Pack)SUNGUYCheck on Amazon
7USB C 90 Right Angle Cable from AUKEY [2-Pack 6.6ft]AUKEYCheck on Amazon

7. USB C 90 Right Angle Cable from AUKEY [2-Pack 6.6ft]:

Check on Amazon

Presented with a sufficiently long cable length, this right-angle cable from AUKEY simplifies the working operation. The 6.6 feet makes inconvenient office outlets reachable and allows you to charge your phone while simultaneously working or lounging in bed.

Now you can keep a cable in your office or home as a back-up. The implementation of the high-speed data transfer makes sure the data transfer is easily accomplished between your laptop and USB-C phone. These 2-pack cables are considered decent quality extra long cords with 90-degree plugs. Furthermore, the durable braided external sheet prevents too tight radius bending leading to several cheap premature cord conductor breakage.

Despite being pricey, this right-angle USB C angle proves to be of excellent quality for the money spent.  The bright cord colors entice your attention and soothe your mood during use. Since each of them packs in excellent flexibility, it is easy to store them when not in use and use them conveniently when required. The charging ends are believed to be made from aluminum, so they are extremely sturdy. It is known that the nylon cord is flexible. Moreover, it can charge your phone without requiring detaching the protective case initially.

The wide popularity of this right-able cable is also due to its extensive compatibility. It is found compatible with different phones from Samsung like Galaxy S10, S10+, and Note9, LG V30, and several other USB-C phones and tablets. For all the mentioned phone models, fast charging mechanism is facilitated when used with a power bank or charger that supports Qualcomm Quick Charge or Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging.


  • The 6.6 feet USB C cables in this pack employ safe charging at up to 3A. This safe charging is guaranteed by high-standard components containing a 56k ohm resistor.
  • The USB 2. 0 supports quick data transfer at speeds up to 480Mbps.
  • These durable nylon cables are made slim and come with reversible USB-C connectors. For allowing an easy connection, the cables come with a 5000+ bend lifespan.
  • With the assistance of the Quick Charge 2.0/3.0, you can perceive fast charging mechanism for your Samsung Galaxy S9 and other USB-C devices.
  • The daily use strain is eliminated by the 90° zinc alloy-housed connectors and the strain relief collars.
  • The issues of inaccessibility or difficulty in accessibility while charging are discarded by the 6.6ft cables.

6. SUNGUY 90 Degree USB C Cable (3 Pack):

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The SUNGUY 90-degree USB C cable in the present discussion accepts a 45-degree angle USB A to 90-degree USB-C connector. The overall appearance of the cable is made exclusively with the unique L-shape. Therefore, it can be flawlessly used as a mobile game charging cable, allowing the user to enjoy the game while simultaneously charging the phone.

The cable quality is made durable and strong with the inclusion of a 3A seamless end tip. The included 56k ohm pull-up resistor makes sure the maximum required current is delivered to charge the device. Henceforth, the device will charge faster and without compromising safety. Since the nylon braided tightly woven jacket comes with a 5000+ bend lifespan, these cables are made sturdy and durable.

It is fine to occasionally charge your device overnight because the cable does not carry a high current. Actually, it carries half the current as other cables. The tightly braided cord appears good and is intended to last longer. These cords sit more conveniently, particularly if your phone is inside your pocket and receiving charging from an external battery. With its 90-degree angle, the issues of warping and bending are eliminated. Therefore, long-lasting use is guaranteed.

Generally, there will be no worries regarding compatibility because this right-angle SUNGUY USB C cable works well with most famous smartphones. It can work well with Samsung Note8, Galaxy S9/S8, Google Pixel 2/2XL, Motorola Moto G6/G6 Plus/ Z2 Force, OnePlus 6/5T/3T, LG V30/G6/G5, and more. You will find 3 90-degree USB C cables with lengths of 1 foot, 2 feet, and 3 feet in the pack.


  • All the included cables in the pack support QC2.0/3.0 fast charging and data transmission. There will be no inefficiency in the data syncing process. The maximum data transfer speed is up to 480Mb/s.
  • They employ 24AWG charging and efficient 28AWG data transfer signal wire technology.
  • It will be extremely convenient to view videos, movies, or play mobile games on a horizontal screen.
  • Safe charging is presented through prominent features like overcharge, over-temperature, and over-current protection.
  • Use of the nylon braided, durable protective material averts damage, stretching, or deformation.

5. Oxsubor USB C 90 Degree Right Angle Cable (2 Pack):

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Oxsubor prepared this right-angle cable to operate quick data transfer and fast charging.  Each of the right cables included in the pack owns the potential to convert your Type-C to USB 3.0 cable easily. Besides, it allows the user to connect USB peripheral devices easily.

Those who are on the move or those who need to work while traveling shall consider investing in this 90-degree cable. Fast speed is perceived while downloading pictures, audio, data transfer, and charging. This USB 3.0 Type-C cable is widely used for major types of devices possessing USB-C connectors.

A USB C to USB A adapter is perfect for linking type c enabled devices to conventional laptops, portable chargers, hard drives, etc. There will be no inconvenience while connecting multiple straight USB cables, and there is no need to buy extension cables. The included connectors would fit perfectly with excellent grip for facilitating a proper connection. The package contents consist of a left-angled USB 3.0 to type C cable cord and a right-angled USB 3.0 to Type C cable cord.


  • In the structure of the cable, the superior quality shielding cable avoids electromagnetic interference. Therefore, it enables fast data transfer and swift charging speed. It is this cable that offers super-speed USB 3.0 data synchronization.
  • Since it supports 1.5A – 2.0A current, it can seamlessly charge your devices using the USB-C port.
  • Its unique design is intended to save space and maintain cleanliness on the surface.
  • There is the presence of a 90-degrees recurved bend adapter to prevent bending. Furthermore, this adapter also prevents breaking the USB and type C ports accidentally.
  • Being compact, easy to use, and boasting a user-friendly design, it always allows you to insert the connector into your devices in the correct way. Users can plug and unplug in both directions.

4. Cafele Right Angle USB C Cable with Led Light:

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All the USB C cables available on the market are not equipped with LED lights. Cafele uniquely prepared this right-angle 90-degree connector with a cutting-edge 90-degree L-shaped, bright blue led light design. The presence of LED light enhances convenience while watching the video, playing games, reading e-books whenever you lie down on your couch.

Along with these activities, you can simultaneously charge your phone. This blue LED present on the USB-C end, which plugs into your phone, is easy to observe during any lighting condition, whether day or night.

Those people looking to enhance the cable routing for an Android Auto vehicle environment should consider buying this cable. The materials used in the making seem high quality, and it is made reversible at both ends. The C connector fits snugly inside the phone without falling out; it is easy to insert. The cable aptly justifies your investment at the offered price, and the bright red color appears elegant.


  • This USB type c charger cable equipped with bright LED light is made of superior quality nylon braided cord and a high-grade electroplating aluminum alloy case. The use of aluminum in the case supports up to 10000+ times bending. Thus, it makes the cable strong, durable and lets it last longer.
  • The incorporated 56KΩ resistor assures that the maximum electrical current is conveyed for reliability and safety. Moreover, this resistor averts any damage to USB devices.
  • The use of superior quality copper wire boosts signal quality and durability. It ultimately facilitates swift data transfer and fast charging. Now you can charge at fast speeds on your USB C devices without compromising safety.
  • It is easy to find at night because of the excellent brightness of the blue LED.
  • The implementation of the right-angle design in the Console indicates that the connector does not project inside the space.

3. APFEN Metal Durable iPhone Charger:

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The variance in the USB C cable size simplifies the accessibility concerns and makes charging hassle-free. Considering this aspect, APFEN presented this right-angled USB-C cable in 3 different sizes – 3 feet, 6 feet, and 10 feet. All these variances make it easy to find the appropriate cable for any circumstances. Each of them is made lightweight for the simplicity of carrying. Taking a look at the aesthetics, the color options available are black, gray, and gray-black.  They terminate in a USB-C connection.

Despite being made of copper, the cable is enclosed inside a braided sheath of nylon to prolong the cable’s lifespan. It is known that the APFEN 90-degree USB-C Cable comes with an estimated bend lifespan of 5500+. Actually, this lifespan is far better than the freebie cables frequently used by people.

Since each connection header is fairly narrow, it is quite easy to connect to smartphones while being covered with a case. The thick case may arouse some issues with connecting, but most people’s standard-sized cases create no issues. Generally, all the prominent smartphone models from brands like Apple, Samsung, and Google are compatible with this metal durable charger. The 3.3 feet length is ideal for regular use, charging stations, and laptops. Fast data transfer and simplicity to carry are the prime specialties.


  • The presence of the spring inside the cable enhances cable durability and prevents the cable from blasting.
  • With the 2.4A capacity, it is guaranteed that this APFEN metal durable charge presents safe and quick charging. Also, it facilitates instant syncing for your devices, thus saving your time.
  • The procedure to use it is quite straightforward –plug this USB-C cable inside your laptop; alternatively, you can use your wall charger. The connection will be established instantly and conveniently.
  • Its overall design helps decrease the strain imposed on the cable; thus, the lifespan is extended.
  • It is capped at 2.1A, which is almost near the maximum amount of current the user can draw through one of these cables. Despite that, the users can still benefit from quick charging.

2. UGREEN USB C Cable Right Angle (3FT):

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The innovative L-shaped design showcased by this 3 feet right angle cable makes it convenient to support fast charging and fast data transfer. This unique right-angle configuration makes it more comfortable for enjoying videos, playing games, and reading e-books while simultaneously charging the device.

All these activities can be performed while you lie on the couch or bed.  Furthermore, the L-shaped design limits the wear & tear on the cable and also protects your type-C smartphone from the same. Now you will be able to relish media entertainment on your smartphone with more simplicity.

With excellent flexibility, there will be no cable tangling issues. It is possible to charge your phone while holding it in your hand or mounted over an arm. Unlike normal speed charging, the charging speed conveyed by this UGREEN cable is faster. The overall length, i.e., 3 feet, is sufficient and would not create inaccessibility issues.

In addition to being popular due to its fast charging speed and data transfer speed, this right-angle cable is highly safe and reliable. This can be inferred from the fact that it is compliant with USB-C fast charge protocol and comes with a built-in 56KΩ pull-up resistor and advanced intelligent chip with multi-protection inside. At the output, reliable conductivity and consistent charging current are provided. Therefore, your smartphones will stay protected against damage because of concerns like over-voltage or over-current.


  • This USB C to USB A cable is known to support Quick Charge 2.0 and 3.0 and max output up to 3A. It can flawlessly work with Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging AFC and Huawei Fast Charging Protocol FCP, offering 9V 2A, 5V 3A, or 12V 1.5A fast charge. It can seamlessly offer full charging speed with your old QC USB-C power charger.
  • Implementation of the triple-shielding conveys enhanced protection against interference. Consequently, swift and consistent data transmission is facilitated.
  • The maximum data transfer speed is up to 480 Mbps.
  • The aluminum housing conveys high durability. This housing depicts the elegance of the metal and enhances its service life. Also, this housing makes the cable resistant to wear and corrosion.
  • The use of durable nylon braided cable eliminates the problems of tangling and presents excellent flexibility so that you can wrap it up in a backpack or bag.
  • A longer lifespan is ensured by the 10,000+ bend and 10,000+ plugging and unplugging test.

1. CIKOO 2 Pack USB C Charging Cable:

Check on Amazon

Alternatively referred to as charging cable, this 2 pack USB C cable packs in outstanding portability. It is quite easy to carry this bent connector cable anywhere you want. Its compact size makes sure it does not occupy excess space and does not feel bulky when carried. Since it does not take up much space, you can easily charge your cell phone in your bag or car. The long-lasting use is guaranteed through the durable braided design.

Compactness in the design is implemented through the new metal right-angle connector design. Whenever you intend to charge your phone using a battery bank, this USB C charging cable is ideal. Moreover, the length is perfect for you to charge your phone with a battery bank conveniently.

Generally, the users may have the battery bank turned upside down, and therefore the USB A port is facing up. Consequently, the cable traverses from there to the USB C port over the base on the phone. There is sufficient slack that this configuration would work for the majority of phones and battery banks.

The cable’s length is 1 foot and is prepared from nylon braided. This material is more durable than conventional cables. The brand made it capable of withstanding great tension, and it comes with wear-resistant exterior layers.


  • This type C cable from CIKOO conforms to the USB Type C Specification version 1.1 and comes with 56kilohm standard identification. This ensures a safe charging is accomplished at 3.0A maximum current, and the data sync speed is up to 480 Mbps. There will be no harm to your legacy USB hub.
  • It efficiently supports fast charge and maximum charging current up to 3.0 Amp.
  • Since the cord is prepared from high-grade copper wires, this CIKOO cable can charge up to 7% faster than the standard cables.
  • The standard USB C design is employed through the reversible 24 pin terminals type C connector. The corresponding reversible design of the USB C helps you insert the connector into the device appropriately without flaws. This CIKOO USB C charging cable is compatible with USB-C smartphones, laptops, and tablets.


Right-angle low-profile USB C cables eliminate the hassles related to wire tangling and inflexibility. Whether for charging or data transfer, they employ swift speed to make the process efficient and flawless.

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