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Best Duplex Scanner with ADF for Books and Documents Scanning

Best Duplex Scanner with ADF

Looking for the best duplex scanner? For any business, the choice of office equipment plays a prominent role in deciding the workflow of different processes. If sufficient capital is available, a company needs to invest in decent quality office equipment. This is because the investment in office equipment is not frequent, and careful arrangement makes sure the product lasts longer. One of the most vital office equipment is a scanner, and the business owners should make no compromise in its purchase.

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With gradual advancement in the technology implemented in the manufacturing of scanners, there have been lots of scanner models available on the market. One of the unique and useful scanner types is the scanner with ADF (automatic document feeder). The ADF feature indicates that is a stack of paper is placed inside the machine, and subsequently, it is automatically fed through it. Therefore, the users can quickly scan without requiring to put each page into the device manually. Not only scanners but these features are also found in printers, fax machines, and photocopiers, etc. Due to the high-quality scans from such scanner devices, small and home businesses are greatly benefitted from them. Once you take a look at all the below-described scanners with ADF, you will be able to make an intelligent buying decision:

Best Duplex Scanner with ADF

Sr. No.ImageProduct NameManufacturerBuy Now
1Best Duplex Scanner with ADFPlustek PS186 High-Speed Document ScannerPlustek 

Buy from Amazon

2Best Duplex ScannerDoxie Q – Wireless Document ScannerDoxieBuy from Amazon
3Best Duplex ScannerFujitsu ScanSnap S1300i ScannerFujitsuBuy from Amazon
4Best Duplex ScannerPlustek PS30D Duplex Document ScannerPlustekBuy from Amazon
5Best Duplex ScannerHP ScanJet Pro 3000 s3 OCR ScannerHPBuy from Amazon
6Best Duplex ScannerBrother ADS2500W ScannerBrotherBuy from Amazon
7HP Scanjet 5590 ScannerHPBuy from Amazon
8Epson WorkForce ES-400 ScannerEpsonBuy from Amazon

 8. Epson WorkForce ES-400 Scanner:

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Now you can organize the workflow appropriately in your office with the use of the WorkForce ES-400 duplex document scanner from Epson. Since years, Epson is a common brand name, and this scanner from the brand aptly represents excellent quality. Generally, the ES-400 device is commonly found to be used in home or office due to its reliable performance. Its corresponding easy-to-use performer features speeds reaching up to 35 ppm with the implementation of the Single-Step Technology. The mentioned technology is capable of capturing either side of a document in one pass.

One of the critical characteristics of ES-400 scanner is the ADF. Its 50-page Auto Document Feeder enables the users to breeze through piles of documents. The document types can be anything ranging from receipts to business cards. In most situations, there will be no issues regarding compatibility because this Epson scanner is found compatible with the majority of the software. The incorporated TWAIN driver facilitates hassle-free connection to most document management software. The unit comes with the standard connectivity of SuperSpeed USB 3.0 and an optional Network Interface Unit.


  • Inside the ES-400 scanner unit, there is the unique inclusion of efficiently working This software, i.e., Epson ScanSmart Software allows effortless scanning. Using this software, you can preview, send an email, upload documents, and more.
  • The feature of automatic file naming and object recognition makes sure the device saves time.
  • It comes with a reliable paper feeding mechanism because the ultrasonic double-feed detection avoids the issues of missing pages.
  • The incorporated Nuance Optical Character Recognition (OCR) prepares searchable PDFs as well as editable Word and Excel files. For all documents, the maximum resolution supported is 200 dpi interpolated.
  • Through the execution of the Epson Image Processing Technology, the users can use auto crop, blank page as well as background removal.
  • Users can send an email or upload the scanned documents to the prevalent cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, and Evernote.

 7. HP Scanjet 5590 Scanner:

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Characterized as a digital flatbed scanner, this device from HP will astonish you with its great versatility and efficiency. The HP Scanjet 5590 scanner facilitates multi-page scans without any compromise in the scan results. At the output, you will get two-sided, multi-page scanning results with the built-in automatic document feeder. This scanner device is capable of scanning up to 8 pages quickly; alternatively, it can scan four images every minute. Also, the device can preview scans in approximately 7 seconds. No scan but this Scanjet printer is accomplished to print, copy, e-mail and comes with many more features. All these features are readily available through one-touch buttons.

To save time, HP devised the scanner uniquely to present quick preview scans. With the assistance of the convenient copy center buttons, it becomes straightforward to operate the device. There is built-in HP Photo & Imaging software, especially for graphics and digital photography.  It is not at all difficult to learn this software for digital photography and graphic arts projects. In addition to documents, the Scanjet 5590 scanner is capable to scan books, 3-D objects, negatives and more. The overall design is made modern and exquisite to make sure it easily fits on your desk.


  • With the particular implementation of the automatic-document-feeding, this scanner is capable of holding up to 50 pages.
  • Its operation is plug & play, and there will be no decrement in speed during downloads of large attachments.
  • The easy document management allows scanning of documents with prevailing data management systems or built-in software
  • Its output would comprise of superior quality results at 2,400 dpi optical resolution as well as 48-bit color.
  • It comes with the five simple one-touch buttons useful for scanning documents and photos. Also, these buttons are helpful to file records, send e-mail, and access the copy functions.

 6. Brother ADS2500W Scanner:

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Whether it is a sewing machine or scanner, Brother has made a prominent name in the entire world. The ADS2500W scanner in the present discussion is mainly a desktop two-sided color scanner which is perfect for tiny to medium-sized business. Moreover, it is found highly useful for departmental workgroups. It is known that this scanner model supports Ethernet and wireless connectivity. The output scan results can be sent to destinations like FTP, e-mail, e-mail server, file, image, network folder, USB memory flash drive, OCR, tablet, Android phone, and web scanning. Those who are experts in the field of scanners usually mention that the ImageCenter ADS-2500W represents a significant leap in scanning technology.

The users will be able to directly scan to a wide range of online services, including Google Drive, Dropbox, FTP, etc. Every user who will use it for the first time will appreciate its fast speed. It is a duplex scanner which saves time and works faster than single-sided.  Unlike other scanner units which demand time-consuming and challenging to set it up, this one comes with easy installation.  The users will be able to quickly identify OCR text, realign papers, recognize portraits and landscape documents, and recognize business cards, etc.


  • The excellent versatile scanning potential of ADS2500W scanner enables it to efficiently handle business cards, paper documents, plastic ID cards, receipts with maximum widths up to 8.5” and maximum length up to 34”.
  • To display all the readings accurately, it comes with a simple, intuitive color touch screen display. The size of the display is 3.7-inches, and it presents the simplicity of use. Moreover, it permits users to prepare destination shortcuts and register recurring tasks as a one-touch button.
  • It supports direct scanning to different cloud applications like Google Docs, Dropbox, Evernote, Facebook, Picasa Web Albums, and Flickr.
  • The ADS2500W scanner supports superior quality color and mono scanning with maximum resolution up to 1200 x 1200 dpi.
  • It supports wireless (802.11 b/g/n) and Ethernet connectivity and also supports USB direct interface.
  • The facility of continuous scanning supports the potential to scan a file bigger than 50 sheets very quickly. The users can place extra pages within the feeder to build upon the initial 50 pages scanned. This will consequently create a scanned document with whatever number of pages being required.
  • When operated in 2-in-1 mode, this scanner enables you to scan a document broader than the feeder. Also, it allows the scanned image reassembled as a single image.

 5. HP ScanJet Pro 3000 s3 OCR Scanner:

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Another HP Scanjet scanner in this list, this device comes with tons of features to make the scanning easy. This s3 OCR scanner is proficient at converting scans into fully editable documents. In most scenarios, this scanner is found compatible with Adobe PDF Reader Microsoft Office, and more file types. The essential qualities like a tiny footprint, blazing fast scan speed, an extensive range of accepted paper types, etc. streamline the overall scanning operations. It can effortlessly detect and delete blank pages.

The outstanding scan resolution, availability of the wireless accessory, potential to edit documents, etc. are few more qualities that make your investment valuable.  This HP scanner device functions superbly for home use, office use or solely for individuals that intend to organize documents, business cards or receipts.

The quick scans at the output help a lot to save time in the professional setting. Not just functionalities but even the size of this ScanJet Pro 3000 scanner is convenient. It usually takes up less desk space and can be closed up when not in use. Through the single-pass dual sized scans, this OCR scanner presents quick, decent quality scans. The included software proves to be highly useful, and it effortlessly interfaces with Adobe Acrobat.


  • The ScanJet Pro 3000 s3 scanner is proficient to attain maximum scan speeds up to 35 pages per minute and 70 images per minute. On the other hand, it can scan 3,500 pages every day through single-pass, two-sided scanning mechanism. In this way, the workflows will be automated.
  • Its built-in auto document feeder can load up to 50 pages for quick, unattended scanning.
  • Names of the OS compatible with this HP Scanjet scanner unit are Microsoft Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7: 32-bit/64-bit, OS X El Capitan 10.11, and Mac.
  • It comes with different software features including automatic crop, orient, exposure, plus hole removal; edge erases, background cleanup, straighten content, merge pages, and color drop out.
  • To save time, it can directly scan to smartphones and tablets.

4. Plustek PS30D Duplex Document Scanner:

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Equipped with 50 sheets Auto Document Feeder (ADF), the PS30D scanner supports multiple automatic scans. It comes with the searchable PDF function by Abbyy OCR. You will be initially surprised to know that this Plustek scanner is accomplished to handle up to 3,000 scans per day. So, any intense workloads can be effortlessly managed. The sufficient ADF capacity offers huge batches of documents scanning in a single fast scan operation. In this way, this duplex document scanner saves you a lot of time.

To enhance the organization efficiency, PDF is the most general document format, so you will be able to scan and save the document in the form of multi-page PDF. Alternatively, you can keep in the form of an individual PDF file.

It came to know that the PS30D unit supports TWAIN and ISIS driver to make sure it is compatible with thousands of hardware systems as well as software applications.  The facility of searchable PDF files assists the users to find appropriate data through keywords search easily. Furthermore, PS30D is capable of performing OCR processing on scanned images. In some cheap quality scanners, there is an issue with scanning long sized paper. However, the PS30D scanner easily supports long paper scan format up to 200″. Hence, the unit is convenient for digitalization of different reports.


  • The built-in Plustek DocAction software allows images and documents to get saved into computer folders, FTP server or can be sent as emails. Also, this software enables the creation of the document in the form of a searchable PDF file.
  • The output scanned documents can be presented in varied formats like JPEG, PDF, or TIFF.
  • Its scanner software is capable of identifying text with OCR and generating multi-page PDF using automatic document feeders.
  • To enhance scanner service life, the PS30D packs in an additional friction pad. So, users can alter friction pad after 20,000 times scans.

3. Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i Scanner:

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When the documents are unorganized in an office, it will create clutter and a situation of chaos. At times, it may lead to inefficiency and failure too. Now it is simple to organize your paperwork with the ScanSnap S1300i. With this Fujitsu scanner, you will be able to scan your documents, business cards, and receipts to searchable PDF. Also, you will be able to save them into your desktop or cloud drive. Through the ScanSnap Organizer, there will be no hassles to manage your scanned documents.  Without much effort, now you can declutter your desk by effectively scanning your documents into searchable PDF.

Those people who wish to save their old memories intact, they can scan their drawings, art projects, homework assignments, and more. Without any obstructions, you can directly scan to cloud drive or desktop. Outstanding portability and compact footprint give an assurance that it is easy to use and carry around. Whenever the issues of paper jams take place, within 3 seconds, it can be opened and cleared.


  • Fujitsu implemented intelligent scan correction technology that carries out a quick quality check on your scans. This technique eliminates blank pages, automatically rotates documents upside down, and improves image quality.
  • It comes with the automated image processing functions comprising of crop & de-skew, auto color detection, and blank page removal.
  • The users can easily extract pertinent information from their receipts and business cards. The corresponding info can be exported into CSV or Salesforce to assist you to save time.
  • It is straightforward to collect and manage business card contacts via ScanSnap CardMinder.

2. Doxie Q – Wireless Document Scanner:

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Doxie-Q is recognized as an innovative and wireless scanner unit, this document scanner assimilates cutting-edge technologies to deliver the best scan results. This latest wireless rechargeable scanner would flip open to scan stacks of paper in a few moments. You will avail the efficiency similar to a large desktop scanner with excellent flexibility of being capable of scanning everywhere. Doxie meticulously prepared it in the lightweight design and incorporated required apps to make sure the output is paperless for huge stacks and small.

Some of the prominent qualities that define Doxie Q scanner are rechargeable, automatic, and highly portable. In the absence of a computer, you can scan anywhere. It is possible to scan anywhere because it packs in a rechargeable battery, collapsible automatic document feeder, built-in memory, and built-in Wi-Fi. Its overall compact size allows it to place in your drawer or bag when not in need.


  • In the absence of any special drivers, this Doxie scanner needs to be flipped open, insert paper and press scan. The entire scanning process is so much easy.
  • The ADF from Doxie can stack of up to 8 full-color pages simultaneously at up to 600 dpi. Alternatively, you can use the Doxie’s direct feed slot to scan your photos, cards, receipts, etc.
  • The included Mac and PC apps from Doxie allow you sync scans through Wi-Fi or USB into your desktop. So, it becomes simple to arrange and generate searchable multi-page PDFs with the ABBYY OCR technology.
  • Users will be able to save scans to their desktop or local apps or personal cloud services. Names of such cloud services include Evernote, Dropbox, OneNote, and iCloud Drive. Furthermore, users can sync scans to their iPhone or iPad through Doxie’s iOS app to save and share their scans anywhere.

1. Plustek PS186 High-Speed Document Scanner:

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The smooth scanning process and high-quality scanning results are the key specialties of the Plustek PS186 scanner. Its sleek design and affordable price tag entice the consideration of customers to go for it. It came to know that PS186 is the ideal tool for home office and SOHO users too. Supporting 25ppm scan speed and 50 sheets ADF, the PS186 unit enables you to scan stacks of the document. Not just papers but it can scan photos, business cards, and more.


  • Plustek PS186 scanner facilitates users to generate up to 255 scan profiles. Every profile can set diverse format, resolution, innovative feature, and destination.
  • It can scan up to 600×600 DPI resolution.
  • The brand Plustek packed in the efficient scanning features including auto-rotate, auto crop, auto deskew, character enhancement, and blank page removal.
  • The Barcode file reader software and searchable PDF creation are installed in this scanner model. Users can successfully scan in simplex and duplex modes for a document through a single touch. Once the files got searchable PDF, then the user can search based on sentence or keyword to search the associate file.


The hassles of manually placing each page into the scanner unit are now eliminated with these scanners with ADF.  They guarantee precise scan results, quick scan speeds, and great versatility to meet diverse scanning needs.

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