Best Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboard

Best Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboard (No Numpad) for Gaming & Typing


Are you looking for the best tenkeyless mechanical keyboard? Check out our article where we discuss and list out the best ones on the market. If you have decided to get one, do check out our picks before buying.

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But first, Why a mechanical keyboard? It is because many gamers believe that a mechanical keyboard provides higher accuracy which gives them a slight edge over their competitors while gaming. To understand what this advantage is all about, first, you need to understand how mechanical gaming keyboards are different from ordinary organic membrane-based keyboards.

What is a mechanical keyboard and how does it affect your gaming experience?

Mechanical keyboards take less time to register the critical contact when a key is pushed. It is also known as actuation point. For instance, if it takes around 4mm to actuate the key contact for an ordinary keyboard, a mechanical one would take the only 2mm for actuating the key contact and register that the key is pressed. These keyboards require a certain amount of force to be applied to reach their actuation point. Moreover, these key switches are tactile or linear. In a palpable layout, you feel a bump indicating that the key is pressed. However, in a linear contact, you don’t feel it. This bump affects the speed of your typing as you get used to it over time.

Best Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboard

A CoolerMaster QuickFire Under the hood

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Now many gamers believe that this type of working mechanics come handy while double tapping. It enhances the speed at which you hit the keys and allows one to take full advantage of their reflexes in gaming when it comes to pressing the keys, while many gamers believe that one should not get habituated to these keyboards.

Best Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboard for Gaming:

Since you are here reading this, it is sure that you are looking for an excellent mechanical keyboard that suits you. Today we are going to discuss some of the best gaming mechanical keyboards (with &) without a Numpad. In most of the genres including FPS, open world and racing, a Numpad isn’t required. Choosing a Numpad-less keyboard would make your desk more compact and nice looking, especially for cramped workspaces.

With that said, here is the list of the best tenkeyless mechanical keyboard (s):

1. Corsair Gaming K63:

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The feel and format of this keyboard are amazing. Like most of the cherry switches, the switches in this keyboard generate pretty much noise. You can use 0-rings for silencing them down a bit. It can save you from opening the keyboards for cleaning or using compressed air since there is plenty of room for the keys for cleaning with a simple blow. Here is a quick look:

  • Features:
  • Impressive performance and competitive advantage with full CHERRY MX mechanical key switches
  • LED backlighting and large font keycaps for every key, adjust lightning dynamically and virtually
  • Compact, tenkeyless design, easily portable, helps in better desk management
  • Separate volume and multimedia control shortcut keys for uninterrupted gameplay adjust volume without pausing the game
  • Anti-ghosting with full key rollover support registers the keystroke exactly when you intend to do so

2. CoolerMaster QuickFire Rapid I:

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Thanks to the durability and the toughness of the keys, these keyboards are suitable both for heavy typists and so for gamers. The build is excellent. It is so compact that the CM logo is located on top side only. The LED lights are fairly well. There are six brightness levels with three modes and option to switch them off. Have a look below:

  • Features:
  • Fully mechanical Cherry MX blue key switches with audible click feedback that is ideal for competitive gaming
  • Compact design with a tenkeyless form factor and ideal for traveling. Additional comfort while keeping your mouse arm close to your body
  • Complete visibility in low light situations with full white LED backlighting
  • 32-bit ARM processor delivering instant response and trailing light effects
  • Set up to 4 lighting schemes based on different games or usage
  • N-key rollover support comes with 1.8m detachable braided cable

3. Granvela Mechanical Eagle Z-77:

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Considering the price range, it is one of the best and solid build mechanical keyboard you will find. It seems like a high-quality product. The keys seem durable, and they are nice to game on. Keycap and switch puller are also included in the package. The backlights are multicolor but note that you cannot change the color. However, there are many modes through backlighting. Here is a quick overview of some features:

  • Features:
  • The pluggable design allowing to replace switches without technical knowledge comes with five free switches for replacing
  • Easily change backlit with FN + Ins. There are eight different patterns o choose from. However, light colors cannot be changed
  • Anti-ghosting keys with rollover support. Each key is controlled independently allowing multiple key presses simultaneously at a great speed
  • Delivers impressive durability and responsiveness, tactile feedback with a nice click sound
  • Fits your hand easily with stepped keycap design. Access convenient multi-media keys, windows lock for gaming, multimedia controls for accessing email, calculator and entertainment with a single press

4. Redragon K552:

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I think the biggest pro of this product is the price itself. They are offering a mechanical keyboard for this price. It is not a mechanical FEEL keyboard, but an actual piece with real mechanical key switches. The backlit is pretty well and not too bright. It makes keys easily visible even when it is placed right in front of the display. The raised keys make the look of the keyboard appealing. Following is a quick overview:

  • Features:
  • Custom mechanical switches with cherry blue level performance
  • RGB LED lighting with customization options that looks crystal clear with double shot injection molded keycaps
  • Metal construction with gold plated USB connector
  • The durable, responsive and long-lasting performance with custom mechanical switches that deliver click sound, tactile feedback, and medium resistance
  • Consist of 87 standard conflict free keys and 12 multimedia keys, splash-proof design

5. E-Element Z-88:

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The switches feel great and deliver nice tactile feedback. The build quality is awe-inspiring, and the backlighting is colorful and bright. Note that it doesn’t allow for color customization, you can change flashing mode and speed but not the colors, unlike higher tier keyboards. Have a look at some impressive features:

  • Features:
  • The latest version of pluggable blue switches, custom designed got better durability and responsiveness. Comes with five spare switches for replacement
  • Offers better resistance, click sound and tactile feedback
  • Anti-ghosting 81 keys with rollover support. Multiple keys can be pressed simultaneously with great speed since each key has an independent switch
  • Ten modes for lighting scheme with different flashing speed options. The backlight looks clearer thanks to double shot injection keycaps
  • Sturdy and robust built with metal material
  • Compatible with most of the Windows operating system comes with convenient multimedia controls, and other shortcuts provide windows key lock for gaming

6. Qisan Gaming Mechanical Keyboard:

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For the price, the keyboard is simply amazing. Many users compare it with Corsair K65 that is indeed expensive compared to this one. The feel and look are impressive, and it is just as it advertised. Despite possessing the limited set of keys, it works great thanks to well-implemented function keys and other shortcuts. Here is a quick glance:

  • Features:
  • Frameless design with ergonomic stepwise keycaps
  • Uses Kailh Red switches that are equivalent to Cherry MX switches
  • The compact design makes it highly portable. It has unique 68 key layouts with anti-ghosting and roll-over support
  • Various lighting aspects such as brightness, breathing light patter, speed adjustment, etc. can be easily controlled with fn and arrow keys
  • Lightweight and highly compact design. Switches can be easily replaced with new ones if something goes wrong with the certain switch

7. Razer Black-Widow X:

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Each key on the keyboard has the tactile feel and clear clicking sound. The device will be detected on the Razer Synapse app, so that configuration and customization are quite simple. The construction is solid with a rugged design. Simple hit FN+F9 to turn the lights off, then ESC for turning them on again. The raised design of the keys comes in handy when cleaning. You can even pop them off easily if you need to. Following are some noteworthy features and specifications:

  • Features:
  • Optimal actuating distance for gamers, giving an advantage in speed and responsiveness
  • Individually programmable backlit keys with 16.8 million color options, all done with Razer Synapse
  • Solid build with military grade metal, delivering durability and capacity to take on intense gaming and typing
  • Uses Razer mechanical switches delivering top-notch performance and durable life-span
  • Inter-device color sync support for all Chroma enabled Razer gaming components

8. Koolertron 87:

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If you are into mechanical keyboards, you are going to love the old school click sound and haptic feedback it delivers. Rather than imposing brighter lighting, it comes with a bit dimmer and warmer backlights that make it look crystal clear without added stress to your eyes. It is a bit noisy, but it certainly has its advantages in typing and gaming too. Following are some aspects you might require for comparison with other products:

  • Features:
  • 87 key design with rollover support and full anti-ghosting for all of them allowing for pressing multiple keys simultaneously at a great speed
  • Comes with dedicated multimedia key shortcuts for additional comfort
  • Tactile feedback, audible click sound and great performance with blue mechanical switches
  • Compatible with most of the modern operating systems including Windows and Mac OS without requiring any additional driver installation
  • Clear and bright buttons, ideal for low light situations that most of the gamers love

9. Redragon K553:

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It is one of the rare double shot layout mechanical keyboards that are offered for under $50. It is quite sturdy despite being much lightweight. The LED backlights are not too bright or too light. They are just perfect and give the keyboard attractive look without being too distracting. At least for windows, it is a plug and play device. We expect it to be same for rest of the operating systems too. Here is a quick overview of some important features of this mechanical keyboard:

  • Features:
  • Custom designed mechanical switches with Cherry Blue equivalent performance both in gaming and typing
  • RGB LEDs are fully customizable and look really cool with the double shot injection modeled keycaps used.
  • It has a solid build with aluminum and ABS construction. Mechanical keys are also well reliable when your gaming needs are hardcore
  • 87 standard conflict free keys, multiple keys can be pressed at high speed simultaneously
  • 12 dedicated multimedia keys for easy operation
  • Splash-proof layout

10. Razer Orbweaver Elite:

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Well, it is not a keyboard but a mechanical KEYPAD instead. I felt like recommending it in the list too because it is always good to keep it as an option. It has limited yet enough amounts of programmable keys that one might need during gaming. You can program the keys and enjoy the action from your game chair if you have stood at hand-bars with one hand on the keypad and another one on the mouse. Despite that, you cannot use it as your main keyboard; this mechanical keypad is always a great option toy for gamers. Following is a quick glance at some of the important features it delivers:

  • Features:
  • Dedicated and designed fully for gaming purpose with optimized actuation and reset points. Uses customized Razer mechanical switches
  • 20 fully programmable mechanical keys that you can program for skills, hotkeys, and macros. Moreover, there is 8-way directional thumb-pad, which makes 28 keys in total
  • Compatible with Razer synapse and Chroma components
  • Supports customizing every key individually
  • Latest Razer mechanical switches, specifically designed for gaming.


Mechanical Keyboards always had a niche market for people who use the keyboard a lot. Apart from gaming, even the best tenkeyless mechanical keyboard will be much noisier than its organic keyboard counterparts. On the flip side, it is a real pleasure to type on a mechanical keyboard. You can feel every keystroke, and it is a blissful feeling. In short, a Mechanical Keyboard is the sports car of keyboards.

We hope you like our article on the best tenkeyless mechanical keyboard out there. For any questions or suggestions, please use the comment box down below.

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