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Rumours about Facebook Phone simply refuse to Die

Rumours about Facebook Phone simply refuse to Die
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Some rumors simply refuse to die. For example: The Facebook phone which was rumored earlier in 2012 is supposedly going to be unveiled on April 4th, at a press event at the company’s headquarters in Menlo Park, California.

Facebook conducted an online survey last year, which raised suspicion among st many of us, that they are indeed looking to make a phone which is truly “Social”.

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Last September, post the infamous Facebook IPO, CEO & Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg publicly denied the existence of the Facebook phone.

He said:
“Let’s say we build a phone. We’re not, but if we did, we could maybe get 10 to 20 million people to use it … It doesn’t move the needle for us.”
“The strategy we have is different from every other tech company [like Apple] that’s building their own hardware system — we’re going in the opposite direction..”

Zuckerberg went on saying:

A Facebook Phone is ‘The Wrong Strategy For Us’

So, The press event on April 4th mentioned: “significant mobile-focused announcement“.

What the rumor says:

It says that the Facebook Phone runs a customized version of Samsung’s Android, which is going to be built by HTC. Code named ‘Buffy’ (Not the blood sucking Vampire), it is rumored to run native HTML 5 applications like Farmville, Cityville, Poker and others via. dedicated Apps. It is also rumored to have a dedicated Facebook button (Why surprised?).

Right now, Windows Phone 7 & 8 devices gives the best social integration via. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Live. However, the native FB app is not well built, and lacks functionalities.

We ask, Is this the reason why Facebook native applications on iOS, WP8 & Android sucks? looks like an HTML wrapper? I suspect we would get our answer within the next few days.

Update from 2015: The rumor is dead, and so is the Facebook Phone 🙂

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