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WD Blue vs Green SSD: Performance & Specifications Comparison

WD Blue vs Green SSD

Are you into building DIY PCs? Then the first thing you would want to look for is the SSD. The SSDs or Solid State Drives reach speeds close to the theoretical maximum for the SATA interface. All of these drives come with FIT lab certifications and enhanced responsiveness. Western Digital, a well-known name in the arena of SSDs, has recently launched WD Green and WD Blue SSDs. How do these two SSDs differ from each other? Well, here is a clear differentiation ( and common features) between them. In this post, we will be doing a WD Blue vs Green SSD spec by spec comparison to help you choose.

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WD Blue vs Green SSD – How Do They Differ?

Western Digital, or WD as it is commonly known, has been a leader in the manufacturing of hard drives and HGST standard SSDs. Most recently, they acquired the SSD and NAND disk manufacturer SanDisk. This acquisition has added more product lines to the already exciting portfolio. The two new WD branded SSDs is actually a continuation of the existing SanDisk line up, that existed prior to its acquisition.

So, What’s, is the difference between the newly launched WD Blue and WD Green SSDs? Here are the comparisons that would help you make a wiser decision between the two.


It is the best option for those who are looking for a performance that excels SATA standards. Here are few features that make it a compelling choice –

  • These are best suited for resource-hungry, IO intensive applications.
  • You can use them for efficient multi-tasking.
  • They can suit both notebooks and desktop PCs as well.
  • You can opt for the WD Blue SSDs in three sizes – 250 GB, 500 GB, and 1 TB.
  • The read and write speeds are 545 MB per sec and 525 MB per sec respectively.

The SSDs are already available and can be bought either online or at a retail store.

WD Green SSD

The Green SSDs from WD are meant for a quintessential level of performance. These can be best suited for day to day functionality. Here are a few essential features that would make it a good choice –

  • These SSDs are best suited for day to day use and can handle all critical applications.
  • You can buy them in two sizes – 120 GB and 240 GB.
  • The read and write speeds are excellent at this price point. Read speeds of 540 MB per sec and writes @ 405 MB per sec.
  • WD Green SSDs comes with high endurance and are designed for long hours of work. They use ultra-low power draw mode.

The Green SSDs is already available online for you to purchase.

WD Blue vs Green SSD – A Side By Side Comparison

The Tabular comparison can be quite helpful in understanding both the SSDs and their functionality level. Check out the side by side comparison for a better understanding of the products.

Features/ParticularsWD Blue WD Green
Controller UsedMarvell 88SS1074Silicon Motion SM2256S
NANDSanDisk 15nm TLCSanDisk 15nm TLC
Form Factor2.5″ 7mm SATA or M.2 2280 SATA2.5″ 7mm SATA or M.2 2280 SATA
Power Draw70 mW30 mW
Sizes available250 GB, 500 Gb and 1 TB120 GB and 240 GB
Endurance Limit100 TB for 250 GB

200 TB for 500 GB

400 TB for 1 TB

40 TB for 120 GB

80 TB for 240 GB


Sequential Read speed540 MB per sec for 250 GB

545 MB per sec for 500 GB

545 MB per sec for 1 TB

540 MB per sec for 120 GB

545 MB per sec for 240 GB

Sequential Write Speed500 MB per sec for 250 GB

525 MB per sec for 500 GB

525 MB per sec for 1 TB

405 MB per sec for 120 GB

435 MB per sec for 240 GB

Random Read Speed97k IOPS for 250 GB

100k IOPS for 500 GB and 1 TB


37k IOPS for both 120 GB and 240 GB
Random Write Speed79k IOPS for 250 GB

80k IOPS for 500 GB and 1 TB

63k IOPS for 120 GB

68k IOPS for 240 GB

Maximum Power4.4 WNA

Both the SSDs come with the support for WD SSD Dashboard Software. This software is quite helpful for continuous monitoring of performance and capacity. Instant responses, low power consumption, thinner form factor, and durability are a few factors that would be the factors that should be the best options for your choice of WD branded Blue and Green SSDs.

Which one should I go For?

Well, that question should be something that would depend upon your usage considerations. If you are checking out the SSDs for running resource hungry applications and heavy multitasking, WD Blue should be your best option. The SSD will ensure that you will not face any system slow down issues of any nature.

On the other hand, Green SSD is the one that should suit first-time users. If you want an affordable performance and functional storage options, you can opt for WD Green SSDs. Moreover, the size options available can also be a basis for consideration. The WD Blue SSDs are available in higher storage options like 250 GB, 500 GB, and 1 TB, while the WD Green can be purchased only in lower storage capacities viz 120 GB and 240 GB.

Before We Take Your Leave:

WD or Western Digital Corporation is a worthy SSD manufacturer with excellence in storage technologies and solutions worldwide. They have been in the market with their brands WDE, SanDisk, and HGST. The company provides high-performance storage solutions with customer-oriented solutions.

The WD Blue and WD Green SSDs have been the first WD branded SATA client SSDs. They form a part of the enhanced product portfolio that has been the consequence of the acquisition of SanDisk. In fact, the new SSDs are part of the line-up that SanDisk has been developing.

The best in class endurance limit that these SSDs show can be one of the reasons you would want to opt for these WD branded SSDs. If you are in the market for a cost-effective substitute, these are a good choice.

We hope you like our WD Blue vs Green SSD comparison. Comments, suggestions or feedbacks are welcome in the comment section below.

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