List of Laptops with Intel Core i9-9880H – 9th Gen Coffee Lake-H

In this post, we list out some of the best Laptops with Intel Core i9-9880H which are based on Intel’s Coffee Lake architecture.

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When it comes to the powerful options for best workstation laptops, you will find that the Intel and AMD have been one of the dominant choices. We have been continually checking and reviewing a host of the processors offered by these players and the laptops based on those processors. From that perspective, we will today check out the laptops based on Intel Core i9 – 9880H processor.

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Intel Core i9 – 9880H – An Overview

SeriesIntel Coffee Lake
CodenameCoffee Lake-H
Series: Coffee Lake Coffee Lake-H
Intel Core i9-9980HK2400 – 5000 MHz8 / 1616 MB
» Intel Core i9-9880H2300 – 4800 MHz8 / 1616 MB
Intel Core i9-8950HK2900 – 4800 MHz6 / 1212 MB
Intel Xeon E-2186M2900 – 4800 MHz6 / 1212 MB
Intel Xeon E-2276M2800 – 4700 MHz6 / 1212 MB
Intel Core i7-9850H2600 – 4600 MHz6 / 1212 MB
Intel Core i7-9750H2600 – 4500 MHz6 / 1212 MB
Intel Xeon E-2176M2700 – 4400 MHz6 / 1212 MB
Intel Core i7-8850H2600 – 4300 MHz6 / 129 MB
Intel Core i7-8750H2200 – 4100 MHz6 / 129 MB
Intel Core i5-9400H2500 – 4300 MHz4 / 88 MB
Intel Core i5-9300HF2400 – 4100 MHz4 / 88 MB
Intel Core i5-9300H2400 – 4100 MHz4 / 88 MB
Intel Core i5-8400H2500 – 4200 MHz4 / 88 MB
Intel Core i5-8300H2300 – 4000 MHz4 / 88 MB
Intel Core i3-8100H3000 MHz4 / 48 MB
Clock Rate2300 – 4800 MHz (Boosted)
Level 1 Cache512 KB (Instructions + Data cache)
Level 2 Cache2 MB
Level 3 Cache16 MB
Number of Cores / Threads8 / 16
Power Consumption (TDP)45 Watt
Manufacturing Technology14 nm++
Max. Operating Temperature100 °C
CPU SocketFCBGA1440
FeaturesDual-Channel DDR4 Memory Controller, HyperThreading, AVX, AVX2, Quick Sync, Virtualization, AES-NI
GPUIntel UHD Graphics 630 (350 – 1200 MHz)
64 Bit64 Bit support EMT64
Announcement Date04/30/2019

The Intel Core i9 – 9880H is a high-end processor explicitly designed for the laptops. The processor is equipped with eight cores and is based on Coffee Lake architecture. The clock speeds offered by the processor read 2.3 GHz. The boost clock speed you would find on the processor would read 4.8 GHz.

The hyper-threading functionality offered by the processor lets you execute all the sixteen threads simultaneously. You can reach the boost speed of 4.8 GHz only through the Thermal Velocity Boost mode. The processor is made with the improved 14nm optimized lithography process dubbed as 14 nm++. It has been considered to be the fastest processor among the Coffee-Lake-H series. The unlocked multiplier for overclocking is one of the tremendous options you would find exciting.

Designwise, you would find that it is almost equivalent to Kaby Lake, with the only difference being the more number of cores and an improved manufacturing process.

The performance improvement offered by the processor is particularly exceptional, and we find it truly powerful. You would find it that it provides a 33 percent more improvement in terms of power efficiency. However, the single-core performances do not seem to have changed to a considerable extent. The multi-core performance is quite effective with the perfect cooling efficiency.

The processor comes equipped with an integrated Intel UHD Graphics 630 iGPU and is designed to provide you with a higher 4K performance ratio. The improved clock rate of 50 percent is what would make it one of the efficient performance workhorse.

The Intel Core i9-9880H comes with a TDP of 45 Watts. That should ideally make it one of the excellent options ever for the laptops with reasonable cooling solutions.

The Best Laptops with Intel Core i9-9880H

HPOmen 15t Gaming Laptop

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Lenovo ThinkPad P53 15.6-Inch Mobile Workstation (20QN002KUS)

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MSIP75 Creator-469 17.3″ Productivity Laptop

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MSIP65 Creator-1274 Creator 15.6″ 4K

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GS75 Stealth-480 17.3″ Gaming Laptop

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Thinkpad X1

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WS65 9TL-685

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ROG Strix Scar III G531GW

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Well, some of the best options that have been made available with the new Intel Core i9-9880H processor would include a few great options from the performance point of view. Some of the great options would consist of the following.

Omen 15t Gaming Laptop

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Equipped with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 graphics with Max-Q design, the Omen 15t Gaming Laptop should ideally be one of the prime options you would want to go with. It has been considered to be one of the great performers with enhanced gaming efficacy. The ability to play your favorite games at the high frame rates is one of the prime features that would make high-end gamers opt for it.

The next-generation GDDR6 memory and support for DirectX 12 features like XDR are what would provide you with one of the exciting performances ever. The Intel Core i9-9880H is what would make the laptop one of the great options for great gaming, multitasking, and streaming needs you may have. The processor does offer you the much-needed power. The advanced storage and DDR4 memory go a long way in providing an enhanced boot time.

You are in for improved audio efficiency with the support for DTS:X ultra and HP Audio Boost. The OMEN Tempest Cooling Technology offers you a three side venting and five-way airflow and a 12V fan module.

Lenovo ThinkPad P53 15.6-Inch Mobile Workstation (20QN002KUS)

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A capable workstation device with a colossal GPU efficiency – that is what Lenovo ThinkPad P53 stands for. It offers a traditional 15.6-inch mobile workstation offering. Of course, it isn’t something that would provide a slight and slim design. However, you can be assured of faster hardware, more ports, and better expandability.

The software offers you access to an excellent option in terms of connectivity, the Thunderbolt 3, and Wi-Fi 6. Further, you have an HDMI 2.0 port and two traditional USB Type-A ports along with two card readers. You would also find a nano-SIM card slot as well for providing you access to improved performance.

MSI P75 Creator-469 17.3″ Productivity Laptop

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Once again, the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 20 Series Graphics is what should make it a compelling option when you look at the excellent means of visual performance. The real-time ray tracing, artificial intelligence, and programmable shading are a few features that would make it a great performer when it comes to gaming and efficiency.

The Intel Core i9-9880H powers the laptop. The 6 core performance should take you ahead with a 10 percent performance improvement when compared to the previous generation of processors. The computer provides you access to an ultra-light, brushed aluminum chassis. It should be made for the best experience. The Thunderbolt 3 port connectivity is yet another excellent performers.

The sleek and professional design, fingerprint technology, and acoustic statistics are a few tremendous excellent features that you would find exemplary. The laptop is designed specifically for working professionals and can be considered to be one of the unique options ever. The improved and polished design that you would find quite extremely enhanced and efficient.

Energetically efficient cooling is what we would consider a great option ever. You would find a seven heat pipes and 3 blade fan design that would provide you access to a more significant performance standard ever. You would find your laptop cooler than most other contemporary devices out there.

Equipped with the powerful next-gen i9-9880H, you should indeed find it a great performer with 8 cores, 16 threads, a base frequency of 2.3 GHz. You should experience a perfect performance with faster access time, quicker data retrieval, and faster operational speed. The processor would provide you access to a further improved efficiency with video editing, 3D rendering, designing in 2D, and data mining.

MSI P65 Creator-1274 Creator 15.6″ 4K UHD Ultra Thin & Light Professional Laptop

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Once again, the strength of the laptop lies in the fact it comes with the Intel Core i9-9880H processor. Like we have always explicitly mentioned, you are in for an excellent option in terms of enhanced performance.

The laptop comes equipped with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 20 Series Graphics. This should be what provides you access to an improved performance standard par excellence. A battery backup beyond 8 hours should be yet another excellent performance characteristics you would be blessed with.

The true to life display and an immersive visual experience are the other two great options ever. You would also find it offering you a more significant deal of premium quality in a compact display. The creator center is yet another great option you would find offering you a perfect alternative.

In Conclusion

Well, those were just a few examples of an excellent and efficient laptop with the Intel Core i9-9880H processor. The six core and hyper-threading efficiency are what should make these laptops one of the greatest ever choices for an overwhelming standard ever. Almost every computer we have featured here makes the best use of the specific features that we have always focussed on.

We assume the list of the best options featured here should ideally help you achieve the best possible results ever. Check out the laptops that we have covered and picked the ones that best meet your needs.

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