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Corsair HX1200i vs AX1200i Power Supply PSU specifications comparison

Corsair HX1200i vs AX1200i Power Supply PSU specifications comparison

Are you looking for a Corsair HX1200i vs AX1200i comparison? The modular power supply systems have been one of the unique concepts and thus should be a great option to safeguard and work with your ongoing computing workloads without any disruptions. Among the modular devices that are currently available, we would explore and check out the Corsair HX1200i and AX1200i and understand the differences between the two options.

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Corsair HX1200i – An Overview

Corsair HX1200i vs AX1200i Power Supply PSU specifications comparison

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The power supply is designed with a focus on high-efficiency performance and also works towards providing low noise emissions. As per our observations, it is the best 1200 W power supply unit. The power supply is available with the 80Plus Platinum certification and the Corsair link integration. Access to all Japanese 105 degree C capacitors will ensure that you will be able to work with high-performance PCs with ease.

The HXi series has always been one of the excellent options in the ultra-efficient power supplies. The efficiency provided by the power supply is evident with its functionality, which can handle the power hogging cards like Nvidia SLI or AMD CrossFire multi-GPU systems. It is designed to provide you up to 92 percent power efficiency.

The power supply unit comes with an NR135P power supply fan making it equivalent to the one found in the previous options like HX1000i. The blades are designed in such a way that it produces more air and produces minimum noise. The highly efficient balancing of the blades ensures prevention of resonance effects at higher speeds.

Reviews suggest that the Corsair HX1200i is an excellent option in the CWT design. The cabling is quite intuitive and best suited for windowed case options. The high cables with a flat design would be one of the favorable options. You can route them efficiently so that you can make them look much appealing.

The load regulation is much efficient. It also supports excellent ripple suppression. The basic features that would make it preferred choice would include highly modular design, higher efficiency in terms of performance, and excellent build quality. The capability offered by the power supply can even handle the high-end gaming systems like dual or triple SLI or Crossfire systems.

The Corsair iCUE support will ensure that you have access to an efficient performance for constant control over the monitoring of power supply, efficient toggling between a single and multi-rail performance, and control over fan speed.

The Pros

  • High-end modular design
  • Quieter functionality
  • A stable and efficient load regulation.
  • A whopping seven-year warranty.

The Cons

  • We could not find any

Corsair AX1200i – A Concise Review

Corsair HX1200i vs AX1200i Power Supply PSU specifications comparison

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The AXi series has been considered to be the best option among the professional, workstation-class power supply units. Perhaps, it is one of the first power supply units to bring out a digital signal processor onboard. Once again, the modular design, just like Corsair HX1200i, would be what makes it an excellent option for enthusiasts around the globe.

The power supply unit comes with larger 140 mm fan this time. From the appearance and build quality, this one should be an exceptional choice. The paint job on the power supply is indeed quite scratch resistant. As with the Corsair KX1200i, you do have access to the Corsair Link integration.

It offers you a completely perfect load regulation functionality. Ripple suppression is what would make it a prime option. A non-aggressive fan profile is one of the best choices you would love with the power supply unit.

The 80Plus Platinum certification should be one of the prominent options to make it a formidable choice. The Digital Signal Processor onboard should be what would make it one of the notable options to help you inefficient voltage regulation. The Corsair Link integration will make it an excellent alternative for monitoring and customization of the performance credentials.

The easier installation aided by fully modular and low profile cables will make it much easy and straightforward to work with. The thermal control of fans will ensure that it works efficiently based on faster performance. You would be able to use a perfect combination of DSP controller and iCUE, bringing you a high-level monitoring and performance customization levels. The availability of DSP will let you adjust voltage regulations and stable power performance. The real-time voltage regulation is one of the features you will find impressive.

The 80Plus platinum certification assures you lesser heat and thus a lowered level of operating costs.

The Pros

  • Quite efficient in terms of performance
  • Quieter fan performance. Beautiful looks and appearance.
  • Interactive software suite.
  • Seven-year warranty

The Cons

  • Price may be a concern for budget-oriented users.

The Comparison Chart for the two Power Supply Units: Corsair HX1200i vs AX1200i

Having gone through the specific features and functions of the two Corsair power supply units should that have already given you access to the best features, here is the comparison chart that will provide you with access to the select features that the two power supply units. The head on comparison should also be able to help you concerning the two competing siblings.

Features / ParticularsCorsair HX1200i

Corsair AX1200i

Physical Dimensions150 x 86 x 200 mm150 x 86 x 200 mm
Weight3.592 grams2.3 Kgs
80Plus CertificationPlatinumPlatinum
Power1200 Watts1200 Watts
Fan Size140 mm140 mm
Corsair Link IntegrationYesYes
Fan Bearing technologyFluid Dynamic BearingDual Ball Bearing
Continuous Output rated temperature50 degree C50 degree C
ModularityYes, fully modularYes, fully modular
Cable connectorAll black and Low profileAll black and Low profile
ConnectorsOne ATX connector, Two EPS connectors, Two floppy connectors, 12 four pin peripheral connectors, eight PCIe connectors, 12 SATA connectorsOne ATX connector, Two EPS connectors, Two floppy connectors, 12 four pin peripheral connectors, eight PCIe connectors, 16 SATA connectors
MTBF hours100,000 hours100,000 hours
WarrantyTen yearsTen Years

The Concluding Thoughts

That was a complete comparison between the two most complete and capable power supply units that should help you choose the best options between the two. Of course, both of them come with almost similar features and certification, but what would make the Corsair AX1200i would be the DSP implementation that comes with it. However, this feature comes with a cost – the AX1200i is costlier than the HX1200i.

Go through those features and make a perfect choice between the two.

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