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Boat Aavante Bar 3000 vs Mi Soundbar Specifications Comparison

Boat Aavante Bar 3000 vs Mi

In this article, we are comparing the Boat Aavante Bar 3000 vs Mi Soundbar, which are budget soundbars for the Indian market.

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Regardless of how well set up your smart TV, it is incomplete without an appropriate audio setup. To amplify audio in the surrounding, the speakers play a prominent role. The recent advancements in positional audio equipment have updated the definition of a speaker. With advanced wireless low power Bluetooth functionalities, digital interfaces, broad frequency response, stylish design, etc., the contemporary speakers offer a lot more connectivity than the traditional ones.

The present article’s discussion revolves around the Boat Avante Bar 3000 speaker and Mi Soundbar speaker. Both of them are dedicated to boosting your listening experience, but the way they operate in different segments. Continue reading below to know more about their functionalities and detailed comparison among the

Boat Avante Bar 3000:

Boat Aavante Bar 3000 vs Mi

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The boAt Avante 3000 soundbar speaker is designed in classic black color, and it comes with a wireless subwoofer. While viewing your favorite movies, you will perceive a pleasant listening experience. Also, this wireless speaker brings your favorite tracks to life. The significant components of this soundbar speaker are a wireless subwoofer, a built-in 6.5-inch driver (60W), and a 120W RMS Soundbar. All these characteristics improve the HD audio listening experience. Presented in a black finish, this speaker will perfectly complement your home decor. The best part about its physical dimensions and wireless connectivity is that it can be set up in any location.

Equipped with 2” *2 dual drivers, the listening experience will be undoubtedly memorable. In order to enhance the convenience of the user, the brand facilitated all operations to be controlled via the remote. Alternatively, it becomes easy to manage different functionalities from the multifunction button incorporated dashboard. With the outstanding user convenience benefits, you only need to plug this wireless speaker with the wireless subwoofer.

With the convenience of an IR remote, you will be able to access controls flawlessly. It is straightforward to control effective options like sound balance, choosing tracks, changing modes, and many other functions. Being adaptive for every form of entertainment, you will find that the AVANTE Bar 3000 speaker works perfectly for almost all situations.


  • The 2.1 Channel Surround Sound allows sound output to be heard throughout the street.
  • The premium HD 120W RMS sound delivers a luxurious listening experience. In your preferred place, you will be able to dive deep into the supreme form of audio entertainment.
  • The wireless 60W subwoofer included in the pack amplifies the low-frequency bass throughout your listening experience.
  • This Avante 3000 soundbar speaker is made compatible with AUX cable, HDMI cable, optic cable, and coaxial cable. This suggests that you can easily plug into.
  • The Bluetooth v4.2 enables many different audio devices to be compatible with this wireless speaker.

Mi Soundbar:

Boat Aavante Bar 3000 vs Mi

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Now you can get rid of your monotonous or traditional TV sound output experience with the addition of a Mi Soundbar. This soundbar from the well-known brand Mi conveys the sub-par cinematic audio experience in an appealing design at an affordable price. You will be benefitted from the superior sound output, ease of use, and a wide range of connectivity options. Being stylishly designed identical to a bra shape with fabric mesh cover, this contemporary speaker will elegantly complement your living space.

The Mi Soundbar will accept the sound from your mobile device or TV. Subsequently, it will transform it into a cinematic experience to let you immerse into the superior audio listening experience. The built-in eight sound drivers provide deep bass crisp treble and a clean mid-range. Therefore, the audio experience will be all-inclusive.

The beautiful design, efficiently working core, and productive sound output combine collectively to uplift the audio performance to a new level. The audio enthusiasts need not worry about the complexities of this speaker’s setup. This is because the included screws let you mount this speaker on a wall, or you can fix this speaker on the tabletop. With the included rubber grips, this speaker will stay firm on any surface. Since the overall sturdy structure is made compact, lightweight, and simple-to-use, it allows you to place in any surrounding.

In this 33-inch Mi Soundbar, a 28W speaker easily pairs with any device that transmits audio signals through Bluetooth, coaxial, optical, 3.5mm AUX input, or RCA connections. Except for HDMI, it supports the reception of audio signals from all these connections. So, there will be no hassles while pairing it with a music system or TV. Though it does not come with remote control, it is not a huge drawback.

By following the three simple steps, you will be able to connect the Mi Soundbar to your television successfully. First of all, plug in SPDIF cable and then power on Mi Soundbar. Finally, you need to switch the source on the TV to SPDIF.  There are certain things you may need to make sure to ensure flawless working of this soundbar. Firstly, you need to make sure your TV possesses an Audio Out. If you connect any soundbar through the Aux-in, it will not sound pleasing. You need to compare it with an optical connection or a line-out. In case your TV is equipped with a Bluetooth connection, then it works well.

When you glance at the benefits presented by Mi soundbar, you will be encouraged to make a purchase. The overall sound quality is excellent for a bedroom or a medium-size hall. Compared to a tiny Bluetooth speaker, this one will sound ten times more. In addition to impressive sound output, the overall appearance is made impressive too. The subtle design, availability of all necessary connectivity options, and high-performance sound output will sum up the Mi Soundbar.


  • The frequency response of 50Hz to 25000Hz range encompasses the whole spectrum of sounds in every media. Hence, each note is heard clearly.
  • The overall audio experience is magnified with resonant bass, crisp treble, and clean mids.
  • There are 8 sound drivers to enhance your music playback, gameplay, and movie viewing experience.
  • Its no-fuss design presents an easy setup that can be completed in 30 seconds.
  • The enhanced base, along with passive radiators, conveys experience at the convenience of your home.
  •  Your mobile devices can be easily connected through the aux-in, optical, S/PDIF, and Bluetooth connections
  • It allows you to easily connect your mobile device or TV with the high-speed Bluetooth 4.2 LE functionality.

Comparison of Boat Aavante Bar 3000 vs Mi Soundbar:

Boat Avante Bar 3000

Mi Soundbar

Product dimensions97 x 14.5 x 43.5 cm83 x 7.2 x 8.7 cm
Weight8.2 Kg1.92 Kg
Frequency response range45Hz-20KHz


50Hz to 25000Hz
Bluetooth technologyBluetooth v4.2Bluetooth 4.2 LE
Configuration2.1 Channel (Wireless sub-woofer)


2.0 Channel (8 way sound drivers)


Surround soundYesYes
Audio featuresBass adjustment


8 sound drivers
impedance4*4+4 ohms6 ohms
Power Output (RMS)120 W


Power SourceAC AdapterAC Adapter
Memory Card Slot 


Speaker ConnectivityMicro USB, Optical, Coaxial, HDMIWireless (S/PDIF, Optical, Aux-in & Bluetooth connections)
Battery Cell CompositionAlkalineLithium-Ion
Connectivity optionsBluetooth v4.2, USB, OPTIC, AUX, HDMI, and CoaxialS/PDIF, Optical, Aux-in, Line-in and Bluetooth connections
Connector Typewireless, USB, HDMI, AUX, BluetoothAUX, Bluetooth
Additional FeaturesSubwoofer, Remote Control, integrated dashboardQuick setup, high-speed Bluetooth connectivity, compact size
Compatible DevicesTV, Mobile, Audio Player, LaptopTV and mobile

Concluding Note:

To make the most of your audio listening experience, both these speakers are the perfect choice to consider. The AVANTE BAR 3000 comes in a sleek black finish, operates wirelessly, and lets you get lost in the cinematic sound listening session. When you are desirous of attaining a decent sound experience similar to a prominent Bluetooth speaker, then Mi Soundbar is a suitable choice to consider. It will perfectly fit your living space.

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