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What is PureXP on ViewSonic Monitors? How to Enable PureXP?

What is PureXP on ViewSonic Monitors?

This article explains what PureXP features on ViewSonic Monitors are and how to enable them.

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PureXP technology reduces motion blur. It allows you to control motion blur. Essentially, it is a strobe backlight mode that improves gameplay clarity. The full form of PureXP is Pure Experience. This feature can improve moving objects’ visual quality, ultimately making them less fuzzy.

Moreover, XP is a play on the life bar in certain games. Like video effects such as VFX, XP is a common way of naming. PureXP technology is ViewSonic’s exclusive algorithm to optimize the moving picture response time (MPRT) for enhanced performance during gaming.

The PureXP motion blur reduction feature is found on many ViewSonic monitors that contain accessible settings that are pre-tuned by Blur Busters, which are pre-installed at the factory.

End users can also tune an optional Custom PureXP mode through an optional ViewSonic Strobe Utility. When this mode is tuned in, users can attain custom measured MPRT as low as approx. 0.1ms. Also, it helps to achieve a brighter low-crosstalk strobe.

In combination with Blur Busters, ViewSonic ELITE has revised its PureXP mode for enhanced motion blur reduction control. PureXP is a strobe backlight mode that offers the purest experience in display motion clarity. Presently, PureXP provides 4 levels of optimized motion blur reduction.

All these latest modes enable gamers to regulate the extent of motion blur reduction and brightness level depending on the gamer’s preference. With a fast 1 ms IPS panel and a 240 Hz refresh rate, the additional tuning from Blur Busters equips gamers with the smoothest and most clear gaming experience possible.

With PureXP motion blur reduction and AMD FreeSync Premium Pro technology in ViewSonic monitors, users attain several benefits.

These benefits are wide adaptive refresh rate ranges, low latency, low framerate compensation, and outstanding clear visuals from fast-moving objects.

One of the good news about PureXP is that at speeds exceeding 200 fps, you can abstain from AS and observe extremely smooth image output. 5 varied settings are available, and they become progressively darker as you add blur reduction.

With PureXP mode, the light options work fine, although you will see a hint of ghosting near-vertical liens in gameplay and test patterns.

ViewSonic proclaimed that PureXP would come with four levels of optimized blur reduction. These levels allow gamers to regulate the motion blur and brightness to fulfill their preference.

Further adjustments can be made from the ELITE Display Controller software. So, this permits gamers to customize RGB lighting and alter display modes effectively.

How to enable PureXP function in ViewSonic monitors?

  • Step-1: Press the [●] key or move your joy key [◄] or [▲] or [▼] to display the On-Screen Display (OSD) Menu.
  • Step-2: Now move the joy key [◄] or [►] to choose ‘Display.’ After that, move the joy key [▼] to enter the Display menu.
  • Step-3: In this step, you need to move the joy key [▲] or [▼] to choose ‘PureXP.’ Now move the joy key [►] to verify the selection.
  • Step-4: Move the joy key [▲] or [▼] to choose your preferred experience. Finally, press the [●] key to verify the selection.
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