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Fix and Resolve Error Band is paired by other person Ask them to unpair it and try again

Fix and Resolve Error Band is paired by other person Ask them to unpair it and try again

The Mi Band 2 does not have any physical buttons to reset the device. The only button it has is a capacitive button meant to interact with the device. So, the complete pairing and unpairing cycle are completely driven by the Mi Fit App. Now, the Mi Band 2 device cannot be paired simultaneously on multiple devices. So, if you want to pair the Mi Band 2 on a different device, you would need to unpair from the device where you paired it originally. But what would happen if your phone received an update or got damaged? When you try to pair the Mi Band 2 with a new device, you will get an error message saying “Band is paired by other person Ask them to unpair it and try again“. Read along to know how to resolve this!

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Fixing the “Band is paired by other person” error

Many users have taken a lot of steps, some logical, some unusual. If I go by this post on Reddit, users have put the device in a refrigerator to unpair it. Others have taken logical approaches like uninstalling the Mi Fit App or deleting cache data from the Android system. I have already mentioned these steps in my earlier posts. This might not work and there is a much easier workaround. In order to resolve this, you would need 2 devices which support the Mi Fit app. In my case, I tested it with two Android phones. The phones do not need to be a Xiaomi MIUI based device either. The key thing to remember is that you need to use the same Mi account on both the devices to login into the Mi Fit App. See below:


Login to your second (Android) device with the same Mi account and try to connect to your Mi Band 2. This takes a couple of minutes to progress and you can keep it running in the background. When you do this, you will receive a notification on the original device. See below:


Note: If your original device is not available or damaged, you will not see the above notification.

That is it really. In our case, we signed out from the Mi Fit device completed and uninstalled it from the unintended device. The complete process takes less than five minutes and it does not brick your Mi Band 2 in any way.

Let us know your thoughts and views on this. Do drop us a comment below if it did or did not work. Thanks!

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  1. i tried but it not work

    1. Try the method mentioned above by izzie and see if that works out for you!

  2. It’s the way we have logged in… i had a problem to sync with my ipad after i logout mi fit app. I dont know what went wrong as it appear as id/password was incorrect (i reset password but stil unable to login. So i created a new account using the same phone number. The issue started when it prompted the device is pair to another person but i was unable to unpair from my 1st account coz the id was not correct. After spending hours on google for searching on same issue, i managed to sync it back.

    What happened in my case,
    1)While logging in to Mi Fit App, we would have used, Phone Number OR Google email account OR Mi account.
    2) I tried to remember correctly how did i type everything during the 1st registeration (phone number/id/email). Then i found out that i used phone number as +6016xxxxxxx and but i kept entering phone number as +60016xxxxxxx That was the problem when i actually have added extra zero for the id. It made me gone crazy almost. Now i can use back my mi band 2 happily and have deleted the 2nd account coz no pairing needed.

    Just sharing 😀

    1. worked out for me too, thanks izzie… alhamdulillah 🙂

  3. thanking you for quick response….
    I already tried with two devices at same time, ‘Samsung Tab 4 and LG tribute’ but not resolved. I deleted my MI account and again created new MI account and tried again but the same but the same error massages Band is paired by other person Ask them to unpair it and try again appears.

  4. One more My Mi Band 2 shows wrong time and Date. i.e. today – 5:58, 20-11-2016 other side band show 9:14, 16-11-2016.
    I contacted Mi customer support they told me to go service center, ok it is last way ro solve the issue but service center is about nearly 300 KM from my city.

    1. It’s a common issue with any smart watch or health bands which is not in sync with a phone.

  5. I created an account when I unboxed my mi band 2. It was paired to my Galaxy A5 and everything was fine. After one day I deleted my Mi account and created a new one to the same phone with the same email/phone nr. Now I can’t pair my mi band 2 in mi fit app because it is “paired to an other person”. Now I am waiting for the answer of Xiaomi Support. I think my mi band 2 was registered to my first Mi ID and should delete it on Xiaomi servers or merge all of my data to my ID.

    1. You will need to logout from your original account before deletion. Else, you will get this error message.

      1. I logged out in Mi Fit on my phone, then I deleted the old account. I think I should have unpair in Mi Fit also. What can I do now?

        1. Hello! Did Xiaomi Support answer You?

          1. Of course they answered. I wrote to US and Singapore Support too. Both were useless. These Supports work with zero efficiency.
            I explained to them in very detailed way what is the situation and they:
            A. answered such things what I already knew from a lot of forums,
            B. couldn’t understand the whole situation and I had to explain it again and again from different aspects,
            C. suggested very primitive things like restart the phone
            D: finally they asked me “to coordinate my point of purchase”… and I explained twice I bought it on which is chinese or from Hong Kong or whatever… it is a webshop… not important its location… and they answered bestgear is not their official seller and I can buy it from Xiaomi webshop (again).

            Finally I had some questions and comments to the Support:
            “if you know the devices could be unusable after deleting the account to where they were attached… why do you let to the users to delete their accounts? Why not let them just to inactivate them?
            If I delete one account the link between the device and the account should automatically broken. This is a unsatisfied user feedback. please forward it to the responsible person.”

            This is the whole story. Now I can use the Mi Band 2 without mobile connection what is unacceptable to me.

            If I buy a fitband again it will be an expensive one…. Garmin or Samsung or etc. BECAUSE the expensivity of these contains some engineering professionalism and effective support too…

            1. thanks for such a broad explanation. You can always try a third-party app that works with Your Mi Band 2 and does not need Mi Fit app, like Mi Heart Rate app that I am supporting. If You try it, let me know about Your opinion on it or any questions You have there or directly at So, good news: You can still use Your Mi Band (You might have already known about it though).

              1. Thanks! I will check it

                1. I would appreciate if You let me know about Your opinion on Mi Heart Rate!

                2. Hi, can I ask You whether You have checked it?

                  1. My wife use it and she bought the paid version of the app. She likes it. 🙂

                    1. Thanks for the reply! Interesting! Did she tell You which its features she likes the most?

                    2. She likes the sleeping monitor feature the most

                    3. do You mean heart rate monitoring during sleep?

                    4. yes

                    5. great! if she has any questions or issues, remember to let me know at

                    6. I have an issue I hope you can help:
                      The heart rate monitoring stopped working and I read I should update the firmware of the Mi Band 2. BUT my wife’s band works only with your app and I not with official Mi Fit program (I can’t pair with it). So… how can I update the firmware of Mi Band 2 without using Mi Fit app?

                    7. thanks for the question and sorry for the delay with an answer.
                      If she uses iOS phone, I would suggest her just to downgrade Mi Band 2 firmware from Mi Heart Rate app as it is described there:
                      If she uses Android phone, she may borrow iOS phone from anybody who has it, do the same and continue using Mi Band 2 on her Android phone.
                      Please let me know, how the situation looks like.

                    8. I tried to open your link but “Error establishing a database connection”

                    9. thanks, it is fixed, could You try it once more?

                3. I mean I would suggest You to try Mi Heart Rate app.

  6. i have a same issue but my old phone is broken. please help me.

    1. Try logging in with the same Mi Account on the Mi Fit App on the new device and see of the device is listed. In case it is, remove and then try to add it again.

  7. I have purchased refurbished band. Now I it is asking me to unpair from first users mobile. Please help me

    1. Hello, Harish Kumar!
      Unfortunately, this is not possible (which is confirmed at the official Xiaomi forum, dedicated to Mi Band 2:
      I have tried to solve this problem on the basis of all the data available in the Internet.
      It did not help in my case (I still received the message “Xiaomi Mi Band is paired by other person. Ask them to unpair it and try again”).
      I described these solutions found in the Internet (some Mi Bands users still wrote that these solutions were helpful – I think You may try them) and an alternative solution here:
      Let me know, if You manage to solve it.

  8. My problem is a few different, my mi band just connect in one account… I unpair, and try to use another account and say “Mi Band is paired by other person.”, so I back to old account, and pair without any problem…

    1. Thanks for sharing Your experience, Alex, good to know thatsometimes it can be fixed. Stay healthy!

  9. i sold my previous Xiaomi device and got the Xiaomi Mi6 now that i have signed in to my previous xiaomi account and restored all apps and data i still cant pair or connect my mi band 2 wtih my phone. i Forgot to unpair my m band from my previous phone but i am still using the same mi account. i keep getting the the message on mi fit app when i try to connect my mi band 2 “couldn’t pair, keep the band close to your phone and try again”. Can nay one help me with this?

    1. Hi, Eftakhairul Alam! The problem You describe is similar to 2 issues:
      1) when a person uses new device without unpairing Mi Band in Mi Fit app at the previous device, he or she gets the message: “Band is paired by other person. Ask them to unpair it and try again”, but You do not get such a message. If that was a case almost no solution exists. I wrote about this at our blog:;
      2) sometimes I got this message “Couldn’t pair, keep the band close to your phone and try again” at my Android phone. Usually repairing Mi Band in Bluetooth, switching Bluetooth off and on again, restarting phone, reinstalling Mi Fit app, connecting Mi Band in Mi Heart Rate app (yes, it is our app 🙂 helped. Now it is connected.
      However, You may have third issue (not the one from the above), which I faced.
      Hope that was helpful. Let me know how the situation looks like now.

  10. Hi.. . I want join new device but iam forget my mi band account….how to unpair please help me?

  11. hi… i want to join to a new deice but it showing only one message could not pair.. please contact customer support….

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