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How To Resolve and Fix Fast Battery Draining Issue in Asus ZenPhone 2 5

Fix Fast Battery Draining Issue in Asus ZenPhone 2

Asus Zenphone series of smartphones are quite popular, especially in the emerging markets like India. It is primarily due to its low entry-level cost and great specs. The Asus Zenphone Gen1 and Gen2 were powered by Intel Atom series of processors. It changed with the Zenphone 3 series which is currently out of scope for this discussion. Asus released these series of phones with some modifications. Zenphone 5 came with a small 2110 MaH battery, whereas the Zenphone 2 shipped with a 3000 MaH battery. This along with the ZenUI and a whole load of preinstalled apps (Read: Bloatware) caused a lot of battery drain issues.

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We have seen users from around the world expressing their frustration over poor battery life on online forums. Now, this brings us to the topic of discussion. After using both the Zenphone 2 and well as the Zenphone 5 for years, I guess I am qualified to answer this. I figured different ways to optimize the battery performance, and in this post, we will talk about just that. Read along to know how to fix fast battery draining issue in Asus ZenPhone 2 and five series.

Fix Fast Battery Draining Issue in Asus ZenPhone 2

Even though the Asus Zenphone comes with a lot of preinstalled apps (Read: Bloatware) which keeps running in the background, you can stop this. The ZenUI has inbuilt functionalities to restrict apps from running in the background. You can safely choose which apps you would like to run in the background and which ones not. Here are the options below which you can follow.

#Option 1: Mobile Manager

The mobile manager is a new addition to the ZenUI and is accessible from the settings menu. When you swipe down from the top, you will be able to see “Mobile Manager” as the top right most menu button. Tap on that and follow the steps below.

Step 1: Tap on Settings>Mobile Manager>Tap on Optimize. It stops unnecessary background applications.

Step 2: Setup a shorter screen on time. 30 seconds should be optimal for this setting.

Step 3: Goto “Power Saver” menu and select a power saving mode suited for your lifestyle. You can set your battery profile to “Power Saving” mode if you do not want your background apps to run in the background.

Step 4: Tap on the “Smart Switch” menu and select the option “Switch by Schedule.” You can use this option to enable power saving option in the off-peak periods. For example, during the night when you usually go to sleep.

Step 5: Tap on “boost” to temporarily flush out excessive Ram usage. This extends your battery life as well.

Here are the screenshots for your reference:

#Option 2: Asus Auto-start Manager

This option used to exist in the main settings page, Asus decided to move it and integrate it with Mobile Manager. To fix fast battery draining issue in Asus ZenPhone 2 & 5, the auto-start manager was the only option before. Using this app, you can choose to select which app to run in the background. We recommend you only to run the apps which you think is necessary to run in the background. You can open the auto-start manager in two ways.

  • Option 1: Go to Settings>Battery>Tap on Top Right Hand Menu>Select to Open “Auto-start Manager
  • Option 2: Go to Settings>Mobile Manager>Permissions>Auto-Start Manager

Once Auto-start manager is opened, you can select and unselect the apps which you want to run the background. Tap on both the “Downloaded” and “Preloaded” options and repeat with the same steps. Here are the screenshots below:

The preloaded menu helps you to stop the unecessary background apps. These processes keeps on running from the time you activated the phone. These are some of the easiest and immediate steps that you can take to prevent your phone from draining out battery.


Some of the steps mentioned here to fix fast battery draining issue in Asus ZenPhone 2 will help you gain 10-20% more battery backup. Alternatively, for mobiles older than two years, you can opt to replace the battery with a new one.

I hope this was helpful. For any opinions and comments, do drop us a comment below in the comment section.

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