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Best 2500 DPI Gaming Mouse: Wired and Wireless with Optional LED

Best 2500 DPI gaming mouse

I can master a game with almost any mouse. However, for improved gaming experience and comfort, a gaming mouse is recommended. We suggest the best 2500 DPI gaming mouse because many factors make a gaming mouse different compared to an ordinary one. It is equipped with various functionalities that make it more suitable for intensive gaming and high-level programming tasks. Some of these factors are programmable buttons, higher sensitivity & DPI, adjustable weight distribution and low latency response times. All this superiority give gamers slight advantage compared to any ordinary everyday mouse. They are probably better than a standard mouse that you get bundled with your Desktop or laptop. Technically, these gaming mice perform the same set of tasks, but with a high level of accuracy. Moreover, they also possess more ergonomic design.

How DPI affects the mouse experience?

Today, our primary focus will be the sensitivity factor. Term DPI is highly related to the sensitivity of the mouse. DPI stands for dots per inch. Whenever a mouse is rolled, it detects how much it is moved and matches the computer cursor on the monitor accordingly. The higher DPI is, the less movement a mouse takes, in other words, the more sensitive your mouse will be. Low DPI is recommended for close pixel-level editing, close up shooting, etc. A Higher level of DPI is recommended when you require fast movements, when you have large or multiple monitor setup at higher resolutions, etc.

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Best 2500 DPI Gaming Mouse:

In a standard optical mouse, the DPI is usually around 800 or so. A high-performance gaming-mouse offers a large range of DPI settings varying from 100 and up to 8000 DPI. Today, we are going to discover some of the best gaming mice that comes with up to 2500 DPI support. Here we begin:


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It is an optical gaming mouse with the agronomical design so that it fits in your palm pretty nicely and delivers enhanced comfort in long sessions. It supports four 5g mini additional weights to adjust the stability that suits you best. Five programmable buttons can be mapped to media control, windows functions, macros, profiles, keyboard keys, etc. It supports up to 2500 DPI for perfect pixel level accuracy. It is a heavy duty mouse with up to 10 million button click lifetime. It is a plug & play device that doesn’t require any driver installation. It has a 64 K built-in memory capable of storing six profiles, macro assignment, memory achievements, etc. Overall, the mouse is pretty smooth and feels great as the weight is adjustable. For the price, it is an accurate optical mouse ideal for gaming.

2. Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse:

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Since it is a wireless mouse, it operates on battery power. It average battery life is up to 250 hours once fully charged. It uses delta zero sensor technology that delivers high accuracy while also saving battery. It delivers gaming level performance and endurance. The button life is rated for 20 million clicks. For easy operation, it comes with 11 programmable buttons, making it suitable for MMO gaming. It is compatible with a variety of operating systems including Windows 7 / 8, 8.1 / 10 / Vista or better and Mac OS X 10.6.8 or better. It supports resolutions ranging from 250 DPI up to 2500 DPI. Moreover, up to 20 G2 acceleration is supported. It supports amazing responsiveness with 16 bits/axis data format and 500 reports / second report rate.

3. Zelotes F15 Professional Wireless / Wired Gaming Mouse:

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This mouse supports both wired and wireless connectivity. This feature comes handy when you forget to charge the batteries. The USB cable is included. Four different speed adjustments are supported: 1000, 1500, 2000 and 2500 DPI. The responsiveness remains ideal at any level of speed since there is zero smoothing or filtering. It is compatible with the variety of OS including Windows 2000, ME, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 and Mac OS X 10.4 or better. It is simply a plug and play device that requires no driver installation. The response rate sits between 250 to 500 Hz that is considered quite ideal for gaming. You are less likely to face any delay or jump moments during your rough gaming sessions. As far as I understand, this is what every gamer expect.

4. E-Blue Mazer II 2500 DPI Wireless Gaming Mouse:

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Compared to the original Mazer model, the Mazer II is quite different as it comes with LED illuminated design. Moreover, the scroll wheel is not rubberized as well. It is ergonomically designed following the concept of the air wing. Thus, it suits right-handed gamers. It supports four different adjustable speed options including 500, 1200, 1800 and 2500 DPI. It utilizes Avago 5090 high-performance gaming chipset. It uses 2.4G wireless transmission tech which delivers a stable connection up to 30 ft radius. Precise tracking is achieved with the impressive frame rate of 3000 frames per second. The response rate sits around 250 Hz. The lifespan of the buttons is estimated up to 5 million clicks. The acceleration can go up to 20G with anti delay polling support.

5. Eastvita Blue Wireless Optical Gaming Mouse:

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It comes with an LED scroll wheel. As it is a wireless mouse, it operated on 2 AA high endurance batteries that support up to 18 months of battery life, or say simply one and a half year. There are four adjustable DPI or speed level settings including 500, 1000, 1800 and 2500 DPI. The polling rate sits around 250 Hz that is quite ideal for gaming as stated before. Moreover, it delivers impressing frame rate of 3000 frames per second. It utilizes red wave optical technology. The acceleration speed can go up to 20G. It utilizes 2.4G wireless networking technology that is known for delivering a stable wireless connectivity up to 30 ft radius from the receiver. You do not require buying batteries as it comes with 2x AA batteries included in the package.

6. Sharkk Basics Gaming Mouse:

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They refer it as a high precision optical engine that is quite suitable for this mouse as it delivers up to 2500 DPI speed adjustment setting with 3600 frames per seconds frame rate. It is a lightweight yet steady gaming mouse. It weighs only 4.7 ounces. The building design is quite ergonomic and fits comfortably in one’s hand thanks to the rubber grip. It keeps your hands relaxed during longer working or gaming sessions. It features six programmable buttons that come quite handy in the variety of gaming genres including MMOs. Moreover, they also help it to fit in quite well for any game you plan to play. It is a plug & play device that doesn’t require any driver installation; making it pretty painless to own one, isn’t that?

7. EMISH Wired Gaming Mouse:

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It uses advanced optical game sensor 5050 for impressive acceleration up to 10G and moving speed up to 60 inches per second. There are four different speed or DPI settings including 500, 1000, 1500 and 2500 DPI. There is also a flashing light that works as an indicator and shows the mode you are currently working in. It comes with four different breathing lights that give a nice looking visual effect. It possesses dirt and wears resistant design with the nonslip build. It makes the mouse smooth to move and improves durability. The scroll wheel is made of the alloy that adds up some weight; making the mouse a little more stable. Moreover, it also provides the mouse with the appealing look. The design fits nicely under the palm of any size for making your gaming sessions more comfortable.

8. EV Ergonomic Vertical Mouse:

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Vertical mouse is designed for delivering extra comfort in long-lasting gaming or working sessions. They work same as an ordinary mouse. However, their primary buttons are placed on a side instead of a top. They are arguably healthier than the normal mouse for your ankles and arm.

Talking about this mouse, it is a 75-degree vertical angle design that supports right hand in the neutral posture and avoids twisting. It utilizes OMROM micro Switch chipset. It provides four levels of speed or DPI including 500, 1000, 1800 and 2500 DPI. It uses 2.4g laser technology for enhanced sensitivity and smoothness. The tracking is also pretty precise, even on a broad range of surfaces. There are six programmable buttons that you can utilize for multimedia controls, MMOs or merely any game you wish. It supports a wide variety of operating systems including most of the Windows OS and MAC OS versions.


We hope this list of top 2500 DPI gaming mouse will help you to pick a right product for you. Rather than just listing out the products we have given a detailed review of essential specs so that you get a bright idea about the product. Use the comment section below for any types of queries or suggestions.

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