Wavlink AC600 Setup with Configuration and resetting options

Are you looking for Wavlink AC600 setup instructions? WiFi adapters are what have always been one of the best options to improve your connectivity. The WiFi connectivity is ideally used for the service indoors, but in case you have a larger property, you would want to increase it outdoors as well. In such situations, suitable WiFi adapters should be a great solution. A weatherproof or waterproof WiFi adapter is what would make it an excellent option you can go with. If you are in such a scenario, check out the Wavlink AC600 WiFi adapter should be an excellent choice for your needs.

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Wavlink AC600 WiFi Adapter – An Overview

Wavlink offers you the WiFi adapter in several multiple options. Some of the options available among the Wavlink range of AC600 WiFi adapters include Dual band WiFi USB adapter and Dual band USB wireless network adapter. These can come with different antenna configurations that include high gain antenna, internal patented antenna, and high gain antennas.

For the sake of this discussion, we will check out the AC600 Dual-band High Power Outdoor Wireless AP/Range Extender/Router with PoE and High Gain Antennas. What makes it one of the excellent options is it offers you a completely waterproof and weatherproof functionality. The adapter provides you an IEEE 802.11 ac/a/b/g/n standards. The speeds offered are 150 Mbps on the 2.4 GHz band and 433 Mbps speed on the 5 GHz. The connector is weatherproof. The adapter can work as a Router, AP, Repeater, and WISP.

You can be assured of excellent multiple outdoor applications. It can be a fantastic performer for your needs in small offices, offices, and even your home without the need for outdoor networking performances. You have access to excellent performance with the industry’s leading hardware. High-end flexibility is what would make it one of the great options.

You will have access to the next generation WiFi performance. You should be able to connect with multiple devices at the same time with the dual bands. The adapter is an excellent choice for your needs in HD streaming, online gaming, and all other highly intensive tasks that you would need high bandwidth needs.

The built-in high amplifiers should make it one of the best features that the Wavlink AC600 WiFi adapters are made of. You will have access to the five times better transmission functionality. In addition to improving the transmission power, you would find that the signal reception is sensitive enough.

The centralized management and high-end flexibility are the other two features you would find quite enhanced functionality. You can be assured of high-end connectivity options like point to point, point to multipoint, and outdoor WiFi coverage.

The Specifications

Features / ParticularsDescription
PortOne nos 10/100Mbps WAN/LAN Port
Power supplyDC24V / 0.5A Power over Ethernet ( Passive PoE)
Voltageinput:100-240 Va.c. 50/60Hz
Physical Dimensions180mm x 50mm x 50mm
WiFi standardIEEE 802.11b/g/n/a/ac
WiFi speeds802.11ac: up to 433Mbps 802.11n: up to 150Mbps 802.11a: up to 54Mbps 802.11g: 54Mbps 802.11b: 11Mbps
Frequency bands2.4 GHz and 5 GHz
Wireless securityWPA-PSK/ WPA2-PSK encryption
Antennas2  Nos  7dBi Detachable Omni Directional

Steps for Wavlink AC600 Setup:

Before you can install and configure your Wavlink AC600, you need to complete the hardware installation of the adapter first. Follow the instructions for the hardware installation properly. Once that done, you may move ahead to focus on the next stage.

The steps involved would read as follows –

Install the hardware as per the instructions on the manual.

  • Connect the cables.
  • Connect the external power adapter to the power outlet and Passive PoE injector. Once you make the connection, you should find the LED lighting up.
  • Connect the RJ45 cable Ethernet cable from PPoE port on the PPoE injector to the LAN port of your access point.
  • Connect the RJ45 ethernet cable to the LAN port of the Passive PoE injector.

This should complete your hardware and cable installations effectively. Next, you will need to complete the configuration of your access point.

Here are the steps involved  –

  • Launch your favorite browser
  • Enter the address http://ap:setup or This is the default gateway for your Wavlink AC600 adapter.
  • Enter the username and password. The default user name and password are admin and 1234, respectively.

Wavlink AC600 Setup

  • You will be prompted to change the user name and password. Click on OK to continue. You can change the user name and password after logging in to your admin page. For now, ignore it.

How to Choose Operation mode?

As we have already understood, the Wavlink AC600 can be used in several operation modes – Router, Access Point, Repeater, and WISP.

Here are the individual configurations for each of the operation modes.

Access Point

This is the default mode for the Intelligence Access Point. This is what will help you connect with the wireless devices. The device works as a network switch to connect wireless and wired networks.

Configure it following the following steps –

  • Login to admin page following the tutorial above.
  • Click on AP to arrive at the Access point configuration.
  • Choose and enter an SSID (the network name) for both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. You can choose any name you would want
  • Configure Security type as WPA2 PSK
  • Enter the password of your preference in the WiFi Key
  • Click Apply to configure the settings.

Wavlink AC600 Setup


The router connects the multiple local networks to the internet connection. It also provides you access to the NAT firewall protection. You will need to join the LAN port of the access point to the network point of your ISP.

Next, you will need to choose the right type of WAN when you select the router mode. The WAN type should be available to you through your ISP. If your select PPoE, you will need to provide the user name and password that your Internet Service Provider has provided you.

If you have the DHCP connectivity, you will need to select Dynamic IP.

Wavlink AC600 Setup

Provide the SSID as you would have done in case of the setting up the device as an Access Point. Choose the security type as WPA2 Personal. Enter a password of your choice and save the settings by clicking on Apply.


This mode is all about extending your existing wireless network. It takes the signals from the existing network and extends it to the extended region. When you activate the mode, it will search for the existing networks and display it. You will need to specify which network would you want to extend or repeat.

The mode will show all the wireless networks currently available in the region. Choose the network that you wish to extend the network connectivity and provide the security options for the network.

Wavlink AC600 Setup

The Concluding Thoughts

Those were a few options you would want to configure while setting up your Wavlink AC600 Intelligent Access Point. Check out the tutorial in the above discussion and configure your new router or WiFi adapter efficiently.

The options for individual operation modes should be one of the best options for your needs. Go through each of those settings and share any doubts you may have.

We hope the instructions for Wavlink AC600 Setup was useful to you. Please feel free to leave us comments or suggestions below. Thanks!

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