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How to use TP-Link Tapo IP Cameras on Windows PC? C310 C200 C100

How to use TP-Link Tapo IP Cameras on Windows PC

In this post, we will list the options to use TP-Link Tapo IP Cameras on Windows PC. TAPO is a sub-brand from TP-Link and offers IP cameras at an excellent value.

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However, most IP camera features are restricted to Android and iOS apps. There are scenarios where one might want to video stream the feed on a Windows PC or a MAC.

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Unfortunately, there is no direct or easy way to achieve this, and the support staff from TP-Link will ask you to configure this manually. In this post, we will try to list the options available to view or control TAPO IP Cameras using a Windows PC.

Tapo camera on PC using an RTSP stream:

RTSP is a protocol, and TAPO cameras support it. This enables it to work with 3rd party NAS devices that support it. You can install 3rd party applications such as VLC player (AlterCam or ManyCam) to view the RTSP stream.

However, the fundamental point to note here is that it only works when connected to the same network or Wi-Fi. In case if you are connected remotely, you will need to open a few ports to access the RTSP stream.

Tapo IP Cameras on Windows PC – Prerequisites

  1. Create a Username & Password using the TAPO App.
  2. Find out the IP address assigned to the camera by the local router. Note: This is a local IP and not public facing one.
  3. Port 554 needs to be opened in case you want to access the TAPO APP outside the network (Remotely)

Note: Opening ports on your Wi-Fi router can potentially expose your network to hacks.

4. The streaming quality is automatically adjusted on specific TAPO models (C310).

On supported models, you can use the following URLs on 3rd party apps:

  1. stream1: rtsp://IP Address/stream1 (High Quality)
  2. stream2: rtsp:// IP Address/stream2 (Low Quality)

To view 3MP HD Video via RTSP (on supported models), change the video setting to ‘Best Quality’ using the Tapo APP and use: rtsp://IP Address/stream1

First, create a camera account:

You will have to do this individually for each of the installed TAPO cameras. TAP on “Advanced Settings” > “Camera Account” > Username & Password

In our example, we are using a VLC player. See below:

Click on Media, select “Open network stream,” and out in the RTSP stream URL:

stream1: rtsp://IP Address/stream1

Note: You need to copy & paste the video URL and replace the camera IP with your own camera IP address that is visible on the Tapo APP.

Tapo camera on PC using an Android Emulator:

The second method is much easier, requiring you to install an Android emulator (Blue stack/ LDplayer4) with access to either the Google Play store or run *.apk files locally. We have been using this method for some time, and we prefer this over the RTSP or ONVIF method.

  • Step 1: Install Bluestacks
  • Step 2: Open Google Play, sign in with a Google Account and download the TAPO App.
  • Step 3: Log in with your username and password and start using it like you would on any Android platform.

Note: Bluestack creates an extra icon on desktop and make Tapo app easier to access.


We hope the steps mentioned here helped you configure TP-Link Tapo IP Cameras on Windows PC. Questions or suggestions are welcome in the comments section below. Thanks for visiting.

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