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List of WWAN Cards for Laptops – M.2 and PCIe Options

WWAN Cards for Laptops

Imagine the two wireless options as if they were phone connections instead of the Internet. WLAN is like your home phone. You can use it as long as you’re in or around your house or wherever the WLAN router (“Wi-Fi hotspots”) is located. It’s generally affordable, and if needed, you can use a pay phone when you’re away from home.

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Wireless Networks


WWAN, on the other hand, is like your cellular phone. You can use it anywhere you have coverage—in an automobile, an aerodrome, or a sporting event. WWAN uses cellular service supplied by mobile operators, so it requires a monthly subscription fee or “per session-based pricing.”

WLAN and WWAN connect you to the Internet wirelessly, but they use different technology. WLAN is intended for “local” use (the “L” in WLAN). Also referred to as Wi-Fi, it’s probably the most common way to connect to the Internet wirelessly.

WWAN is a mobile broadband option that covers a “wide” area (the “W” in WWAN). You may have heard it called a “3G” or, in some areas, a “4G” or “LTE” network.

While moving on a tour, you had to look for a place with good Wi-Fi connectivity. If you are looking for a good internet connection in the form of Wi-Fi or a wired high-speed internet connection, it is essential to check out the best WWAN cards.

What are WWAN cards?

We are living in a world where wireless connectivity rules the roost. With the need to be constantly connected, we cannot afford to be disconnected even for a moment.

When you require profound computing requirements when you are away from home, connectivity from smartphones and tablets would never be sufficient.

This is where WWAN cards come to the fore. The WWAN Cards help you combine the universal availability of the cellular network with the mighty computing power of a laptop.

That would mean you could get the best of both worlds. The primary benefit of opting for the WWAN cards is that you no longer need to search for the Wi-Fi signals.

Not every laptop has a WWAN card, but you need not worry. Even when your computer does not come with a WWAN card, you can use one with it through the USB port or an adapter.

Ideally, you will need a WWAN card, a USB adapter, and a SIM card. You also need to have subscribed to a suitable data plan.

WWAN cards – Pros & Cons:

+ WWAN provides regional, nationwide or global wireless coverage.
+ Insert the WWAN card from your service provider, or even more accessible, select a notebook with built-in WWAN technology (or buy a broadband card) and then contract with a cellular data service provider
+ WWAN provides better security than WLAN thanks to built-in 128-bit encryption
+ Utilize cellular technology to transfer data or connect to the Internet securely
+ Ideal for users away from home needing to connect virtually anywhere in their coverage area
– An ISP contract may cost more than a WLAN for those who rarely need or use wireless Internet access
– Replacing a lost external WWAN card can be costly (a built-in version may be a better pick)

WLAN and WWAN – What’s the difference?

WLAN is Wireless Local Area Network or LAWN (Local Area Wireless Network).WWAN is known as Wireless Wide Area Network.
WLAN uses radio, infrared, and microwave transmission.WWAN uses a cellular network.
WLAN can cover only a tiny organization at most.WWAN has worldwide coverage.
WLAN has excellent speed and performance. WWAN has light speed and performance.
It uses WEP or WPA, which are less secure.It uses 128-bit encryption which makes it very secure.
WLAN takes very little time to set up and run. WWAN users have to make a contract with their ISPs.WWAN users have to make a contract with their ISPs.
WLAN can be used with all devices.WWAN is limited to mobile devices only.
WLAN upgrade is very cheap.WWAN upgrades cost higher comparatively.
WLAN has 802.11 standards.WWAN has 802.20 standards. GSM, GPRS, and CDMA are the standards of Wireless Wide Area Network.
Typical applications of WLAN includes Inventory Management, Internet access from a hotspot, etc.Typical applications of WWAN includes Field service, Field sales, Mobile messaging, etc.

The best WWAN Cards you can go with

Having checked out what a WWAN card is and what purpose they serve you, we will now explore a few top and best WWAN cards that have become popular.

Sierra Wireless EM7355 WWAN Module Card

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The card is known to offer you one of the excellent cellular wireless connectivity on your laptop. The ability to provide a great connection across a quad-band experience should further make it stand apart from the rest.

The WWAN card should ideally work almost anywhere in the world. You can move freely with your laptop without losing your connectivity. Make sure you subscribe to the right data plan for your needs.

The WWAN card has an M.2 slot and can assure you of high-speed data transfer capabilities. It also uses 4G connectivity to deliver up to 100 Mbit per second speed.


  • 4G LTE connectivity for high-speed performance
  • Support for all operating systems
  • High data transfer with M.2 sockets
  • Quad-band support


  • No yearly warranty is available
  • It would be best if you had a USB adapter
  1. Bewinner EM7345 Module Card

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High spectrum connectivity is one of the most robust features that you would find on the Bewinner WWAN card. The card provides you access to HSPA+, a high-speed internet protocol that can assure you of huge uplink and downlink capabilities.

The card is designed to provide you with an uplink speed of 5.7 Mbps and a downlink speed of 42 Mbps. The rate should be sufficient to stream your videos or conduct meetings easily. There would be no buffering of any sort in most of the cases. The M.2 socket should offer more flexibility.


  • The HSPA+ connectivity is a clear advantage for high-speed data transfer
  • M.2 slot ensures better transfer of data
  • Quad-band support
  • 3G fallback in case of unavailability of 4G network


  • Warranty
  • It would be best if you have an available slot

Huasijie EM7355 WWAN Module

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The WWAN Card is designed to offer you 4G LTE and Quad-band connectivity options. This can be an excellent option for those who travel a lot. It also provides you with complete support for all communication protocols.

You would find the card offering you access to the embedded modules that deliver high-speed connectivity. The card is also designed to optimize for lower power consumption. This will also go a long in promoting a better battery backup.


  • Support for all communication protocols
  • The M.2 slot for a high-end data transfer speed
  • 4G LTE connectivity
  • Quad-band support mostly works in every part of the world.


  • Lack of warranty
  • No customer support is available in most regions

Demeras WWAN Module

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The WWAN Card is compatible with practically all the brands you can think of. It meets all the requirements that you might have had in the WWAN arena. The quad-band support, multiple protocols such as WCDMA, GSM/GPRS/EDGE/HSPA+, and much more should make it a genuinely formidable choice for all your needs.

The support for both Linux and Windows versions should be yet another prime factor that you would find impressive. The card has been designed to consume lower power and thus ensure that you are connected for a more extended period.


  • M.2 socket ensures that you have the best possible high-speed connectivity
  • 4G LTE support
  • Quad-band support for a global connectivity
  • Works with almost any laptop


  • You need an M.2 slot available.
  • No warranty available

SenFend EM7355

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The SenFend EM7355 WWAN card is specifically marketed for the Dell range of laptops. It can work seamlessly with Dell’s Latitude, Precision, and Venue series of notebooks. However, the card also works with other laptops, but the functionality is good with the Dell products. The card offers you 4G LTE connectivity.

The WWAN card has been designed to provide one of the best quality services in terms of high-speed internet access in any part of the world. One of the best aspects that you would love about the card lies in the fact that this card is approved by the US carriers such as AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint.


  • M.2 slot for high-end data transfer
  • Support for all communication protocols
  • 4G LTE connectivity
  • Quad-band support


  • The USB adapter is needed
  • Warranty issues

Yosoo EM8805

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The Yosoo EM8805 WWAN card should provide you access to the fallback on 3G if your 4G connectivity fails. The quad-band connectivity the card offers would ideally make it suitable for practically every region worldwide.

Support for numerous protocols such as WCDMA/GPRS/EDGE/GSM should make it a formidable choice.

The ability to reach 42Mbps downlink and 5.76Mbps uplink data rates should be another factor that you would find quite exciting and unique.

The WWAN card has been designed to be compatible with Dell Venue 8, Venue 11 Pro, Dell 7404 Rugged Extreme, and Dell Latitude E7250.


  • 3G fallback in case you do not have a 4G connection
  • Support for all data communication platforms
  • Quad-band connectivity


  • No warranty available
  • No customer care support


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The WWAN card does provide you access to one of the excellent options for quad-band connectivity on 4G LTE. That apart, the card also offers support for a wide range of other protocols for communication. That would also mean that you have access to a high data transfer capability.

The lower power consumption of the card should be yet another factor worthy of attention. This will ensure that you have access to a more extended backup of your laptop if you are away from a power source.


  • 3G fallback in case of lack of 4G connectivity
  • Lower power consumption
  • All data communication protocols supported
  • Quad-band support


  • No warranty
  • No customer care is available

The WWAN card – The Buying guide

Having understood the best options for the powerful WWAN cards, we will check out the prime features you need to look for in your choice of the WWAN cards. A buying guide for the best WWAN cards should serve you to choose the right cards for your needs.

Band compatibility

A WWAN card with Quad-band compatibility should be the one much preferred. That is primarily because the quad-band cards would be supported in every corner of the world. Irrespective of where you decide to move, you will have excellent communication support.

Communication protocols

The support for multiple communication protocols should be another factor that would make the cards more desirable. From the basic protocols such as WCDMA, EDGE, and GPRS to the higher ones such as HSPA and HSPA+ would assure a better data transfer capability.

The Closing Thoughts

Picking your WWAN card can be one of the excellent options you would want to focus on if you are looking for a great degree of communication capability. Choosing the best options outlined here should prove to be quite exciting in making the right choice.

The WWAN cards here can be pretty effective regarding the best frequencies and protocols. However, do check with your respective vendor and service providers for coverage and warranty.

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