Best Mechanical Keyboards Available In India Between Rs 3000 To 10000

Best Mechanical Keyboards

Are you looking for the best mechanical keyboards in India? If yes, then you have landed on the right place as today; we are about to discuss exactly that. Ordinary keyboards come with a rubber dome paired to a single membrane for all the keys located on the keyboards. These keys make contact with this dome from an electrical circuit.

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However, mechanical keyboards are different. These keyboards have actual switches under each key and spring for actuating and returning the key to its original position on each press. Most of the scissor keyboards or membrane keyboards lack such kind of real-time feedback. However, in mechanical keyboards, every key-press gives a solid feel and impact. With average users, gamers also praise these keyboards and even believe that they provide kind of advantage while gaming as the response time is much faster.

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Best Mechanical Keyboards For Indian Users

Since there is a strong market in India for mechanical keyboards, we have decided to compile a list of the best ones out there. Some of them are targeted at gamers with RGB lights while the no-nonsense ones are targeted for professionals.

With that said, following is the list we compiled, containing some of the best mechanical keyboards available on Indian e-commerce market. Here we begin:

1. Redragon K552 Kumara:

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It is more than an average gaming keyboard. It has got a solid build, ready for most demanding situations. For the price, it probably gives you everything one should expect. It comes with a compact and sturdy build. The color of the lights cannot be changed, but it still looks classy with red LED backlights. You can still control their brightness, turn them on/off and control the breathing light effect. Moreover, it has many useful shortcut keys and functions. Following is a quick overview:

Feature Highlights:

  • 87 double shot injection model keycaps with sharp LED backlighting
  • The red LED backlit is adjustable for breathing effect and brightness, it can also be turned off
  • Solid build with ABS casing and flash proof design for extra protection
  • Better durability and response with custom designed mechanical switches
  • Good quality switch springs for added durability

2. Zebronics MAX:

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You will fall in love with the key click sound and tap of keys it makes as you start using the keyboards and get used to it. There are multiple lighting options to choose from if you don’t like the default one; you can even turn them off. It gives hard aluminum feel in the base with solid and heavy build quality. The accuracy and key taps will make this your favorite keyboard, especially for gamers:

Feature Highlights:

  • Compact layout for added comfort while using
  • Impressive switch tactile feel
  • Pre-installed LED lighting options to choose from, you can also turn LED lights off
  • Integrated media controls and other handy shortcut functions
  • Heavy metal body with sturdy build type
  • Retractable stand and bottom rubber grip supporting extreme use
  • Comes with braided connection cable / USB

3. HyperX Alloy Cherry MX Red:

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The price of this one might seem a little high, but it is worth paying considering that it comes with original Cherry MX key switches. It comes with detachable cable and a convenient USB charging slot that comes quite handy for charging your smartphones and accesories. They also ship a carrying bag with the unit. The response time is quite impressive that attracts a gamer the most. Have a quick look below:

Feature Highlights:

  • Compact and sturdy build with solid steel frame, ideal for hardcore fps gaming sessions
  • Detachable cable, making it highly portable and adding ease while carrying/setting up
  • Convenient USB charge port
  • Well-known, high-quality Cherry MX Red Mechanical keys
  • Gaming and standard modes, cent percent anti-ghosting and key rollover functions
  • Read backlit keys supporting dynamic lighting schemes
  • Additional Textured and colored keycaps for appealing look and feel in fps gaming

4. Natec Genesis RX85:

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For delivering that known tactile feel, most of the mechanical keyboards compromise the silent operation, however, not this one. If you want those tactile key taps with minimal noise, this is the best keyboard you can look for in India for the minimal price. The keyboard has dedicated volume controls and other useful functions too. Palm support is another nice addition. Following are some noticeable features:

Feature Highlights:

  • Solid Kailh brown switches with up to 50M click life and 55-gram pressure sensitivity
  • Fully support to N-Key rollover function delivering anti-ghosting for all keys, trigger this function with Fn + Del keys
  • Delivers impressive linearity and fluency
  • Comes with white backlight with five different modes and four levels of light intensity
  • Easy operations with multimedia controls and additional shortcut functions
  • Magnet attached palm rest for operating ease in longer sessions

5. Corsair Gaming K63

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These reed switches have their degree of click-ness and are a bit smooth in feel compared to cherry MX blues. However, some people find blues comfortable, some do read, it’s upon every individual that how they define comfort. It is not a full-size keyboard yet it is big enough so that you can avoid frustrating situations. The price is quite reasonable, and we assure that you will get value for your money. Here is a quick look:

Feature Highlights:

  • 100% Cherry MX Red key switches delivering impressive performance and advantage in gaming
  • Red LED backlights with clear large font keycaps; you will never have to struggle while looking at them
  • Dynamic and virtually unlimited lighting adjustability options
  • Compact tenkeyless design for great portability and more space to place mouse
  • Dedicated volume/multimedia controls and other useful handy shortcuts

6. ASUS Cerberus Mechanical Keyboard:

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ASUS is well known for their PC components and especially when it comes to gaming components. This keyboard was previously not available in India. However, impressed by the quality and the performance it delivers, Indians had to order it from international e-commerce websites, making it costly. However, now it is available in Indian market. For the price, it certainly delivers the quality it should. Following list summarizes all the important features it comes with:

Feature Highlights:

  • Fully mechanical design delivering impressive response and durability
  • RGB backlighting with up to 7 different lighting effects
  • Shortcut function for macro recording
  • Full n key rollover support delivering full anti-ghosting
  • Game profile keys allowing one to store different keys, lighting effects and macro settings for each profile
  • Windows key lock feature for avoiding accidental windows key press while gaming

7. Circle Squadron X Mechanical Keyboard:

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The build quality is excellent, and the backlighting looks appealing.  Even if you don’t like those shiny little keys, you can set them to the plain white scheme. Moreover, their intensity is also adjustable. If you are looking for a keyboard for general use, this is a perfect deal. Expect it to last comparatively longer as it is designed for extreme gaming use. It has got tilt fits for added comfort. Following are some important features to have a look at:

Feature Highlights:

  • Fully mechanical key design, LED backlight for every key
  • Full anti-ghosting for every key thanks to quality Kaih LH Bleu Switches
  • High-quality aluminum panel paired with suspended keycap design delivering impressive durability, it also makes cleaning the keyboard super easy
  • Double color injection keycap with golden plated braided cable
  • One year of limited warranty by Circle

8. Logitech K840 Mechanical Corded Keyboard:

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It comes with tilt-able legs that make it convenient to type constantly for hours without causing much fatigue. Logitech is quite popular in India for their computer peripherals and accessories. Like most of their products, this one too is a class-leading keyboard. The build quality is so good that it can even compete with leading corsair products regarding durability and sturdiness. However, this one does not have that much of a ‘click’ sound but has excellent mechanicals. It makes it ideal for both personal and workplace use. Following are some noticeable features:

Feature Highlights:

  • Romer GTM mechanical switches, delivering over 70 million keystrokes, assuring durability and responsiveness.
  • Delivers light touch, distinct crucial tactile tap, and quite operations be it gaming or typing
  • Solid anodized aluminum build providing sturdiness even in extremely rough use
  • Best modern workplace look thanks to the sandblast design
  • 26-key rollover support delivering accurate registering
  • Windows lock function, many shortcut functions including media control, F1-F4 keys are custom programmable.


Many mechanical keyboards come with Cherry MX like essential switches. There is a massive difference between Cherry like and actual Cherry switches as the response time, performance and durability are different. In this list, we discussed both Cherry type-switches keyboards and those with custom switches as well.

We hope this list of the Best Mechanical Keyboards helps you to pick the right product according to your needs. For any query or suggestion, feel free to use the comment section below.

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