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Pandora is Finally on Windows Phone 8

Pandora is Finally on Windows Phone 8
As promised by Microsoft last year, during the launch of Windows Phone 8, Microsoft today announced the availability of the Pandora Application on the Windows Phone platform. In addition to that, Microsoft is also offering an Ad free music till the end of the Year. That’s is a whole 9 months of free music, and Microsoft deserves brownie points for this.

Microsoft in their own words:

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Pandora is Finally on Windows Phone 8“Explore a universe of music with Pandora on Windows Phone Experience ad-free Pandora when you listen on your Windows Phone through 2013. Only Windows Phone has Pandora with no ads and no monthly streaming limit…for FREE. Windows Phone brings you the Pandora you love and gives it a unique Windows Phone twist, allowing you to pin your favorite stations to the Start screen, or see what’s playing by glancing at your Pandora Live Tile. Take your favorite personalized radio service to a whole new level with Windows Phone! “

Pandora is Finally on Windows Phone 8Pandora is now available from the Windows Phone Store. Currently it’s not available for Windows Phone 7 users, the app is designed from the ground up for Microsoft’s latest mobile operating system, using the Modern UI design language.



Pandora is Finally on Windows Phone 8Like other Apps on WP8, you can pin stations on your main screen. As per Microsoft, Pandora for Windows Phone includes exclusive functionality compared to iOS or Android, using the Live Tiles feature. The main Pandora tile displays track information for the song currently playing. The app provides full support for Microsoft’s Kid’s Corner feature in Windows Phone, eliminating any trace of explicit content when the mode is activated.

Enjoy the Music !

Note: Users are currently reporting that they are unable to see the app in the Marketplace. This is because, Pandora service is only available in specific countries.

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