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How to Clear Paper Jam on a Canon MG3620? Step by Step Instructions

How to Clear Paper Jam on a Canon MG3620?

The Canon PIXMA MG3620 is popularly recognized as a wirelessly operated all-in-one printer that comes implemented with the inkjet print technology. In order to meet all your printing needs, this versatile printer provides superb convenience and simplicity.

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Now you will be able to print and scan from anywhere in your house or office because it packs in the wireless capability. There will be a considerable saving in time and money with its outstanding features like Auto duplex printing and Mobile Device Printing.

How to Clear Paper Jam on a Canon MG3620?

In the Canon MG3620, the paper jam issue arises occasionally. It sometimes happens that the jammed paper tears, and you could not take out the paper either from the transport unit or the paper output slot.

Also, it is possible that the jammed paper somehow got stuck inside the machine. Under such cases, you can easily remove the paper by following any of the following methods. Let’s take a look at different approaches to clear a paper jam on a Canon MG3620.

Method-1: Check whether any jammed papers are present in the paper tray:

The problem in printing may arise because there may be jammed paper inside the paper tray.  Under this situation, you have to properly verify if there is the presence of any jammed paper within the paper tray of MG3620. Follow the below steps to perform this task:

  • Step-1: Initially, turn off the printer to make sure the device is safe against any injuries.
  • Step-2: Now, you have to wait sometime for the printer to shut down properly. Now you have to open the main cover from the top softly.
  • Step-3: In this step, make sure you gently take out the paper tray. During this process, take care not to force any built-in elements.
  • Step-4: Now, you need to firmly grasp the paper and then slowly pull out the article to remove it. In case the paper tears off, it could spread paper fibers. The same may lead to damage to the printer unit.
  • Step-5: Lastly, take out the print head to check if there any paper remaining within the system. Subsequently, you need to close the top cover to complete this process.
  • Step-6: Once the jammed papers are appropriately verified, you need to restart the printer to make sure everything works precisely.

In case this method does not work, and the issue persists, try out any of the methods described below:

Method 2: Check for the jammed papers into the output tray:

Once you have verified the input tray on this printer, you then need to inspect the output tray. Follow the below steps to detect the output tray:

  • Step-1: First of all, turn off this printer and remove every power cord from the rear side of the unit.
  • Step-2: Now find out the output tray present from the head of the printer. After that, gently pull it out from the device.
  • Step-3: In case you see a jammed paper present inside the output tray, take out the paper. Make sure you take out one sheet at a time.
  • Step-4: In this step, you have to remove all the papers one at a time and then shut down the top part of this printer.
  • Step-5: Lastly, you need to reconnect every power cable to the device and then turn on the device to check if the issue is resolved or not.

If the paper jam issue persists, use the below methods:

Method 3: Check the free movement of carriage on your printer:

The problem may create paper jam issues in transport. Occasionally, the carriage may not freely move or get stuck in a fixed place. This will certainly stop the printing process. If this is the case, follow below steps to check the carriage on this printer and remove the paper jam issues:

  • Step-1: First of all, turn off the printer and then disconnect all the power cables present on the rear part of the unit.
  • Step-2: Once all the cords are removed, take out the cartridge by slowly opening the bar from the top.
  • Step-3: In this step, you need to wait for some time until the carriage gets cooled before you move further. Once it gets cooled, you need to jump to the central section.
  • Step-4: Now, you have to check for any paper or some targets that may restrict the carriage. After you have completed checking it, enter the device via the ink cartridge access gate.
  • Step-5: In this step, you have to leave the carriage manually. In case it gets connected on the right-hand side, it moves it towards the left part of the printer. If the carriage stay attached towards the left side, push it to the right side and finally remove the loose paper if you found them.
  • Step-6: Now, you need to make sure the carriage runs freely over the width. After that, move the carriage towards the left side and later on towards the right side.
  • Step-7: At last, shut down the ink cartridge access door. After that, properly reconnect all the power cables available at the rear side of your printer.
  • Step-8: To check whether the paper jam issue is resolved or not, you can out try out few pages to print. This will let you know whether the error gets resolved or not.

If the paper jam issue persists, try the below method:

Method 4: Make sure the paper feed rollers on this printer are clean:

The paper feed rollers are the small-sized rubber designed in round shape. This rubber facilitates the feeding process of the paper inside the printer unit. In case such rollers or rubbers got dirty, the process of printing may get halted. To clean the paper feed rollers, follow the steps below.

  • Step-1: First of all, you have to turn off this printer and remove every power cords lying on the rear part of the unit.
  • Step-2: Gently raise the input tray, and then you have to look down throughout the input paper tray. Now you need to find out another paper tray and also find out the gray paper pick rollers within the printer.
  • Step-3: In this step, dip a paper napkin or dust-free cloth in the purified water.
  • Step-4: Gently press the napkin or cloth against the roller and turn them upward using your fingers.
  • Step-5: In this step, exert moderate pressure on the rollers and let them dry thoroughly.
  • Step-6: At last, reconnect all the power cords and then try out to print several pages.

By doing this, it will let you know whether the paper jam problem got resolved or not.

 Concluding Note:

It may not be a straightforward process to resolve the paper jam issue on Canon MG3620. But trying these methods one by one will undoubtedly get you rid of this issue quickly and safely.

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