Best Keyboards with Fingerprint Sensor For Windows Hello & Mac Backlit

Keyboards with Fingerprint Sensor

The Keyboards have been one of the most needed input devices for your computers and laptops. With a focus on biometrics and associated benefits, the keyboards with fingerprint sensors have become one of the essential peripherals you would ideally be searching for. However, the technology is entirely new, and it may not be much easy to find a keyboard that is reliable enough with this functionality. We present our top picks for the best keyboards with fingerprint sensors to ease the difficulty in searching for the best option.

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Best Keyboards with Fingerprint Sensor

So, here is our list of the best options for the keyboards with the fingerprint sensor. Check out the options and choose the one that best meets your requirements.

1. Microsoft EKZ-00001 Modern Keyboard with Fingerprint ID

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Microsoft EKZ-00001 is a good option among the best keyboards with fingerprint reader functionality Manufactured by Microsoft. You no longer need to remember your passwords. Configure your apps with the fingerprint and let go of the passwords.

A few features we found quite exciting include

  • It is compatible with Microsoft Hello security integration, thus ensuring a high-level security option.
  • You are assured of enterprise-grade protection with the asymmetric key cryptography technique.
  • The keyboard comes with an aluminum frame, ensuring a well-crafted and secure design for enhanced durability.
  • You can either decide to connect through a wired or wireless mode depending upon your preferences and convenience.
  • The included cable also recharges your battery.
  • The key travel, height, pitch, and spacing have been optimized for improved speed and accuracy of typing.

If you think you should give it a try, you may check it out at this link on Amazon.

A Few FAQs

Q- Can it save multiple fingerprints?

A – Yes, it supports multiple users.

Q- Does the keyboard come with a backlight?

A – No, the keyboard does not come with a backlight.

Q- Does the keyboard work with Windows 7?

Q – It has been found to work with Windows 10.

2. Lenovo Preferred Pro USB Fingerprint Keyboard

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The redesigned keyboard with the fingerprint scanner, the Lenovo Preferred Pro USB Fingerprint Keyboard, offers you excellent performance concerning the biometric solution at its best. You also have access to an integrated fingerprint swipe sensor.

A few salient features worth mentioning can be summarised as

  • You can choose to configure the keyboard for a simple login or other advanced functions.
  • Software backing for secure authentication.
  • You can replace the passwords with the secure and more comfortable system access.
  • The keyboard comes with Fingerprint Reader software and Think Vantage Client Security Software for the Embedded Security
  • Keyboard also comes with a Subsystem Password Manager that can replace all your passwords with one single password or fingerprint.
  • Highly optimized for use with a ThinkPad notebook or ThinkCentre desktop

If those features impress you, visit this link on Amazon for more details.

A Few FAQs

Q- Does it work with Windows 10 64 bit?

A – Yes, it is compatible with Windows 10 64 bit

Q – Does the keyboard has compatible drivers?

A – You can look for the drivers from the official Lenovo website.

3. i-Rocks IRK27WF-BK Biometric Fingerprint Reader Keyboard

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The i-Rocks IRK27WF-BK Biometric Fingerprint Reader keyboard comes with a wired connectivity option and offers you a bundled password manager for remembering those problematic passwords.

A few features that should make it a good choice can be summed up as

  • A bundled password manager that lets you associate your passwords with the fingerprints.
  • It works seamlessly with Windows Hello and thus helps you opt for secure log-in to apps and websites.
  • The 256 AES encryption/decryption should be one of the excellent features making it one of the prominent options for high-end security
  • The drivers support Windows Biometrics Framework and Windows Hello
  • You may not need drivers for most of the functions as the keyboard offers plug-and-play compatibility.

Interesting enough? Check it out on Amazon.

A few FAQs

Q- Does it work with Windows 7?

A – No, the keyboard is designed for Windows 10 and works with Windows Hello

Q – Where can I find the drivers?

A – The built-in driver does not need installation. The keyboard is plug and plays compatible.

4. Microsoft Keyboard – Optical Desktop with Fingerprint Reader

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If you are looking for optical keyboards with a Fingerprint sensor, the Microsoft Keyboard – Optical Desktop with Fingerprint Reader is an excellent choice you can go with. The keyboard comes with an optical mouse as well.

A few features that make it a good option include

  • The keyboard has one-touch buttons for media access.
  • You have access to the advanced F key for customization
  • The keyboard is compatible with Windows XP onwards.
  • Enjoy the wireless freedom to the hilt with the optical mouse and ergonomic keyboard.
  • An extended life battery for an enhanced performance

If you think this is the best keyboard you can opt for, you can find more about it here on Amazon.

A few FAQs

Q – Does it work with Windows Vista?

A – No, it works with Windows XP onwards.

Q – Is it faster to log in with a fingerprint?

A – It is a dated model and may take around 15 to 20 seconds.

Tabular Comparison of the best Keyboards with Fingerprint sensors

Having gone through that list of the best keyboards with fingerprint sensors, let us check them out side by side so that we will have a fair idea of how they work compared to each other. A side-by-side comparison will help us pinpoint exact key features that will aid you in a proper purchasing decision.

FeaturesMicrosoft EKZ-00001

Lenovo Preferred Pro

i-Rocks IRK27WF-BK

Microsoft Keyboard

Does it require batteriesYesNoNoNo
Are Batteries includedYesNoNoNo
Hardware connectivityBluetoothUSBUSBBluetooth
Physical Dimensions16.57 x 4.43 x 0.76 in19.75 x 9 x 1.5 in17 x 5 x 1 in
Weight0.91 lb2.42 lbs1.9 lbs4 lbs

The Parting Thoughts

That was quite a formidable list of the best keyboards with the fingerprint sensor. We have listed both the wired and wireless options in this compilation to go with what you are comfortable with. Of course, there are several other options available. Still, we have focussed on reliable alternatives so that you will end up with a product that is both durable and functional.

Which among the keyboards mentioned above will you go with? If you have used any of them, share your thoughts, experiences, and opinions with us.

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