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Best LGA 3647 Socket CPU Coolers For Intel Xeon Scalable Platform

Best LGA 3647 Socket CPU Coolers

The CPU coolers are the essential elements in any your computer configurations. If you are into building your computers and need a non-stock cooling system, the socket size for your coolers and other components will be a crucial factor to be taken care of. The LGA 3647 is one of the most commonly used sockets for the Intel Xeon Skylake EX and SP series. It also includes Intel’s Xeon Phi series. Based on this socket we thought of listing out the best LGA 3647 Socket CPU Coolers available on the market.

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The LGA 3647 Socket is the successor for the LGA 2011-3 (Socket R) that was released by Intel back in 2011. The new socket supports Hex channel memory controller which also introduced UPI or  Intel Ultra Path Interconnect that replaced the older QPI interconnect.

Now, this article is not about CPU interconnects or sockets, but the coolers that sit on top of these Xeon CPUs. So, let’s find out.

Best LGA 3647 Socket CPU Coolers

The CPU coolers compatible with LGA 3647 sockets and motherboards (Socket P) are not much easy to find. That is precisely why we considered choosing this socket size for today’s post and sharing the details with our readers. So, without going into the further details, let us check out the best CPU coolers with the LGA 3647 socket. We will also attempt differentiating between the multiple ILM options that these sockets offer to some extent.

One of the major manufacturers who has been quite active in the development of CPU coolers with LGA 3647 sockets is Noctua. Of course, there are a few other manufacturers who have been aggressive enough in the realm. Even then, there is a shortage of manufacturers opting for the development. We expect more manufacturers are giving it a thought soon enough.

1. Dynatron B14 3U Active CPU Cooler

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The CPU Cooler is an excellent option for an LGA 3647 socket size and ideally designed to work with Intel Xeon Platinum / Gold Family Processor. It comes with an LGA 3647 socket with square ILM. It offers Aluminium heatsink with heat-pipe for CPU power up to 250 watts.

The features

  • It supports Intl CPUs, especially Intel Skylake products
  • The material used – Aluminum Heatsink with Heatpipe Embedded
  • Fan Dimensions – 80 x 80 x 25 mm

2. Noctua NH-U14S DX-3647

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One of the recently launched CPU coolers for Intel Xeon processors, it is the premium of the two listed on this article. In sharp contrast to the belief that the higher CPU count would translate into more cooling fans with high sound output, the Noctua NH-U14S DX-3647 offer quieter operation.

The features

  • It is one of the prime choices for the premium grade quiet cooling performance.
  • The CPU cooler supports both square and narrow type socket platforms.
  • An enlarged contact surface at 70x56mm will make it an excellent choice for the integrated heat spreaders on Intel Xeon processors.
  • The NF-A15 140mm premium fan is built with proprietary AAO standard and a precise aerodynamic design.

3. Noctua NH-U12S DX-3647

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One of the right options for the tower styled cases; the Noctua NH-U12S DX-3647 is quite excellent with its performance for providing a high-performance quitter environment for the workstations. It uses a dual fan configuration for enhanced performance regarding cooling. Compared to the NH-U14S, this one comes with a smaller fan and is the least expensive of the two.

The features

  • It features seven heat pumps and premium grade fans for excellent functionality regarding cooling.
  • It supports both narrow and square LGA 3647 socket.
  • The CPU cooler is an excellent option for Intel Xeon Scalable (Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze, Skylake-SP/Purley) and Xeon-Phi platforms (Knight’s Landing, Knight’s Mill)
  • Dual fan functionality with NF-A12x25 fans
  • Enlarged contact surface will provide an excellent and enhanced integrated heat spreader of the Intel Xeon processors.
  • Six years’ manufacturer warranty

4. Noctua NH-D9 DX-3647

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The Noctua NH-D9 DX-3647 is a good option if you are looking for an enhanced cooling performance for your 4U server systems. The compact smaller footprint will ensure a good PCIe compatibility. The raised heat-pipes ensure no conflict with other hardware components which is a significant plus.

The features

  • The CPU cooler comes with Pre-applied NT-H1 thermal compound and offers you an easy to install features
  • It does support both narrow and square configurations of LGA 3647 socket.
  • The CPU cooler comes with two NF-A9 fans with PWM support for automatic speed control
  • It is an excellent option for 4U systems and other space-restricted applications.
  • Up to 6 years’ of manufacturer warranty.

What is the difference between Narrow and Square ILM for LGA 3647?

By now, almost all of us have become well versed with the LGA 3647 socket. But, what is the difference between the square and narrow ILM connections?

The functionality will ideally remain across both those socket sizes. The significant difference between the two is the space taken up on the motherboard on either of them. Narrow ILM sockets have more footprint and thus may take up more space.

The Concluding Thoughts

As things stand as of now, we tend to find that currently there is not much choice when it comes to the heatsinks and CPU coolers for the LGA 3647 sockets. The socket is designed explicitly for a noise-free cooling functionality. Most of the motherboards using an LGA 3647 sockets opt for the square ILM in most cases. We typically recommend you to look for a narrow socket for the best space-saving performance. However, most of the CPU coolers are available with both the options, i.e., narrow and square ILM. It would ideally be dependent upon the motherboards you choose for building your systems.

In any case, as of now, we find the Dynatron and Noctua have been actively involved in the manufacturing of the CPU coolers with LGA 3647 socket. We would expect more manufacturers will be chipping in quite soon. However, until that time, we would consider it ideal for opting for the best options that we have suggested in the above discussion. The Noctua range of CPU coolers have been providing a promising performance and are receiving a few rave reviews on the online stores.

Which CPU Coolers are you using for your motherboards with LGA 3647 socket? Share your experiences, opinions, and views about the CPU coolers along with the efficiency levels you experienced.

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