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Kingston A400 vs Q500 vs KC600 – Specs Comparison

Kingston A400 vs Q500 vs KC600 – Specs Comparison

If are looking for a budget TLC NAND for your storage needs then check out our Kingston A400 vs Q500 vs KC600 comparison where we are objectively looking at the specs of these SATA-based SSDs.

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Kingston has been one of the superior options for budget storage requirements. They have been quite effective and efficient in providing access to enhanced performance in terms of multiple storage needs such as SSD’s, DIMMs, and even microSD cards.

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The Kingston A400, Q500, and KC600 have been a few of the excellent SSDs for most general-purpose desktop computing. The SSD’s from Kingston can prove to be a perfect choice for practically every need that you may have.

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The Comparison chart: Kingston A400 vs Q500 vs KC600

Having checked out the best features and functions offered by the three Kingston SSDs, let us compare the three models in order to conjecture them in a better manner.


Kingston A400

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Kingston Q500

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Kingston KC600

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ControllerPhison PS3111-S112 ChSM2259
Capacity120GB, 240GB, 480GB, 960GB, 1.92TB120GB, 240GB, 480GB, 960GB256GB, 512GB, 1024GB, 2048GB
NANDToshiba 2D Planar 15nm TLCTLC3D TLC
RAMDDR3L 1600 128 MB
Sequential read speed500 MB per secUp to 500 MBps256GB — up to 550 MB/s

512GB–2048GB — up to 550 MB/s

Sequential write speed350 MB per secUp to 450 MBps256GB — up to 500MB/s

512GB–2048GB — up to 520MB/s

Random Read Speed95,000 IOPS (Peak capability)up to 90,000 IOPS
Random write speed85,000 IOPS(Peak capability)up to 80,000 IOPS
MTTFOne million hours1,000,000 hours1 million hours MTBF
Form factor2.5″ & M.2 22802.5″2.5″
Height7 mm7 mm7 mm
Weight41 grams41 grams40 grams
WarrantyThree yearsThree yearsFive years
Power consumption0.195W Idle / 0.279W Avg / 0.642W (MAX) Read / 1.535W (MAX) Write0.279W Avg

0.642W (MAX) Read

1.535W (MAX) Write

0.06W idle / 0.2W avg / 1.3W (MAX) read / 3.2W (MAX) write
Vibration operating2.17G Peak (7–800Hz)Operating: 2.17G Peak (7-800 Hz)2.17G Peak (7-800Hz)
Vibration non-operating20G Peak (10–2000Hz)Non-operating: 20G Peak (10-2000 Hz)20G Peak (10-2000Hz)

Kingston A400 – An Overview

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Using an SSD. on your laptop can prove to be one of the excellent options and perhaps something that you have been invariably using if you have brought a laptop in 2017 or later. In fact, an SSD. has become one of the essential options even when your budget is relatively low. Kingston A400 is one of the excellent options for almost all your expectations in this scenario.

The Kingston A400 comes in a standard 2.5-inch SATA SSD form factor. You would find it made available in the simplest packaging option. You would get nothing else as part of the sales package apart from the SSD. – no SATA cable, no screws, and no adhesive shim. The build of the drive itself comes with a plastic box with the Kingston logo. The drive is made available in several capacities that would include 120GB, 240GB, and 480GB capacities. The drives offer you with 500MBps for sequential read speed. The write speeds differ. You get 320MBps, 350MBps and 450MBps respectively on 120GB, 240GB, and 480GB.

The drive does come with a planar T.L.C. flash. The T.B.W. readings of the three capacities would include 40 T.B., 80 T.B., and 120TB. You would also find the SSD. offering you 1 million hours as the MTBF. That should be a great value on a consumer drive for on term ownership. Moreover, you will get a three-year warranty on all the models.

Kingston has not come clear on the controller used on the SSD. Drive. Perhaps Kingston has used a generic or low-profile controller on the drive. That should perhaps explain the lower price of the SSD drive.

Performances-wise, the Kingston A400 does provide you access to a greater degree of performance improvement over traditional SSDs in the same price range. You can get access to sequential read and write options of 555.9Mbps and 507.2Mbps, respectively. The Random read and write speeds were found to be at 321.9Mbps and 310.2Mbps, respectively.

Compared to the high-end model of Kingston SSD. Viz UV400, you would find there aren’t many differences between the two.


  • An excellent degree of performance
  • A very low and affordable pricing
  • Decent capacity


  • No accessories available

Kingston Q500 – A Sneak Peek

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The incredible speeds and a rock-solid level of performance – that is what would describe the Kingston Q500 SSD from Kingston A series. The Q500 is one of the excellent options for the entry-level solid-state drives that you can opt for.

The Kingston Q500 has been rated to be one of the promising options that would provide you access to an extensive multitasking, high degree of performance, a 10x speed performance over older models in certain use cases. If you are looking for an enhanced experience in terms of entry-level business users, or, you are looking to upgrade your traditional hard drive, this one should be something you would find quite an exciting and compelling choice for most of your general-purpose computing needs.

The Kingston Q500 can provide you one of the excellent options in improving your boot, loading, and transfer times compared to the traditional mechanical drives. The SSD. does offer you access to the read and write speeds of 500MB/s and 450MB/s. In fact, the SSD. has been observed to be 10x faster than a 7200RPM hard drive.

The drive comes with multiple capacities of 120GB–480GB. That would provide you enough options and storage for applications, videos, photos, and other essential documents. The Q500 does provide you access to a 7 nm form factor. This would be helpful in providing you access to mobile devices in terms of using them with a wider array of systems. They can be one of the excellent options for slimmer notebooks and even other systems that may have limited space.

The SSD. is powered by the latest-gen controller and operating over SATA 6 Gbps Host interface and thus ensures that you have access to a huge degree of performance enhancement for achieving the best read and write speeds. The plug and play compatibility and decent performance for the price that it has been made available at.


  • Simple installation option
  • Decent performance in terms of efficiency
  • Best entry-level efficacy


  • No DRAM Cache

Kingston KC600 – A Concise Review

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The Kingston KC600 is comparable to the Samsung 860 EVO, and that should be one of the top options for most of your mid-budget expectations. The SSD. is made available at the same price, and that should ideally make it one of the highly reliable options over the A series.

The SATA-connected SSD comes with a 2.5 in form factor and is made available in the capacities of 256GB, 512GB, 1024GB, and 2048GB. Compared to the other two Kingston SSD.s that we just discussed, you will find that the Kingston KC600 should be one of the excellent options in terms of the capacities offered.

One of the perfect options that would make it one of the most reliable and excellent options would include the availability of the installation lit along with the package. The installation kit consists of a 2.5-3.5in a mounting tray, SATA and Molex-to-SATA-Power cables, a USB drive caddy, and a 7mm-9mm drive shim.

The insides of the SSD. would include Micron sourced 3D TLC NAND Flash memory wired to the quad-channel SM2259 NAND flash controller by Silicon Motion. The drive does offer you performance comparable to the WD Black series. Through the use of read performance of 550MB/s and write of 520MB/s. The SSD. also provides you access to the features such as S.M.A.R.T, TRIM, N.C.Q., TCG Opal, and hardware A.E.S. 256bit encryption.


  • Great read speeds.
  • Built-in hardware encryption
  • Extreme reliability extended by a five-year warranty.
  • Great value for money


  • Writing speed maybe a little lower compared to the competition (WD Black SN Series).

The Final Wrap Up

The best option offered by Kingston should be to provide you access to a high degree of performance enhancement if you are looking to find the best options for the exact performance on your SSD. enabled devices, you would find the options such as Kingston A400, Kingston Q500, and Kingston KC600 should be a few of the best choices you would find rather impressive. Check out the excellent options for your needs and get access to a powerful performance.

The long-term durability, performance and IOPS offered by the Kingston SSD.s should definitely prove to be one of the perfect choices for most of your requirements in terms of experiencing a good OS disk, and all your storage needs in an enhanced and high degree of stability.

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