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Comparing PureXP vs DyAc – Whats the difference?

PureXP vs DyAc – Whats the difference?

If you are looking to compare PureXP vs DyAc this article might benefit you.

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PureXP and Dyac features are designed to enhance the visual quality. Both of them offer enhanced gaming performance. Let’s first go through the details of each of them and then look at their comparison:

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What is PureXP?

The full form of PureXP is Pure Experience. PureXP technology decreases motion blur. PureXP mode is a strobe backlight that offers excellent display motion-clarity for gameplay.

This feature improves the visual quality of moving objects, making them less blurred. ViewSonic proposes this technology to optimize the moving picture response time (MPRT) for superior gaming performance.

The PureXP motion blur reduction feature is implemented on many ViewSonic monitors that support easy settings pre-tuned by Blur Busters.

Optional ViewSonic Strobe Utility allows users to tune an optional Custom PureXP mode. Whenever this mode is tuned in, custom measured MPRT can be attained as low as approx. 0.1ms.

PureXP provides 4 levels of optimized motion blur reduction. These levels enable gamers to control the brightness and motion blur to meet their preference.

You can make extra adjustments from the ELITE Display Controller software. Hence, gamers can personalize RGB lighting and change display modes.

With the choice of any of these modes, gamers can control the amount of motion blur reduction and brightness level based on the gamer’s preference.

What is DyAc?

Image Source: Benq

When playing competitive multiplayer titles, motion blur can present a severe disadvantage. If motion blur is not turned off, it can vandalize your gaming experience.

This is where the Dynamic Accuracy (DyAc) by Zowie comes into play. This feature is commonly found in Zowie’s high-end monitors. It enables players to decrease motion blur to nearly zero.

Unlike FreeSync and G-Sync, DyAc doesn’t bring in any input lag. This is because it doesn’t add any additional loading to the image processing, neither to the computer nor from the computer.

Considering the significance of visual clarity in titles like VALORANT, CS:GO, Overwatch, and League of Legends, Zowie’s DyAc technology targets to serve players with the sharpest image without any input lags.

DyAc technology decreases intense screen shaking in-game and can enhance recoil control in CS:GO. Possibly the difference is minimal and differs from person to person; however, the difference in the arena is usually 1%.

DyAc employs a method known as backlight strobing, which turns off the backlight between frames. Its working is dependent on the backlight control technique.

The strobing on and off removes the lingering effect created by the backlight, which makes pixels constantly visible. Usually, the backlight on your monitor never shuts down, and pixels linger while they change from color to color with the backlight being active.

DyAc technology makes sure the backlight of the monitor gets completely shut down. So, it makes sure nothing lasts on your screen. Although it may seem like extra work, this decreases the overall time a frame is shown on your screen and thus reduces motion blur.

In other words, DyAc™ is the unique technology that simulates the dynamic display effect of CRT on LCD. The backlight gets turned on and subsequently switched off at a fixed point.

As a result, it prevents unnecessary afterimages because there is no residual light from a preceding fixed point. You would not see a lingering image (motion blur) since there is no light beam passing across more than one point at a particular time.

Formerly, the LCD panel was a standard component. But ZOWIE has customized the panel and made exclusive amendments to the circuitry and firmware settings. Without altering the games’ content, DyAc™ presents clearer moving images for FPS games.

DyAc™ helps a lot in CS:GO. This makes intense in-game actions like spraying less of a blur. So, gamers can view the location of crosshair and impact points with more clarity. Ultimately, this assists in recoil control.

It is important to note that DyAc is an independent feature equipped into those monitors that can work on any console or PC. Moreover, DyAc will be active only when the input content’s refresh rate is 100 Hz or above.

PureXP vs Dyac: Comparison

MeaningPureXP enhances the visual quality of moving objects, ultimately making them less vague and presenting a clearer view. The PureXP motion blur reduction feature is implemented on many ViewSonic monitors, which contain easy settings pre-tuned by Blur Busters.DyAc is typically found in Zowie’s high-end monitors. It enables players to decrease motion blur to nearly non-existent levels.
What does it do?It controls motion blur. The strobe backlight mode improves the clarity of gameplay.It doesn’t introduce any input lag. It decreases vigorous screen shaking in-game.
How is it useful?It optimizes the moving picture response time (MPRT) for improved performance during gaming.The backlight strobing turns the backlight off between frames. So, it decreases the overall time that a frame is displayed on the screen, ultimately reducing motion blur.
Whom does it benefit?PureXP enables gamers to customize RGB lighting and adjust display modes.

The corresponding modes allow gamers to control the extent of motion blur reduction and level of brightness based on the gamer’s preference.

 Players playing games at high sensitivity settings or those who prefer using high recoil weapons in first-person shooters benefit more from the DyAc feature.


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