List of the Best 165Hz Monitors (Refresh Rate) – Budget Options

A refresh rate is nothing but the number of times (per second) the display is able to draw a new image and is measured in Hertz (Hz). If you are the one who plays fast-paced games like arcades, sports, first-person shooter, or action games, then you need a monitor with a fast refresh rate.

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In the past, it was said that our eyes could only see up to 30Hz. It was then said to be up to 60Hz, and now the numbers just can’t stop. With the inception of 144Hz monitors a while ago, everyone noticed the immense difference when you jump from 60Hz to 144Hz; you can see it distinctly when even jumping up to 120Hz.

 The myth goes that the human eye can only perceive 24 frames per second

Recently with the introduction of 240Hz, we don’t notice as much of a difference in comparison, but that may be the limits of our eyes; however, there is still something super smooth about a 240Hz monitor proving the higher, the more satisfying.

If it is true that eyes can see up to 60Hz, then manufacturers wouldn’t have produced 240Hz monitors you could find today.

Since 165fps is just 21 frames per second, more than 144, that’s just a 13% improvement. Most people aren’t likely to see those extra frames, but the clincher is that if you’re getting a new monitor for gaming, you should know that 165Hz is the new 144Hz. So you might as well go with the new normal.

In 1080p, that’s a definite yes. For 1440p, it varies by the quality of the cable and graphics card drivers. Generally, HDMI 2.0 can do 4K 120Hz with reduced color depth and lower quality chroma subsampling.

So 1440p at 165Hz is doable if you lower color depth to 8-bit and set chroma subsampling to 4:2:2 or 4:2:0. But the thing with 165Hz monitors is that they’re newer and therefore may have HDMI 2.1 included. If they don’t have HDMI 2.1, you can still enjoy 1080p @ 165Hz.

However, if you already have an excellent 144Hz gaming monitor that meets your demands and allows your games the room they need to breathe fully, then there’s no need to upgrade to the 165Hz standard.

SourceRefresh Rate
Xbox One S/X24Hz to 120Hz
Xbox Series X24Hz to 120Hz
PS4/PS4 Pro24Hz to 60Hz
PS524Hz to 120Hz
Blu-ray players24Hz to 60Hz
PCUp to 240Hz
Apple TV24Hz to 60Hz

The 165 Hz monitors guarantee stunning picture quality, excellent screen resolution, and smooth gaming. Usually, contemporary 165 Hz monitors are uniquely designed to fulfill sRGB standards. For smooth gaming performance and exceptional media entertainment, these are the best 165 Hz monitors to consider:

Best 165Hz Monitors

Sr. No.ImageProduct NameManufacturerBuy Now
1LG 32GN650-BLGCheck on Amazon
2ASUS VG278QRAsusCheck on Amazon
3BenQ MOBIUZ EX2710SBenQCheck on Amazon
4LG 32GN550-BLGCheck on Amazon
5MSI Optix G32CQ4MSICheck on Amazon
6Sceptre E255B-1658ASceptreCheck on Amazon
7ViewSonic VX3258-PC-MHDViewSonicCheck on Amazon

Check on Amazon
9Sceptre E275B-QPT168SceptreCheck on Amazon
10Sceptre E275B-FPT165SceptreCheck on Amazon
11ViewSonic VX3218-PC-MHDViewSonicCheck on Amazon
12MSI Optix MAG322CQRMSICheck on Amazon
13MSI Optix MAG272CRMSICheck on Amazon
14MSI Optix AG32CMSICheck on Amazon
15HP OMEN 27HPCheck on Amazon
16ASUS ROG Swift PG278QRAsusCheck on Amazon
17AOC C32G2AOCCheck on Amazon

17. AOC C32G2:

Check on Amazon

 With a 165 Hz refresh rate in this AOC monitor, each frame is rendered with enough sharpness and smoothness. So, you can align your shots precisely and benefit from high-speed races at best. The included VA display is implemented with cutting-edge technology that provides an extra-wide 178-degree viewing angle. So, it makes it possible to see the display from different angles. The VA panel conveys lifelike colors, vibrant images, and presentations over 123.3% sRGB gamut profile.

The 1500R curvature puts you at the center of action irrespective of the type of game. Moreover, the IPS panel and the 3-sided frameless design generate sleek visual output with consistent colors and high contrast and accuracy. The mentioned frameless design comes with ultra-narrow borders for a seamless multi-monitor setup.


  • The 165 Hz refresh rate and rapid 1 ms SmartResponse time (MPRT) precisely shows moving targets.
  • AMD FreeSync Premium technology is implemented for offering the smoothest competitive gameplay experience.
  • More than123% sRGB color gamut presents millions of vivid colors.
  • The 80,000,000:1 SmartContrast ratio with brighter colors and deeper blacks creates lifelike, vivid images.
  • AOC LowBlue Mode and the Flicker-Free Technology are implemented to enhance eye comfort when you continue gaming sessions for hours.
  • A VGA input, a DisplayPort 1.2 port, and two HDMI 2.0 ports are available.
  • The quick-release stand comes with ergonomic adjustments of tilt, height, and rotation.
  • The wall mount is VESA compatible.

16. ASUS ROG Swift PG278QR:

Check on Amazon

The PG278QR is the perfect gaming monitor for fast-paced action games where each millisecond is crucial. HDR technology conveys bright visuals with higher contrast and a more comprehensive color range than traditional monitors. So, the visuals always appear realistic.

GameVisual Technology contains 7 preset display modes. Choose any of these modes to optimize visuals according to the type of content perfectly. This feature is easily accessible via an on-screen display setting or a hotkey. Moreover, the GamePlus hotkey provides in-game enhancements that provide you maximum benefits of the game. The custom heatsink provides a large surface area for efficient heat dissipation.

The display is VESA-compatible for ease of wall mounting. Besides, the stand is ergonomically designed, so you can quickly adapt its height, tilt, and rotation.


  • The 27-inch display comes with WQHD (2560 x 1440p) resolution.
  • The 165 Hz refresh rate and 1 ms response time fulfill ROG standards.
  • The display brightness is 350 cd/m2.
  • NVIDIA G SYNC technology guarantees smooth gameplay by discarding screen tearing and stuttering.
  • ASUS Eye Care Technology, flicker-free backlighting, and blue light filter decrease eyestrain.
  • 4 filter settings are available to regulate the amount of blue light reduction
  • Connectivity options are HDMI 1.4, DisplayPort 1.2, and USB 3.0 ports.
  • Kensington lock is included for security.

15. HP OMEN 27:

Check on Amazon

HP OMEN 27 features a 3-sided micro-edge display with a TN panel. The display resolution is 2560 x 1440 pixels. The black aluminum design perfectly blends with the other computer accessories. There is a facility of ambient lighting that conveys a soft glow cast over the stand and the base to diffuse the vivid light of the monitor.


  • The TN panel offers a fast response time and low pixel latency.
  • The aspect ratio is 16:9, and response time is 1 ms, and brightness is 350 cd/m².
  • The 3.7 million pixels support conveys ultra-sharp details.
  • NVIDIA G-SYNC technology is implemented to provide responsive gameplay with no screen tearing and artifacts.
  • Connect external devices using a DisplayPort, an HDMI port, HDCP support, 2 USB 3.0 ports, and audio output.
  • The monitor can work with all OS with plug & play setup.

14. MSI Optix AG32C:

Check on Amazon

MSI Optix AG32C comes with a 165 Hz refresh rate that can decrease the after image makes. So, images always appear clear. The R1800 curved design is found comfortable for the eyes. The 110% sRGB color gamut offers a vivid and realistic display. Reduced blue light emission means there will be no excessive strain on your eyes. If you are thinking of upgrading your existing gaming setup and desire an improved visual experience, then this MSI monitor is recommended.

The panel is implemented with FreeSync technology that is highly suitable for AMD users. Moreover, the joystick works smoothly for menu navigation. The colors are dynamic and spot on. The visuals always appear crisp, detailed, and smooth.  The blacks are pretty dark, and the contrast is close to IPS standard.


  • 1 ms response time discards choppy frame rates and screen tearing.
  • For lifelike color output, the display supports NTSC 85%.
  • The viewing angle is 178° wide.
  • This monitor is compatible with 100 x 100 mm VESA mounting.

13. MSI Optix MAG272CR:

Check on Amazon

With a 165 Hz refresh rate and FHD resolution, this MSI monitor precisely captures each moment. It offers smooth gaming performance so that you can easily beat your opponent. With the implementation of the FreeSync technology, the MAG272CR equips gamers with the tearing-free, enthralling gaming experience. If you intend to enjoy your favorite games like the creators developed them, then this MSI monitor is recommended.

The 1500R curvature is exceptionally comfortable and pertinent for various applications ranging from gaming to computing. This curved panel also assists with superb gameplay immersion. With a wide color gamut, the game colors and details appear realistic.


  • 1 m response time discards choppy frame rates and screen tearing.
  • AMD FreeSync Premium technology offers a smooth, stutter-free, tear-free gaming experience.
  • The features like reduced blue light emission and anti-flicker ensure no eye fatigue and strain.
  • The Gaming OSD App helps you to create streamlined viewing settings for the game.
  • Being HDR Ready, the display presents appealing detail via contrast and shadows adjustment.
  • There is support for a 178° wide viewing angle.

12. MSI Optix MAG322CQR:

Check on Amazon

With a 165 Hz refresh rate, 2560 x 1440p resolution, and 1 ms response time, the MAG322CQR provides you the competitive edge to beat your opponents. Equipped with Free Sync technology, this MSI monitor matches the refresh rate of the displays and your GPU. So, the gameplay experience is ultra-smooth and competitive.

The screen is bright enough to resist reflections. The white glow usually seen on many other TVs and monitors is not found in this monitor. So, the images are vivid and realistic. Moreover, the sturdy stand is height adjustable. With the joystick control, you can access the on-screen display settings menu.


  • The 32-inch LCD panel comes with an LED backlight.
  • 1 ms response time removes screen tearing and choppy frame rates.
  • The viewing angle is 178° wide.
  • Other features are anti-ghosting and AMD FREESYNC Premium Pro.

11. ViewSonic VX3218-PC-MHD:

Check on Amazon

This ViewSonic monitor boasts a concave, sleek screen with ultra-thin bezels. So, the viewing experience is always immersive due to vivid colors and panoramic images. The 1500R curvature makes sure the display output is comfortable on the eyes. Every fine detail is showcased in Full HD resolution. The 165 Hz refresh rate and fast response time offer a professional gaming experience. The mentioned refresh rate conveys stunning graphics and a smooth frame irrespective of the speed of the game.

With DisplayPort and HDMI inputs, let you connect PCs, laptops, and Macs. You can play RTS, FPS, MOBA, or eSports games with preset and personalized visual modes. Accessories in the box are a power cable, an AC/DC adapter, a DisplayPort cable, and a quick-start guide.


  • VESA Adaptive-Sync is responsible for ultra-smooth gaming. This is because it automatically fine-tunes frame rates and discards screen tearing.
  • The blue light filter and Flicker-free technology reduce eye fatigue and eye strain.
  • The 1 ms (MPRT) response time conveys smooth images without ghosting, blurring, stuttering, and streaking.
  • The ViewSonic exclusive ViewMode presets provides excellent screen performance for various home entertainment applications like editing files, watching movies, or playing video games.
  • A DisplayPort (v1.2) and two HDMI (v1.4) inputs are available for flexible connectivity.
  • The monitor supports a 178° wide viewing angle.

10. Sceptre E275B-FPT165:

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The IPS pane in this Sceptre monitor delivers a uniform color output and sharp visibility from different viewing angles. The LED display conveys a sharp contrast between darks and lights while also offering a vast array of vibrant colors. So, moving images appear realistic and pleasant. The support for 99% sRGB color gamut lets you work on gaming or photo editing tasks for an extended period.

The custom set display settings are available for gaming to enhance the gaming experience. The VESA wall mount pattern lets you connect the monitor with an articulating arm. Alternatively, you can use it to mount on the wall. So, you can free up desk space.


  • The 165 Hz refresh rate offers instant frame transition; no blurred images are left behind.
  • 1 ms MPRT eliminates motion blur and conveys crisp image output.
  • The 320 cd/m² brightness illuminates the screen with striking vivid colors.
  • Blue Light Shift decreases blue light, so you can work comfortably, watch videos or play pass without eye strain.
  • AMD FreeSync™ Premium maximizes gameplay performance by syncing the refresh rate of the monitor and your graphics card. So, it discards stuttering and tearing, resulting in razor-sharp visibility.
  • A DisplayPort generates a 165 Hz refresh rate in FHD resolution.

9. Sceptre E275B-QPT168:

Check on Amazon

When it comes to consistent peak color performance and sharp visibility, the IPS panel of this Sceptre monitor helps a lot. Regardless of the viewing angle, the viewing experience is the best. You can connect external devices using 2 HDMI ports and 2 DisplayPort.


  • The 165 Hz offers outstanding performance as frame transition occurs instantly.
  • AMD FreeSync Premium technology lets gamers relish seamless movement and smooth video output even in fast-paced games.
  • Screen tearing and stuttering are eliminated by matching the refresh rate of the monitor and the graphic card.
  • Maximum brightness up to 300 cd/m2 detects delicate and robust color variations.
  • With 99% sRGB, the monitor provides a broader color gamut than most traditional monitors.


Check on Amazon

The VG328H1B conveys stunning visuals from every angle through the 1500R curvature. This curvature makes sure each point is central to your eyes. The same contributes to excellent viewing comfort due to the comprehensive viewing angle support. While watching movies and gaming, there will be reduced distortion and color shift.

The in-game enhancements let you get the maximum of your game. This function is jointly developed with input from expert gamers. So, they can hone their gaming skills. Eye strain is minimized with flicker reduction.

The D-sub, HDMI (v2.0), and earphone jack support a broad range of multimedia devices. Find your most suitable viewing position with swivel and tilt functions. Being VESA-compatible, it is easy to mount the TV on a wall.


  • The cutting-edge ASUS-exclusive technology achieves 1 ms MPRT. It discards motion blur and smearing. So, the objects appear sharper for smooth and responsive gameplay.
  • Shadow Boost Technology
    elucidates dark areas of the game and makes sure brighter areas are not overexposed. So, enemies concealed in dark regions of the map get identified easily.
  • FreeSync Premium technology removes choppy frame rates and screen tearing.
  • FreeSync is supported with AMD Radeon graphics cards.
  • Adaptive-Sync is supported with NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards.
  • This monitor is compatible with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 10 series, GTX 16 series, RTX 20 series, and other newer graphic cards.

7. ViewSonic VX3258-PC-MHD:

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The 1800R curvature of the 32-inch display presents vivid color, panoramic images, and fine details in Full HD resolution. You enjoy an immersive experience with the 165 Hz refresh rate and 1 ms response time in whatever game you play. AMD Free Sync technology facilitates smooth frame rates to increase your winning odds.

A set of customizable visual modes let you play RTS, FPS, MOBA, or eSports games. With the help of DisplayPort and dual HDMI inputs, the monitor can connect to PCs, laptops, Blu-ray players, gaming consoles, digital cameras, Macs, etc. You get a DisplayPort cable, an AC/DC adapter, and a power cable in the box.


  • The 1ms MPRT conveys smooth images with minimum ghosting and motion blur.
  • Blue light filter and flicker-free technology reduce eyestrain arising due to prolonged viewing sessions.
  • The dual integrated speakers offer stereo sound output.
  • ViewSonic view mode presets provide optimized screen performance for files editing, movie watching, and gaming.

6. Sceptre 25″ E255B-1658A:

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Watching action movies and playing fast action games demand precise pixel response from the LEDs built in the display. These expectations are fulfilled with this Sceptre monitor. It provides quick response time, reduced blurring, and reduced ghosting. Hence, users benefit from superb precision and clarity.


  • The 165 Hz refresh rate provides gamers with an edge in visibility because frames’ transition occurs immediately. No blurred images are left behind.
  • The edgeless design lets gamers relish seamless movement in fast-paced games and smooth video output.
  • The 99% sRGB wide color gamut provides intense colors and crucial display features.
  • The aspect ratio is 16: 9, the dynamic contrast ratio is 5,000,000: 1, response time is 1 ms (G to G), and brightness is 300 cd/m2.

5. MSI Optix (31.5″) G32CQ4:

Check on Amazon

The R1500 curvature of the display makes the MSI Optix G32CQ4 perfect for a broad range of applications extending from gaming to computing. This curvature also seems comfortable to the eyes. The curved panel assists with superb gameplay immersion letting you dive deep into the action scenes.

The 1 ms response time and 165 Hz refresh rate conveys maximum benefit in fast-paced game genres like first-person shooters, racing simulations, fighters, sports, and real-time strategy. Such game genres demand swift and accurate movements. So, the mentioned response time and refresh rate aptly meet the needs increasing your winning odds against your opponents. Furthermore, the frameless design contributes to the ultimate gameplay experience.


  • 1 ms response time removes choppy frame rates and screen tearing.
  • AMD FreeSync technology provides smooth, artifact-free performance at any frame rate.
  • The WQHD (2560 x 1440p) resolution lets game titles appear realistic and detailed.
  • The wide color gamut lets game colors and detail appear realistic.
  • To avoid eye strain and fatigue, the monitor is equipped with low blue light and anti-flicker features.
  • There is support for a 178° wide viewing angle.

4. LG 32GN550-B:

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Designed keeping in mind gamers, the LG 32GN550-B is equipped with the latest hardware, innovative features, sleek and ergonomic design. Any fast-paced games and movie scenes appear exactly as intended with the 165 Hz refresh rate. There will be no distortion in the visual output with the 1 ms response time.

An easy-to-use joystick control is available to adapt to different settings. The screen can be rotated by 178° in both horizontal and vertical alignments. Although there are multiple documents opened on your screen, you can easily read them. Use the available DisplayPort, 2 HDMI ports, and a headphone out to connect external devices. The included stand is adjustable in terms of height, tilt, and pivot.


  • The 32-inch Full HD virtually borderless display comes with HDR10 and sRGB 95% color gamut support.
  • The monitor is NVIDIA G-SYNC compatible.
  • AMD FreeSync Premium and Dynamic Action Sync are implemented.
  • The anti-glare display comes with 16.7M color depth, 5 ms (GTG) response time, 16:9 aspect ratio, 3000:1 contrast ratio, 300 cd/m2 brightness.
  • Motion blur reduction technology is implemented to make sure the visual clarity is excellent.
  • Other features include flicker safe, smart energy saving, Dynamic Action Sync, Black Stabilizer, crosshair, OnScreen Control (OSC), and reader mode.

3. BenQ MOBIUZ EX2710S:

Check on Amazon

Significant qualities of this BenQ monitor are immersive audio, stunning graphics, and efficient performance. These qualities help you boost your work productivity when working on projects like video editing, photo editing, etc. BenQ’s proprietary adaptive technology adapts several features of the display to outfit your environment.

The incorporated sensor senses ambient light levels and concurrently examines and adapts on-screen images. The HDRi function conveys detailed, smooth, and tear-free images. With the Game Mode, HDRi, and other visual optimizers, the display amplifies intensity. Use the adjustable ergonomic stand to mount this monitor in the most comfortable position. You can vary the tilt and height of the stand to make sure there are no eye fatigue and eye strain issues. DisplayPort and HDMI inputs are available to connect external devices.


  • It comes with 1 ms MPRT and a 165 Hz refresh rate.
  • FreeSync Premium technology is implemented for smooth gameplay.
  • Image optimization takes place with a Light tuner, BenQ HDRi technology, and Black eQualizer.
  • You benefit from convenient control through Scenario Mapping, 5-Way Navigator, and Gaming Quick OSD.
  • Two 2.5W speakers and a DSP chip with 3 custom sound modes present immersive sound output.
  • Brightness Intelligence Plus feature adapts display color temperature and brightness to provide an extremely comfortable viewing experience.
  • The incorporated B.I.+ sensor senses screen content and surrounding lighting. Subsequently, it adjusts the image accordingly. So, this sensor eliminates eye fatigue, eye strain, and headaches.
  • Every Quick OSD preset can be paired with an input. You need to alter the intake, and settings will adjust automatically.

2. ASUS VG278QR:

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ASUS VG278QR is uniquely designed for fast-paced games. What makes it stand out from other 165 Hz monitors is it comes with a 0.5 ms response time. This extremely fast response time lets you feel super-smooth gameplay and movie watching experiences.

The ergonomically-designed stand helps you to vary the rotation, tilt, height, and pivot of this monitor. Hence, you can always tune your perfect viewing position. Even if the space is limited, the VESA compatible wall mount offers ease of setup. 2W stereo speakers offer rich sound output; no need for using external speakers.


  • The ASUS Extreme Low Motion Blur (ELMB) Technology lets objects in motion appear sharp for smooth and responsive gameplay.
  • Adaptive-Sync (FreeSync) technology discards choppy frame rate and screen tearing.
  • The GameFast Input Technology reduces input lag. It offers fast motion delivery letting you enjoy in-game action at accurate timing you need to respond as fast as required.
  • ASUS GamePlus improves your in-game experience.
  • GameVisual provides diverse preset display modes helping you to optimize visuals for various game genres.
  • Flicker-Free technology minimizes eyestrain and eye fatigue while you involve in prolonged gaming sessions.
  • ASUS Ultra-Low Blue Light technology decreases the blue light amount.
  • 4 filter settings are accessible via the OSD menu or DisplayWidget UI.
  • Connectivity options include DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 1.4, and Dual-link DVI-D.
  1. LG (32″ QHD) 32GN650-B:

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Improve your gaming experience with the appealing and virtually borderless display of this LG monitor. Its 165 Hz refresh rate conveys a smooth gaming experience. With the AMD FreeSync Premium technology, gamers perceive smooth movement even in fast-paced and hi-resolution games. It virtually reduces screen stuttering and screen tearing.

The custom gaming control helps you to customize the game settings according to the type of game. The included stand can be adjusted in terms of height, tilt, and pivot. Therefore, you can attain the most comfortable viewing experience. The base is adjustable to vary the tilt of the monitor.


  • The 32-inch 3-side virtually borderless display comes with QHD (2560 x 1440p) resolution.
  • It comes with a 1 ms MBR response time.
  • The display supports HDR 10 and sRGB 95% color gamut.
  • Dynamic Action Sync uplifts your gameplay to attain a pro-level experience.
  • With reduced input lag, you can instantly respond to actions, opponents, and each moment.
  • Center-display crosshairs provide enhanced vision and superior precision that are suitable for FPS games.
  • Black Stabilizer helps you to attack opponents hidden in the shadows. It provides a pro-level gaming experience.

Concluding Note:

For superior gaming performance and multimedia entertainment, these are the best 165 Hz, monitors. Any fast-paced scenes appear realistic as intended by the creators. Each monitor is precisely captured with a 165 Hz refresh rate.

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