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Xiaomi Amazfit T Rex vs GTR vs Stratos 3 – Specs Comparison

Xiaomi Amazfit T Rex vs GTR vs Stratos 3

If you are an Amazfit fan, check out our Xiaomi Amazfit T Rex vs GTR vs Stratos 3 comparison where we objectively compare their specs. Interested? Read along to know more!

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The Amazfit range of smartwatches has been one of the most popular options for budget-conscious users with a wide range of choices and a long-life battery. Huami, the sister brand from Xiaomi has a vast collection of models under its product portfolio. Which among them would be considered a great option?

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For the sake of today’s post, we will compare the three major products from the brand viz Amazfit T-Rex, Amazfit Stratos 3, and Amazfit GTR. We will examine the major features offered by each of them and compare them for a better understanding of the products.

Amazfit T Rex – An Overview

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Before we get into the details, here are the spec highlights:

Screen1.3”AMOLED, Resolution 360 x 360Corning Gorilla Glass 3 + anti-fingerprint coating
SensorsBioTrackerTM PPG Bio-Tracking Optical Sensor

  • 3-axis acceleration sensor
  • Geomagnetic sensor
  • Ambient light sensor
Location & Positioning hardwareGPS + GLONASS
ConnectivityBluetooth 5.0/BLE
Waterproofing5ATM supports swimming
Battery390mAh Lithium battery
Magnetic, 2pin pogo pin charging
Battery Life
  • 20 days Heart rate monitoring always on, sleep monitoring; GPS turned on for 13 minutes a day, 150 messages pushed daily which activate the screen, wrist raised 30 times which activate the screen, 5 minutes of other operations.
  • Basic watch mode: 66 days Bluetooth connection to phone turned off, heart rate monitoring and other functions, screen activated by wrist tilt 100 times a day.
  • GPS continuous working time: 20 hours GPS activated to track exercise and monitor heart rate.
Weight58g (with strap included)
Dimensions47.7 X 47.7 X 13.5 mm
Supported platformsAndroid 5.0 or iOS 10.0 and above

The Amazfit T-Rex is designed as the best military outdoor watch. While it belongs to the traditional round design, it offers you a stronger style statement. It comes with a 1.3in AMOLED screen and comes with a 360 x 360 resolution. The Always-On display is yet another advanced option; we found something quite interesting and unique.

The silicone strap is more skin-friendly and comfortable to wear. It also has a sweat guide that is designed to keep the watch dry and not sticky. As for the functions, the Amazfit T Rex provides you access to a wide range of use cases that include sports, health, and day to day activities. It is equipped with the GPS+GLONASS double satellite positioning and offers support for 14 different kinds of workout modes. A few of the options available include walking, treadmill, running, swimming, outdoor walking, and cycling, to name a few.

The 5 ATM waterproof functionality translates into the best use during swimming and other water-related work activities. The support for heart rate monitoring and count of the duration of the exercises is further what would make it one of the safer and efficient options for safety.

The Amazfit T Rex is designed for outdoor applications and is certified by the 12 military regulations. The military-grade watch is resistant to a host of environmental factors that include heat, cold, corrosion, moisture, and high strength properties. This would translate into the best options for the perfect fight against the complex and harsh outdoor conditions.

Some of the day to day functions supported by the Amazfit T Rex would include checking the weather, call reminder, and SMS push notifications. When it comes to handling the battery life, almost all the Amazfit range of watches have been exemplary with their performance. That holds true concerning the Amazfit T Rex as well. You can get a whopping battery backup of 20 days with the daily use mode. The primary watch mode helps you use it for 66 days, and GPS ON mode works out to be 20 hours. That should be an excellent performance in its own right.


  • An affordable price tag
  • A whopping battery backup
  • Military-grade build with 12 certifications


  • No speaker and microphone
  • No NFC connectivity
  • No options for the Firstbeat algorithm

Amazfit GTR – A Concise Review

Xiaomi Amazfit T Rex vs GTR vs Stratos 3

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The Amazfit GTR has been one of the excellent options for almost all your needs in long-lasting battery life, great looks, and a reliable set of tools. You will get access to the three basic variations of the watch – aluminum alloy, stainless steel, and titanium.

Apart from the looks, the smartwatch also comes with a host of other effects that include the best functions for use with daily exercise, regular day to day usage, and of course, the health functions. The watch is available in two types in 42 mm and 47 mm watch faces.

The three metal options come with their advantages –

  • The Aluminium version offers you a high hardness, microcrystalline ceramic bezel design, and strong wear resistance.
  • The stainless-steel version comes with excellent corrosion resistance and high hardness.
  • The Titanium alloy version comes with perfect corrosion resistance, the highest level of hardness, non-toxic features, and more robust weight management.

As for the functions, the Amazfit GTR has almost every function covered. As for the daily activities, all the activities such as calls, text messages, APP, and other notification reminders are easily handled. The availability of NFC is yet another added feature. You can get access to features such as NFC access locks, NFC bus, and Alipay offline payment.

The motion mode and GPS+GLONASSS binary positioning are what would make it an excellent option. The pressure sensor is indeed a huge advantage. It can be helpful enough in mountaineering and similar other activities. The 5 ATM waterproof design is one of the thoughtful inclusions that helps and supports a lot of swimming scenarios. In fact, it can even detect a few of the swimming strokes. The watch supports 12 different sports activities. The other worthy inclusions would include high heart rate alerts, exercise counters, and timers, and calorie counter are a few other salient features we found quite an excellent option.

One of the excellent functions we found interesting is the provision for 100 different online sports courses that you can learn. These activities include running, fat slimming, vest line exercise, and swimming. When it comes to health functions, you will get access to BioTracker PPG, 24-hour heart rate monitoring, and all-day health care. You would get access to enhanced sleep analysis.

No smartwatch would be complete without the right battery backup. You can expect a whopping 24-day super long run. That should ideally beat huge brands such as Apple or Samsung.


  • A tremendous battery life
  • Availability in multiple metal options
  • A vast range of features.


  • We did not come across any significant cons

Amazfit Stratos 3 – A Sneak Peek

Xiaomi Amazfit T Rex vs GTR vs Stratos 3

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The Amazfit Stratos 3 is designed to be one of the prime options for those of you who are into extreme sports and is an excellent option that compares with the high-end professional smartwatches such as those from Garmin.

The watch comes with a larger screen of 1.34 inches. A sporty appearance and support for 19 different sports activities would further make it one of the most robust options from the perspective of sports enthusiasts. The watch comes with the same design language that we have always come across on the Amazfit Stratos series before. You would get the same sporty design with the round dialed screen. The appearance makes the watch quite suitable for the male audience. The screen protection with Gorilla Glass 3 is yet another added advantage.

The screen quality is quite significant and offers you excellent viewing angles. You have access to 5 ATM waterproof construction that should handle a wide range of swimming activities. The Sony GNSS chip onboard the watch ensures a reduced power consumption. WiFi connectivity on WiFi 802.11 b/g/n and contactless NFC connectivity further make it one of the prime options. Besides, the support for GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, and Galileo are a few other added advantages.

As for battery life, you would get access to a superb performance. The maximum setting will provide you with a battery backup of 35 hours. The standard performance mode will offer you access to 45 hours of reserve. The economical mode which restricts most of the features and gives you access to a whopping 70 hours of backup.

You can gain access to an enhanced experience with the optical heart rate sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope, barometer, and electronic compass. That is precisely what would make it one of the improved experiences for the need for mountaineering and similar activities. The smartwatch comes with a vast set of options that include exercise, heart rate, sport, status, weather, alarm clock, compass, barometer, location, timer, stopwatch, music, sleep, and settings.


  • 19 different kinds of workout modes
  • Options available for Firstbeat algorithms
  • It offers you the possibilities of speaker and mic


  • Expensive

The Comparison chart: Xiaomi Amazfit T Rex vs GTR vs Stratos 3

Well, having gone through the salient features of each of those smartwatches under the Amazfit brand, we will now compare the features and specifications in a comparison chart. This will help you arrive at the best comparison possible.

Features and ParametersAmazfit GTR

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Amazfit T Rex

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Amazfit Stratos 3

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Case diameter42 mm and 47 mm47.7 mm48.6 mm
Dial thickness10.75 mm for 47 mm13.5 mm13.4 mm
WeightAl Alloy – 36 grams

Stainless steel – 48 grams

Titanium – 40 grams

58 grams40.4 grams
Screen size1.39 inches1.3 inch1.34 inch
Screen typeAMOLED color screenAMOLEDMIP Transflective TFT
Screen resolution454 x 454 pixels360 x 360 pixels320 x 320 pixels
Screen protectionCorning Gorilla Glass, v3Corning Gorilla Glass, v3Corning Gorilla Glass, v3
Control TypeTouch control + 2 function keysTouch control + 2 function keysTouch control + 4 function keys
IP rating5 ATM5 ATM5 ATM
Sports Mode121419
Battery Capacity410mAh390mAh300 mAh
Battery lifeTypical usage scenario: 24 days

Basic watch mode: 74 days

GPS continuously on 40 hours

Daily use mode: 20 days

Basic watch mode: 66 days

GPS continuous working time: 20 hours

Smart mode: 7 days

Ultra-endurance mode: 14 days

GPS continuous working time: 35 hours

SensorsBioTracker PPG Biological tracking optical

6-axis acceleration sensor

3-axis geomagnetic sensor

Temperature sensor

Acceleration sensor

Air pressure sensor

BioTracker PPG Bio-Tracking Optical Sensor

3-axis acceleration sensor

Geomagnetic sensor

Ambient light sensor

BioTracker PPG Bio-Tracking optical sensor

6-axis acceleration sensor

3-axis geomagnetic sensor

Air pressure sensor

Positioning techniquesGPS+GLONASSGPS + GLONASSFour Satellites Three Modes

(GPS + GLONASS / GPS + Galileo / GPS + BEIDOU)

Bluetooth Connectivityv5.0v5.0, BLEv5.0, BLE
Color availabilityBrown, TitaniumRock Black, Gun Grey, Camo Green, KhakiBlack

Which one among the three of them should you go with?

Well, that should be a call specifically dependent on the individual requirements you may have. If you are into a sincere sports activist and involved in a wide range of sports activities, the Amazfit Stratos 3 should be your ideal choice.

The Amazfit T Rex is the entry-level option and should be the right one for you if you are looking for a decent smartwatch with a proper battery backup. A businessperson who is mostly traveling, the Amazfit GTR would go as the right option. Take a call based on your ideal personal requirements.

The Concluding Thoughts

Well, that was a detailed comparison between the three of the best Amazfit watches. Each of them comes with their plus points. The choice of the right watch will be dependent on your lifestyle and what you are looking forward to.

Analyze the three models vis-à-vis your individual needs and pick the right one that meets your needs.

We hope you like our comparison of the Xiaomi Amazfit T Rex vs GTR vs Stratos 3 smartwatches. Your feedback and suggestions are welcome in the comments section below. Thanks for visiting!

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