List of Best Z590 Motherboards for 11900K 11700K 11600K CPUs – Budget Options

Best Z590 Motherboards

If you are looking for a list of the best Z590 motherboards, we have one for you! There are much wide variety of options available, but the ones that stand out are the ones outlined in this article.

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At the beginning of 2021, Intel has launched its cutting-edge desktop platform. This platform is principally designed for use within its Rocket Lake 11th generation processors. Intel officially transitioned to PCIe 4.0 and the topmost SKU Core i9-11900K, apparently providing a massive leap jump in IPC (Instructions per clock) performance compared to the preceding generation. The CPU obtains double bandwidth in this new chipset. As a result, it enables more hardware to benefit from the chipset simultaneously. Additionally, it makes a transition to DDR4-3200 support, a new pinnacle in a product line that was earlier on DDR4-2933.

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Intel’s flagship Z590 chipset is designed for Rocket Lake. However, it offers backward compatibility with Comet Lake processors. The following post discusses a huge range of the latest motherboards available. With the new information, this article will get updated. At the time of writing this, we have information on more than 50 motherboards across vendors. Still, we attempt to keep this review article updated with the latest information, new models, and approximate pricing.

Intel Z590 Chipset: Double Bandwidth to the CPU

Owing to the size of the core used, the latest Rocket Lake flagship has 8 cores compared to 10 cores in the preceding generation. However, there are some latest features Intel implemented on this top flagship chipset. Multiple vendors immediately presented a wide range of models and price ranges. There are 2 to 3 key differences between the previous flagship Z490 and the latest Z590.

Firstly is the CPU-to-chipset link, which is made doubled, i.e., DMI x8 link from a DMI x4 link. It suggests that the PCIe 3.0 x8 link provides an efficient CPU-to-chipset bandwidth. Moreover, it implies that it is possible to attach two PCIe 3.0 x4 drives and operate them at full speed. From all chipsets belonging to the Z500 series, we believe that Z590 is the only chipset that will accomplish this, whereas others will have an x4 link. Moreover, the x8 link can work with Rocket Lake CPUs only. It will downgrade to x4 through a previous generation processor.

Another huge difference is that the Z590 platform will allow the processor to make use of PCIe 4.0. Following AMD’s footsteps, for the first time, Intel will include native CPU PCIe 4.0 support. It will have 20 lanes that allow a full x16 link for extra cards and one more PCIe 4.0 x4 for storage. As per the requirements, vendors will divide the x16 link into an x8/x8 or x8/x4/x4 diverged solution with suitable muxing.

The third difference is the chipset’s native USB 3.2 G2x2 (20 Gbps) Type-C support. Those motherboards that benefit from this feature will perhaps validate it on a front panel or rear panel connector. It is optional, and few of the low-priced models may not include the port.

Presently, Intel offers better memory support across its 11th Generation processors. This memory support is enhanced from DDR4-2933 to DDR4-3200. It suggests that motherboard vendors are creating the base specification to fulfill this DDR4-3200 at the JEDEC specifications. However, the majority of them will surpass this for overclocked memory.

Owing to the leap in the ratio jump, we have motherboards that offer up to DDR4-5333. Though purchasing that memory will incur a huge expense. Keep in mind that memory profiles surpassing DDR4-3200 are categorized as overclocking that officially invalidates any warranty. Intel alone offers PTPP (Intel Performance Tuning Protection Plan), which denotes a warranty you can directly purchase from Intel for an extra cost.

Intel Z590, Z490, and Z390 Chipset Comparison

PCIe Lanes (CPU)201616
PCIe Specification (CPU)4.03.0*3.0
PCIe Configx16x16x16
DMI Lanes (3.0)x8 (RKL)x4x4
Chipset PCIe 3.0 Lanes242424
Max USB 3.2 (Gen2/Gen1)6/106/106/10
USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 (20 Gbps)AvailableASMediaNot Available
Total USB ports141414
Max SATA Ports666
Memory Channels (Dual)2/22/22/2
Intel Optane Memory SupportAvailableAvailableAvailable
Intel Rapid Storage Technology (RST)AvailableAvailableAvailable
Max Rapid Storage Technology Ports33
Integrated WiFi MACWi-Fi 6Wi-Fi 6Wi-Fi 5
Intel Smart SoundAvailableAvailableAvailable
Integrated SDXC (SDA 3.0) SupportAvailable
Intel vProNot AvailableNot AvailableNot Available
Overclocking SupportAvailableAvailableAvailable
Max HSIO Lanes3030
ME Firmware151412
TDP (W)666

The latest Intel Z590 chipset now provides native support for USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 20 Gbps Type-C connectivity. Vendors need to use extra controllers on the previous Z490 chipset. These controllers can be the ASMedia ASM3242, connected to the PCIe lanes through the chipset.

Networking is too a prime focus for vendors. Intel continues to build in a native Wi-Fi 6 MAC within the chipset, available via Intel’s exclusive CNVi interface. Moreover, vendors will validate this via Intel’s cutting-edge AX201 or AX210 Wi-Fi 6 RF modules or the latest Intel Killer AX1675.

Intel recognizes support for 2.5 GB Ethernet as a main feature for the latest chipsets in terms of wired connectivity. But this is not extraordinary because it functions identically like in previous generations in which motherboard vendors purchase a 2.5 GbE PCIe chip and connect it to the chipset. But typically, when Intel announces it like this, there is a combo sale for vendors who purchase the chipset in addition to the Intel network controller. Hence, we will see a boost for 2.5 GbE networking on the Z590.

Support for Intel Thunderbolt 4 in Maple Ridge:

Another latest feature perceived on Z590 models is the Maple Ridge Thunderbolt 4 connectivity by Intel. Although there is slights variation between Thunderbolt 4 and the previous Thunderbolt 3, both support 40 GBs of theoretical peak bandwidth. Moreover, both of them can power additional displays; TB4 provides the full specification standard. It is found that Thunderbolt 4 supports extra security via the Intel VT-d DMA protection. Furthermore, it can support branch daisy-chaining and longer cables of maximum lengths up to 2 meters. On the other hand, the previous Thunderbolt 3 just supports linear chaining.

Some users may be looking for how to connect extra screens. For them, Thunderbolt 4 supports a maximum of two 4K and one 8K display. The same is mentioned as an upgrade over Thunderbolt 3. Those systems that want to allow TB4 will do it despite the vendor incorporating the Maple Ridge chip over the board.

Building a PC will invariably require opting for a solid and reliable motherboard for your needs. Different chipsets come with different features and ensure that you get access to a better degree of performance of the PC you build. We thought of listing out the best options for the best Intel 11th Gen motherboard for your PC building exercises.

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Best Z590 motherboards for the perfect Intel 11th Gen PC Build:

Intel’s latest 11th Generation Rocket Lake processors have been launched already and have been on sale for your requirements. That would mean the Z590 motherboards offer you access to the best functionality with the PCIe 4.0 interface.

AsusROG Maximus XIII Hero Z590

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AsusPrime Z590-P

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AsusROG Strix Z590-E Gaming WiFi

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GIGABYTEZ590 Aorus Ultra

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BiostarZ590I Valkyrie

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MSIMPG Z590 Gaming Carbon WiFi

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GIGABYTEZ590 Aorus Master

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ASROCK Z590 PG Velocita

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ASRockZ590 Taichi

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ASRockZ590 Pro4

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ASUSROG Strix Z590-F Gaming WIFI

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EVGAZ590 Dark

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  1. ROG Maximus XIII Hero Z590

Check on Amazon

The ATX variant of the Asus ROG department can provide you with an enhanced experience concerning the best premium options for almost all your requirements at a lower price, offering you premium features. It has been regarded as the best monstrous motherboard ever.

The 14+2 power stage delivery design onboard the motherboard should ideally make it a great choice by almost every count. The motherboard can also offer you access to high-quality chokes, capacitors, and a host of other components that provide you access to a high degree of stable overclocking. You can have access to a wide range of options such as 5Gb LAN, two M.2 slots, Wi-Fi 6, high-quality audio, and plenty of RGB headers.


  • Four numbers of M.2 option
  • Plenty of options for USB 3.2 Gen 2 and Thunderbolt 4
  • The subtle RGB lighting that looks awesome


  • Expensive pricing

2. Gigabyte Z590I AORUS ULTRA

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If you are checking out the mini ITX option for your needs of an enhanced PC building, the Gigabyte Z590I AORUS ULTRA can be one of the perfect options for your expectations. It can be one of the prime options for your requirements to create a smaller form factor for your PC. Support for 10th Gen Intel Core Series Processor and a Direct 8 Phase Digital VRM Solution with 90A Smart Power Stage can be what should further improve your expectations for a reliable PC building.

Faster connectivity with Intel 2.5GbE LAN with cFosSpeed will make it a decent and perfect choice for most of your needs in what you are looking for in your choice of 11th Gen motherboard. BIOS is constantly updated to provide you complete stability.


  • A great CPU cooler compatibility
  • A good power delivery efficiency
  • Turbo boost by default


  • No Thunderbolt 3 support
  • Passive cooled VRMs

3. Asus Prime Z590-P

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The Asus Prime Z590-P motherboard should be one of the excellent options for almost all your needs in terms of the best budget motherboard. A motherboard is a great option for Intel 11th gen boards, but you will only get access to lower grade performance. If you are looking for both an affordable and reliable motherboard, this should be the right choice for you.

The 10+1 DrMOS power stages provide you access to an improved and enhanced power solution. The alloy chokes and durable capacitors are what would make it one of the most durable and stable deliveries option ever. The motherboard also provides you access to far more enhanced performance with a comprehensive cooling efficiency with VRM heatsink, PCH heatsink, hybrid fan headers, and Fan Xpert 4 utility.


  • Good looking aesthetics and a great appearance.
  • 3 chassis fan headers
  • Compatibility with Aura Sync


  • No Crossfire or SLI support.

4. Asus ROG Strix Z590-E Gaming WiFi

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That should be one of the most powerful motherboards for providing you access to an enhanced performance enhancement with the capable motherboard. You will get access to one of the excellent options concerning Intel’s Z590 chipset with PCIe 4.0 support. The availability of ASUS UEFI BIOS should further make it one of the quite reliable options ever for a wide range of benefits that you may have.

The AI motherboard does provide you access to the perfect performance with AI Overclocking, AI cooling, AI networking, and AI noise cancelation. The robust power performance with 14+2 power stages with ProCool II power connector can also be one of the best options for most of your expectations. You can also be assured of an optimized thermal design.


  • Excellent construction and a powerful power subsystem
  • The ability for using up to four M.2 drives
  • Availability of additional heatsinks


  • Expensive price tag


Check on Amazon

Suppose you are looking to get access to an enhanced experience with an option or spending a decent amount on scoring a great deal. The GIGABYTE Z590 AORUS Elite AX is rated to be one of the excellent options for a high-end motherboard for your needs. The 12+1 power phase design further makes it one of the best options for an enhanced experience ever.

The motherboard does support 11th and 10th Gen Intel Core Series Processors. The dual-channel non-ECC memory provides you access to an unbuffered DDR4 with 4 DIMMs for your expectations. The availability of the Shielded Memory Routing for Better Memory Overclocking would further make it one of the practical options ever.


  • High build quality
  • Installation of components further makes it one of the prime options.
  • Plenty of connections
  • Seamless driver updates


  • No HDMI port
  • No special documentation

6. ASUS Prime Z590M-PLUS

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The ASUS Prime Z590M-PLUS is an excellent motherboard you will find quite impressive and helps you access an excellent PC building experience. The support for the 10th and 11th Gen processors is one of the prime factors that would make it one of the enhanced experiences ever. The budget option for the motherboard should be one of the excellent options that we recommend.

You can be assured of an 8+1 power phase design, high-quality components, and Fan Xpert 4 for a better degree of performance. You will be able to get access to a quieter and cooler PC experience. Some of the prime features offered by the service would include PCIe 4.0, 10 Power Stages, 3X M.2 Slot, Thunderbolt 4 Header,1Gb LAN, SPI-TPM Header, M.2 Socket -Key E Wireless, Aura, and Sync RGB.


  • Four memory slots
  • A host of USB ports that can provide you access to a great degree of experience.
  • One of the excellent options for a micro ATX model.


  • Not many cons

7. GIGABYTE Z590 Aorus Ultra

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The GIGABYTE Z590 Aorus Ultra is an ATX motherboard and provides you access to the best possible mid-range Z590 motherboard. The motherboard provides you access to a 17 phase power delivery—the 8+1 power configuration. From the design perspective, you can get access to a great experience in terms of a black PCB, with black and silver M.2 and chipset heatsinks, with an Aorus styled design—the three full-length slots for your PCIe support.

The advanced thermal solution provides you an unthrottled performance. You can be assured of comprehensive and excellent heat dissipation. It can be a great option for almost a huge range of options that include enthusiasts, overclockers, and gamers.


  • Plenty of ports.
  • Support for Bluetooth 5.0
  • Extreme durability and high-end manufacturing process


  • VRM fan is audible
  • Expensive


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Suppose you are checking out the options for the best experience in terms of Frozr heatsink design along with a subtle and classic design for almost all your expectations. The all-black aesthetics can be an excellent option that you would perhaps find to be quite impressive to the core. Despite the mini ITX form factor, the motherboard does provide you access to a host of premium factors.

The mini ITX form factor is one reason why the board has a single full-length PCIe slot. You will also get access to two M.2 slots. You can also get access to two Thunderbolt 4 Type-C ports with two mini-DisplayPort video inputs. You can get access to the motherboard with the advanced features and latest technology.


  • Two mini display inputs
  • Thunderbolt with DP-in
  • Great layout


  • Expensive

9. Biostar Z590I Valkyrie

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One of the excellent options for the best possible functionality in a premium mini ITX model. It provides you a similar design that is almost equivalent to a larger ATX sized motherboard model. Support for DDR4-5000 memory, 2.5 GbE networking, and dual M.2 slots can be a few of the options that would make it a compelling motherboard option ever.

The Biostar motherboard does provide you access to a few excellent features that include four SATA ports with support for RAID 0, 1, 5, and 10 arrays. Availability of a good number of ports and connectors such as one USB 3.2 G2x2 Type-C, two USB 3.2 G2 Type-A, three USB 3.2 G1 Type-A, and two USB 2.0 ports can be what would make it a great option ever.


  • The best option for your gaming experience.
  • A great option for Intel 11th gen processors with PCIe 4.0 support
  • A host of functional capabilities


  • Not many cons

10. MSI MPG Z590 Gaming Carbon WiFi

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Suppose you are looking for the best possible experience in terms of an aggressive and futuristic look when comparing it to the previous generation of Z490 motherboards. The unique look offered by the motherboard really appears to be one of the exciting experiences ever for most of your requirements and experiences.

The availability of three full-length PCIe slots for your expectations. You can get access to wonderful functionality with the six SATA ports offering support for RAID 0, 1, 5, and 10 arrays. You can also have access to a great degree of performance and enhancement with the support for up to DDR4-5200 memory.


  • Ease of installation
  • Reasonable price to performance ratio
  • Great look on the heatsinks


  • The RGB control app is a little complicated

11. GIGABYTE Z590 Aorus Master

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The GIGABYTE Z590 Aorus Master comes with an advanced performance with the upgraded power solution. The All PCIe 4.0 design coupled with outstanding connectivity can be a few of the factors that would ever make it one of the prime options. With the best quality components, you will find the motherboard offering you a wonderful performance.

The ATX motherboard offers a host of premium features that would include Aquantia 10 GbE, Wi-Fi 6E, and three PCIe M.2 slots. The design is also similar to the older Z490 motherboard. The integrated RGB provides you a far enhanced experience ever. You can find access to the three full-length PCIe slots that would further enhance the experience. You will also get access to one USB 3.2 G2x2 Type-C, five USB 3.2 G2 Type-A, and four USB 3.2 G1 Type-A ports.


  • Sleeker and aesthetic design
  • Lesser power consumption
  • Protective backplate


  • No Thunderbolt 4
  • Expensive price tag

12. ASROCK Z590 PG Velocita

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The next best option for the perfect Z590 motherboard, the ASROCK Z590 PG Velocita, can be one of the great ones you would want to go with an extensive gaming-centric performance. The motherboard does provide you access to a great aesthetic and aggressive performance. The futuristic design provides you access to far more advanced functionality. Some features worthy of mentioning can include a futuristic RGB enabled chipset heatsink, with other RGB included in the rear panel cover.

The motherboard offers you access to three full-length PCIe slots. You will also have access to a good number of ports and connections that include one USB 3.2 G2 Type-C, one USB 3.2 G2 Type-A, and six USB 3.2 G1 Type-A ports. You will also find access to a perfect pairing with Intel integrated graphics.


  • A great degree of performance
  • Excellent overclocking with VRM
  • A very sleeker design
  • Great BIOS support


  • No rear USB connectivity.

13. ASRock Z590 Taichi

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ASRock has entered into a sponsorship deal with the gaming community to manufacture the best gamer-oriented models ever. The ASRock Z590 Taichi is an excellent option for almost all your needs in terms of the most notable motherboards from the brand. You can expect a host of aesthetic and premium features on the motherboard.

The ASRock Z590 Taichi can be one of the excellent options for your requirements in terms of DDR4-5000 memory, with a maximum capacity of 128 GB. You will also be able to get access to a far more advanced efficiency in terms of dual Thunderbolt/USB 4.0 Type-C ports. The dual Ethernet is yet another thoughtful option you would find quite impressive and exciting. The Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity can further be yet another excellent option you would find rather impressive.


  • Full support for 10th and 11th generation Intel processors
  • Amazing looks and aesthetics
  • A perfect packaging


  • Expensive

14. ASRock Z590 Pro4

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The ASRock Z590 Pro4 is one of the best options for entry-level series for users looking for the best Z590 motherboards. The motherboard comes with basic features and excellent aesthetics. If you may not be interested in the gaming features, this one should be one of the primary options for most of your requirements.

You would also be going for an enhanced experience with the best possible experience in terms of full-length PCIe slots. The memory support available on the platform can include DDR4-4800, with a maximum capacity of up to 128 GB. There are three M.2 slots on the device, making it one of the excellent options. The support for RAID 0, 1, 5, and 10 arrays is another premium feature you would find quite impressive.


  • It comes with an easy to use BIOS
  • Quite a faster performance
  • Affordable pricing


  • Not many cons observed

15. ASUS ROG Strix Z590-F Gaming WIFI

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If you are checking out both price and performance options, the ASUS ROG Strix Z590-F Gaming WIFI should definitely meet both those needs simultaneously. It does compare well with the slightly high-grade Strix Z590-E Gaming WIFI and offers you plenty of premium features. Some of the features you would find rather impressive can include four M.2 slots, 2.5 GbE, and the latest Realtek HD audio codec.

Availability of a 14+2 phase power delivery, with an 8-pin and 4-pin 12 V ATX power input pairing, can perhaps be another practical feature observed on the motherboard. You can also get access to three full-length PCIe slots, including two full-length slots operating at PCIe 4.0 x16. You also have six SATA ports, with support for RAID 0, 1, 5, and 10 arrays. The motherboard does come with four memory slots, supporting DDR4-5333 and a maximum capacity of up to 128 GB.


  • Prime support for 11th Gen Intel® Core™ processors & 10th Gen Intel® Core™, Pentium® Gold and Celeron® Processors
  • One of the excellent options for the high-quality alloy chokes and durable capacitors to support multi-core processors.
  • The best options for optimized thermal design can include VRM and aluminum I/O heatsink, L-shaped Heatpipe, four onboard M.2 heatsinks, and an M.2 backplate PCIe 4.0 M.2 slot.


  • Not many cons

16. EVGA Z590 Dark

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EVGA has planned a host of motherboards for the Z590 specifications, and the EVGA Z590 Dark should be one of the perfect options you would find quite impressive. It can be one of the great options for you if you are an overclocker or even an enthusiast. You can also get access to a host of options that would include overclocker’s toolkit. You can also get access to a host of options for a pair of two-digit LED debuggers, a power switch, and a reset button.

You can get access to eight SATA ports, including support for RAID 0, 1, 5, and 10 arrays. The two memory slots will provide you access to a far more advanced experience with the fastest DDR4 memory ever. You will also find it offering you access to two full-length PCIe slots. There are not many details available about most of the specifications of the motherboard as of now.


  • Best pairing with 11th Gen Intel Core processors
  • Plenty of USB ports and connectivity options to choose from
  • A perfect Wi-Fi compatibility


  • No cons were observed as the motherboard is yet to be launched.

17. GIGABYTE Z590 Vision D

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If you are a creator or involved in high-end graphics, the GIGABYTE Z590 Vision D should be what would meet your individual requirements and expectations. With the contrasting silver and black design, it will indeed make you fall in love with the motherboard and its aesthetics. The motherboard ideally meets everything that designers and creators may be looking ahead to.

Some of the features you would find quite rewarding and worthy of checking out can include Thunderbolt 4 Type-C, three PCIe M.2 slots, dual 2.5 GbE, and Wi-Fi 6E networking. The three full-length PCIe slots operating at PCIe 4.0 x16 and x8/x8 can further make it a great option for your expansion needs. The motherboard also comes with six SATA ports for conventional drives with support for RAID 0, 1, 5, and 10 arrays.


  • A great-looking appearance.
  • Dual Thunderbolt 4
  • WiFi 6 connectivity option
  • Vision Link compatibility


  • A few overheating issues

There is plenty of models to choose from. Some users may hesitate to purchase some models due to pricing. Only a few boards have pricing under $200.

Unexpectedly, there is not a lot in micro-ATX for Z590, and the availability is limited. There are a few mATX from Chinese vendors like ASUS, ASUS, ASRock, and a few more. For those users looking for small form factor motherboards, they can go for MSI, GIGABYTE, and ASRock as they encompass a limited assortment of mini-ITX boards. The huge majority of the Z590 lineup is ATX. But the flagship models from each brand include E-ATX PCBs with a broad assortment of storage, PCIe, and premium controller options.

Z590 Motherboards from ASRock:

The product stack from ASRock comprises the homecoming of its Phantom Gaming series. This series emphasizes gaming elements, and Taichi is at the pinnacle to offer the ASRock flagship Z590 model.

The entry-level Pro 4 series provides an ATX and micro-ATX version, whereas ASRock merely provides a mini-ITX board which is to be proclaimed through the Z590M-ITX/ac.

ASRock Z590 Motherboard Product Stack
ASRock Z590 TaichiATX
ASRock Z590 PG VelocitaATX
ASRock Z590 Extreme WiFi 6EATX
ASRock Z590 ExtremeATX
ASRock Z590 Steel Legend 6EATX
ASRock Z590 Steel LegendATX
ASRock Z590 Phantom Gaming 4 ACATX
ASRock Z590 Phantom Gaming 4ATX
ASRock Z590 Pro 4ATX
ASRock Z590M Pro 4mATX
ASRock Z590M-ITX/acITX

Perhaps, ASRock will announce more models for the Z590 lineup. The reason is the custom monoblock Z590 Aqua is a prospective model that can be announced at some time in the future. Also, we anticipate a Phantom Gaming mini-ITX model that usually offers a myriad of premium features.

Z590 Motherboards from ASUS:

Commonly, Asus owns a huge Z590 stack. We are having details available for the majority of its Z590 models. Some details are yet to be proclaimed. Moreover, few of the models are yet to be fully disclosed, like the Maximus XIII Apex (Q1) (focused on overclocking), the Maximus XIII Extreme Glacial (support custom EK monoblock), and the standard Extreme variant (also Q1). There are some assumptions for the ROG Maximums XIII series (currently in its 13th version), TUF Gaming, the mid-range ROG Strix, and the Prime series.

Asus Z590 Motherboard Product Stack
ASUS ROG Maximus XIII Extreme GlacialE-ATX
ASUS ROG Maximus XIII ExtremeE-ATX
ASUS ROG Maximus XIII Apex
ASUS ROG Strix Z590-E Gaming WIFIATX
ASUS ROG Strix Z590-F Gaming WiFiATX
ASUS ROG Strix Z590-A Gaming WiFiATX
ASUS ROG Strix Z590-I Gaming WiFiITX
ASUS TUF Gaming Z590-PlusATX
ASUS Prime Z590-AATX
ASUS Prime Z590-PATX
ASUS Prime Z590M-PlusmATX

Based on the pricing detail available, the most reasonably priced model from Asus will be the micro-ATX ASUS Prime Z590M-Plus. It is an entry-level series with a prime focus on the fundamentals as well as aesthetics. Their prices begin from the Prime series on basic yet subtle aesthetics, with prices at around $244.

ASUS will also launch a Strix series mini-ITX model known as the ASUS ROG Strix Z590-I Gaming WiFi. However, limited details are available at the moment. We will update the corresponding information when available.

Z590 Motherboards from Biostar:

Biostar has proclaimed a series of 3 models for Z590. The topmost model, i.e., Z590 Valkyrie, is one of the greatest premium desktop models observed in this series for a long. The newest Valkyrie series uses 2.5 GB Ethernet and the native USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 Type-C support. Moreover, it boasts a modern and eye-catching design. Biostar’s Racing series is a homecoming for Z590 with the introduction of the Z590GTA model. This model possesses an ATX PCB and powerful entry-level features.

Biostar Z590 Motherboard Product Stack
Biostar Z590 ValkyrieATX
Biostar Z590I ValkyrieITX
Biostar Racing Z590GTAATX

Biostar is typically a sure bet for a minimum of one mini-ITX model in each chipset. Moreover, the Z590I Valkyrie is the smaller kin of the ATX model. It looks like Biostar has dedicated maximum efforts on its Valkyrie models for using the Z590 chipset at its maximum potential. This is perceptible, chiefly with support for2.5 GbE and up to DDR5-5000 along with premium HD audio codecs.

Z590 Motherboards from GIGABYTE:

GIGABYTE possesses the biggest stack having 15 latest models already launched. At the top of that is the GIGABYTE Z590 Aorus Xtreme WaterForce. This model meets the needs of the enthusiast market since it comes with superlative features and a custom monoblock for liquid cooling. The same PCB in Aorus Z590 Xtreme has the same PCB, but it does not have the monoblock. Furthermore, the Aorus range stretch from the top end to the mid-range.

GIGABYTE Z590 Motherboard Product Stack
GIGABYTE Z590 Aorus Xtreme WaterForceE-ATX
GIGABYTE Z590 Aorus XtremeE-ATX
GIGABYTE Z590 Aorus MasterATX
GIGABYTE Z590 Aorus TachyonATX
GIGABYTE Z590 Aorus UltraATX
GIGABYTE Z590 Aorus EliteATX

The Z590 Gaming X offers a discreet set with more worthwhile controllers. This series sits just below the Aorus series. On the contrary, the Vision series rebounds with a new Vision D (Designare) and a new Z590 Vision G model with comparatively fewer features.

Two mini ITX models of GIGABYTE are the Z590I Aorus Ultra and the Z590I Vision D (suitable for content creators). There are two Ultra Durable series models from GIGABYTE – Z590 UD and Z590 UD AC with reasonable prices for those users who are on a budget. The only variation is the latter contains a Wi-Fi module.

Z590 Motherboards from MSI:

MSI has devoted the maximum efforts to its Z590 range. This range has a minimum of 13 latest models and a few more coming in the future, like an EK monoblock Carbon X version. The MEG, MAG, MPG, and Pro series are regaining for Z590. Out of them, the MEG Godlike sits in the form of the latest flagship with support for a premium feature set.

The Unify range returns with an ATX and mini-ITX pairing. For gamers demanding high performance, the MPG series is more suitable. Its price is highest in the mid-range of the brand. The corresponding price ranges from $264 to $324, the cheapest one starting at approximately $189.

MSI Z590 Motherboard Product Stack
MSI MEG Z590 GodlikeE-ATX
MSI MEG Z590 Ace Gold EditionATX
MSI MEG Z590 Unify-X
MSI MPG Z590 Gaming Carbon WiFiATX
MSI MPG Z590 Gaming ForceATX
MSI MPG Z590 Gaming Edge WiFiATX
MSI MPG Z590M Gaming Edge WiFimATX
MSI MPG Z590 Gaming PlusATX
MSI MAG Z590 Tomahawk WiFiATX
MSI MAG Z590 TorpedoATX
MSI Z590 Pro WiFiATX
MSI Z590 Pro 12VOATX

The MAG series is designed more at the entry-level, and it prevents a Torpedo. Though it might not knock the flagships exclusively based on features, it definitely gains significant attention. This is inclusive of the Tomahawk, commonly linked as one of the topmost models according to price to performance on the market. Finally, the MSI Pro series is suitable for professionals. Furthermore, MSI proclaims a 12VO variant that does not need the 5 V and 3.3 V rails.

Other Z590 Product Choices:

There are a small number of models apart from major players. EVGA intends to announce the EVGA Z590 Dark model anytime in the year. This model is focused on the E-ATX sized overclocking. It comes with 2 memory modules that aim to decrease trace latencies for exceeding the memory world records under liquid nitrogen. Also, it contains a reversed socket for enhanced LN2 pot mounting. The EVGA Z590 FTW turns toward the more traditionally styled motherboard having features suitable for enthusiasts and gamers.

Colorful chiefly targets its models in the Asian market through its iGame series. Also, it takes on the American Naval forces with the CVN series.

Supermicro comes with 2 models. One of them has WiFi and one without it. None of them contains a PLX chip which was found in previous generations. This can be an option in the future.

Other Z590 Motherboards

Colorful iGame Z590 Vulcan XATX
Colorful iGame Z590 Vulcan WATX
Colorful CVN Z590 Gaming Pro V20ATX
Colorful CVN Z590 Frozen V20ATX
Colorful CVN Z590M Gaming Pro V20mATX
Colorful CVN Z590M Frozen V20mATX
Supermicro C9Z590-CGWATX
Supermicro C9Z590-CGATX

The next page highlights the summary of every Z590 model power delivery based on the information we obtained from manufacturers or the physical board study. Each following page shows a concise analysis and summary of each model being proclaim. Also, each of these pages shows a conclusion of board features compared to other models.

Things to consider when buying the best Z590 Motherboard – The Z590 Motherboard buying guide

Now that we have gone through a representative list of the best Z590 motherboards compatible with the Intel 11th Gen configuration, why not check out a few factors to find more information on buying a motherboard. A few of the buying factors in this contest can prove to be handy in picking the right options in the right spirit.

The Budget

If you are not a professional PC builder or have no deeper pockets, paying enough attention to the pricing would assume a lot of importance. Your budgetary limitations can decide or even bring down a few of the features you may be looking forward to in your motherboard.

You can get a good Z590 motherboard if you are ready to spend around $ 100+. In fact, the Z590 is by far the best Intel CPUs, and with a motherboard designed to work with it, you would want to be missing nothing. A slightly higher price can provide you access to the features such as PCIe 4.0 support and better VRMs.

Form Factor

The motherboard form factor is yet another premium factor that you would want to pay a little special attention to. Motherboards are available in different shapes and sizes, and picking the one that best meets your individual requirements can be a good idea.

Obviously, the premium factor would be to ensure that the motherboard fits properly into the case you have chosen. If you have already decided about which case you are going to use, finding the motherboard should not be an issue. The ideal size for the motherboard would be ATX. In fact, several cases would support this size. If you are building a PC for the enthusiasts who need more power or are an enthusiast yourself, you would want to build a PC with the EATX boards. Of course, it can be worthwhile for minimalistic operations to check if you can buy a mini ITX motherboard.


The socket on the motherboard is another prime factor that should decide which motherboard you should go with. Concerning the Intel 10th and 11th generation processors, the right socket size you would want to work with would be LGA 1200. All the motherboards designed for the 10th and 11th gen Intel CPUs will come with the LGA 1200 socket invariably.

From that perspective, you would find that all the options for the best Z590 motherboards we have outlined above should meet your needs.


The prime reason that would decide why you want to buy a new motherboard is the chipset on it. The chipset decides most of the tasks that you are going to do with your CPU or motherboard. You will find that the Intel 10th and 11th generation CPUs support the H510, H570, B560, and Z590 chipsets, and the Z590 chipset is the prime and premium among them.

What is the difference between Z590 and Z490 Motherboards?

The LGA 1200 socket was introduced with the Z490 chipset. The chipset was introduced for the 10th-gen Comet Lake processors. That had created a worry among the PC building enthusiasts that there may be no future processor launches. The Z490 motherboards are set to get an update to PCIe 4.0.

The Z590 motherboards, on the other hand, are designed to be offered with the same LGA 1200 socket but will provide you access to the native support for the PCIe 4.0 connectivity. They are also designed to offer additional x4 PCIe lanes. That would mean you get access to a total of x20 PCIe lanes. You will also find the Z590 motherboard offering support for x8 DMI support. That would make them work with the new 11th gen CPUs from Intel.

Yet another improvement you would witness on Z590 compared to the Z490 processor would be that it comes with a huge number of ports and connectivity support. You will find them offering USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 (Type-C, 20 GB/s) support for up to three ports and will support 10 USB 3.2 Gen 2×1 (10GB/s) ports. The Z490 motherboard does support only up to six.

The new Z590 motherboards will also provide you access to the latest version of wireless networking with WiFi 6.0 E. The support for the Thunderbolt 4 connectivity is yet another plus point.

Intel Z590, Z490, and Z390 Chipset Comparison
PCIe Lanes (CPU)201616
PCIe Specification (CPU)4.03.0*3.0
PCIe Configx16
DMI Lanes (3.0)x8 (RKL)x4x4
Chipset PCIe 3.0 Lanes242424
Max USB 3.2 (Gen2/Gen1)6/10?6/106/10
USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 (20 Gbps)YASMediaN
Total USB141414
Max SATA Ports666
Memory Channels (Dual)2/22/22/2
Intel Optane Memory SupportYYY
Intel Rapid Storage Technology (RST)YYY
Max Rapid Storage Technology Ports?33
Integrated WiFi MACWi-Fi 6Wi-Fi 6Wi-Fi 5
Intel Smart SoundYYY
Integrated SDXC (SDA 3.0) Support??Y
Overclocking SupportYYY
Intel vProNNN
Max HSIO Lanes?3030
ME Firmware151412
TDP (W)666

Why do you need to invest in the Z590 motherboard for the 11th Gen Intel processors?

If you are building a new PC, you would definitely want to get the best of both worlds. The Z490 motherboard is compatible with the new 11th Gen Intel CPUs, but it lacks support for a few of the advanced features offered by the new CPUs from Intel. That is exactly why you should go with a Z590 motherboard with your 11th Gen processor if you can afford it.

The Z590 motherboard does support a few advanced and exciting features on the 11th Gen CPUs. The primary among them would support native PCIe 4.0 support with the 11th-gen processors, USB 3.2 Gen2x2 support, and upgraded power delivery.

Since Z490 motherboards do not support PCIe 4.0 futureproofing, investing in a Z590 motherboard should definitely be a wiser decision. One of the prime features that almost every vendor of the Z590 motherboard has applied is the USB 3.2 G2x2 Type-C connectivity. The support for 2.5 GbE in networking is yet another premium feature that every motherboard manufacturer has abided by.

Those few reasons should help you understand why it is worthwhile to invest in a new Z590 motherboard for your 11th Gen Intel CPU even when your existing Z490 motherboard does provide support for your needs and expectations in an efficient and effective PC building.

Go through your individual requirements in terms of storage, networking, connectivity, or audio and pick the right Z590 motherboards that would meet your individual preferences. Of course, the list of options outlined here is not exhaustive and complete. Most of the manufacturers like EVGA and ASRock have been lining up a wider range of new motherboards compatible with Intel 11th Gen CPUs.

The Final Wrap Up

Well, finding the best Z590 motherboard for the latest 11th Gen Intel CPUs can be an easy task – thanks to a wide range of manufacturers who have jumped into the bandwagon for manufacturing the varied versions of Z590 motherboards.

This round-up of the best Z590 motherboards outlined here should ideally help you pick the best options for your individual PC building exercises. Almost all the selections here are capable and offer you the support for overclocking. That would ideally help you get the most out of your new 11th Gen Intel CPUs.

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