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The UPS industry so far not fully evolved to the use of Lithium-ion batteries. That would indeed be a difficult puzzle to be solved. The extreme advantages offered by the Li-ion cells are quite well known. Even then, the UPS industry had so far been shying away from using the Li-ion batteries in their UPS systems. Of course, the trend has recently being picked up, and we expect a few manufacturers were moving towards Li-ion cells on their UPS.

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With that background info, let us check out a few good options available for the best Li-ion UPS.

Why use Li-ion batteries on UPS?

Li-ion batteries have a very high power density. That would make them smaller in size while maintaining more power. When you compare them to the traditional lead-acid batteries used in the UPS, they will weigh half as the traditional ones.

They also come with a much higher value of battery run time and thus can be recharged several times higher than the VRLA batteries.

The Li-ion UPS systems, as of now, are limited to a few application areas. We may not find the traditional UPS systems being replaced by a Li-ion UPS for a considerable period.

Best Li-ion UPS systems

There are not many manufacturers who have moved to the use of Li-ion batteries on their UPS systems. However, a few manufacturers like APS have been taking the initiative and have begun offering the UPS with li-ion batteries.

A few good options from that perspective have been discussed here.

APC UPS 750VA Smart-UPS Lithium-Ion UPS – (SMTL750RM2UC)

Best Li-ion UPS systems

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The APC UPS 750VA Smart-UPS Lithium-Ion UPS can be the right choice for use with servers, point of sale equipment, routers, and switches. The SmartConnect feature on the UPS provides you access to an innovative smart remote monitoring functionality.

The remote monitoring functionality on the UPS provides automatic notifications, firmware updates, and other advanced service related advantages. The Temperature-compensated battery charging feature is one of the unique concepts and lets you regulate the charge voltage in tune with the temperature of the cell. The Li-ion battery inside provides you twice the service life when you compare it to the typical lead-acid batteries.

Yet another excellent functionality e noticed on the product includes the energy meter that records the actual kilowatt-hours and can be helpful for the energy conscious users. You can also be assured of a high online efficiency that reduces the cost-efficiently.

Tripp Lite 2200VA UPS Smart Lithium-Ion – LiFePO4 AVR USB 2U

Best Li-ion UPS systems

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This is yet another excellent option for the Li-ion UPS but would be the right one for the high-end requirements such as servers and network storage devices. The UPS comes with a very hefty price tag and may not be the right one you would want to go with.

The Li-ion battery inside the system provides you with extreme performance. You can be assured of the double service or even more compared to the traditional UPS batteries. It can offer you three times better charge/discharge cycles.

The UPS can efficiently take care of your equipment against damage downtime & data loss. The built-in AVR can correct the brownouts & voltage surges. The multifunction LCD and audible alerts can be the right ones to signal you of any issues such as loss of power, battery drain, and overload conditions.

The UPS comes with a 5 Year Tripp Lite Warranty & $250,000 Ultimate Lifetime Insurance. For the high price you pay, that would indeed make a value for money option.

Xtreme Power Conversion J60-350 Lithium-Ion UPS

Best Li-ion UPS systems

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The Xtreme Power Conversion J60-350 Lithium-Ion UPS protects you from spikes, surges, and power outages. The UPS is specifically designed to work with digital signages. The UPS with advanced design provides you access to multiple benefits in terms of advanced surge suppression technology.

The slim form factor is a feature that we loved the most that make it a perfect space saver. Wall mounting design is yet another excellent space-saving feature on the device. It can be an excellent option in areas such as hotels, restaurants, hospitals, campuses, airports, and other commercial areas. The lithium batteries provide you access to enhanced performance with high-temperature performance with long term reliability.

The UPS can be a value addition for purposes such as digital signage, kiosks, gaming machines, and Point of Sale (POS). It comes with a five-year warranty on electronics and battery.

N1C L-Series Lithium 1000VA 1 kVA 120V Lithium-Ion UPS

Best Li-ion UPS systems

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The award-winning UPS with Li-ion batteries offers you the best small wattage performance. It can be the right one to go for the requirements in areas like Computer Room, Data Center, Point-of-Sale, Router, Hub, and Network Device, Commercial Facility, and  Precision Instrument.

The long-life performance is one of the massive plus points that goes in its favor. The UPS is priced a little expensive, but the life span that can be expected goes beyond 10 to 15 years. The batteries on the N1C L-Series Lithium 1000VA 1 kVA 120V Lithium-Ion UPS can be charged to up to 1000 times. That should be a high degree of lifespan compared to the 200 to 400 cycles offered by the traditional lead-acid batteries. The L-Series UPS units are designed to work with temperatures up to 140 degrees F. The battery life remains unaffected even at high temperatures.

Well, those were a few exciting choices you can go with if you are looking to find a few best Li-ion battery-powered UPS systems. Sadly enough, most of the Li-ion systems are designed for use in a few unique scenarios or specific applications, as we have already found out in the above discussion.

The regular use UPS systems, for now, are based on lead-acid battery technology, and it may take a while for the manufacturers tend to give a thought to the Li-ion option. That would perhaps also need a thorough technology overhaul in the battery technology involving Li-ion batteries. When that happens, we can look for a few options for the day to day usage scenarios.

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