How long will Windows XP be Supported

How long will Windows XP be Supported

How long will Windows XP be Supported? It Ended on 8th April 2014.

Yes, Microsoft has officially ended support for Windows XP on 8th of April 2014. Along with Windows XP, support for Office 2003 has also ended on the same date. This means that, you will not get the following:

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  • Technical Support
  • Security updates, Service Packs or Device Drivers for newer devices
  • 3rd Party Application and Games will eventually cease support for XP.

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Microsoft will however continue its support for various POS systems and ATM devices which runs Windows XP Embedded Edition. For these systems, support will be provided until 2019. Already taking advantage of this, a lot of websites have reported this hack  by entering a Registry entry. This was first spotted on the Betanews website and Microsoft strongly objected to its users to do this hack. It only works with Windows XP 32 Bit Edition (64 Bit Edition is Windows Server 2003 under the hood) with Service Pack 3.

Microsoft recommends you to upgrade to a newer Operation system such as Windows 10 immediately in order to get full support and free Windows updates.

Read the Official Documentation for More details from Microsoft:

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