Best iPhone XS Leather Wallet Cases in 2019 – Budget Rugged Options

Best iPhone XS Leather Wallet Cases in 2019 with Budget Rugged Options

Are you looking for iPhone XS Leather Wallet Cases? The passion for buying iPhones is usually stared as a lavish choice, especially in emerging markets, because everyone cannot afford it. Those fortunate individuals are the ones who have a sufficient budget to spare on such generous phones. When a hefty investment in made on iPhone devices, it is simultaneously significant for you to focus on its protection. There are myriad of external factors that possess the capability to damage your iPhone devices in one or the other way. For instance, the external weather conditions, dust, spills, bumps, falls, etc. are some of the prominent factors that may severely affect the devices. Intending to offer outstanding protection to such devices, the use of wallet cases is usually a feasible choice.

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The wallet cases for iPhones are multifunctional and benefits the users a lot. In addition to protecting the body of iPhones, they are capable of storing your money, credit card, tiny documents, keys, and many more. It is crucial to emphasis on the type of material while purchasing these wallet cases. Among all the elements, it is best to insist on the leather wallet case. This is because leather is proficient at protecting your device, and it would also uniquely add style. Moreover, leather is durable and would not be swayed away by external factors.  Take a look at the below-discussed iPhone XS leather wallet cases to make a proper decision:

Best iPhone XS Leather Wallet Cases in 2019:

Sr. No.ImageProduct NameManufacturerBuy Now
1Hoofur Slim Fit Premium Leather iPhone Xs Wallet CaseHoofur 

Buy from Amazon

2iATO iPhone X Designer CaseiATOBuy from Amazon
3JOYAKI iphone X/XS Slim Leather CaseJOYAKIBuy from Amazon
4iPhone XS X Wallet Phone Case Slim PU Leather BackXRPowBuy from Amazon
5OtterBox STRADA SERIES Case for iPhone Xs & iPhone XOtterBoxBuy from Amazon
6Fashioneey iPhone X Wallet Case with Card HolderFashioneeyBuy from Amazon
7KIHUWEY iPhone Xs Wallet Case (Brown)KIHUWEYBuy from Amazon
8Vena iPhone Xs/X Wallet CaseVenaBuy from Amazon
9suteni iphone xs credit card slot holder casesuteniBuy from Amazon
10Mujjo Full Leather Wallet Case, Japanese Suede Lining (Tan)MujjoBuy from Amazon

Mujjo Full Leather Wallet Case, Japanese Suede Lining (Tan):

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Specially designed for iPhone XS/X, this full leather wallet case is essentially a multifunctional case. In the present market, this is one of the most elegant leather wallet cases from Mujjo. Inside this case, the integrated card pocket is capable of holding 2-3 cards. A unique appearance is exhibited through the full leather wrapped case profile along with signature full-grain vegetable tanned leather from Mujjo.

Whenever your iPhone XS or X devices is enclosed with this case, they would attain comprehensive body protection. The case is made available in 4 color choices, i.e. gray, black, tan, and olive colors. When you are perplexed about what to gift to your loved ones or friends or colleagues who use iPhone XS, this full leather wallet case is a perfect gift idea.

The growing number of customers adheres to its extensive popularity. It would be convenient and pleasant to use this wallet case. There is a leather​ ​card​ ​pocket​ marked​ ​by​ ​inclined​ ​line​ ​and​ ​boast stitching at the back. This kind of structure offers an opening sized to fit approximately ​ ​2​ ​to​ ​3 ID cards or credit cards or commuter​ ​cards. These cards​will be conveniently​ fit in a single sleek package. There is no need to use ​ bulky​ ​pockets.


  • This full leather wallet case is capable of holding small daily essentials securely.
  • The optimized button profile allows you to get real touch feel and it presents great
  • Since the screen edges are protected, the iPhone XS device will stay unaffected by falls.
  • The leather material rises 1mm above the edge of the glass to create an elevated bezel to defend the screen
  • Unique gleam is provided with the presence of luxurious full-grain leather; this material is soft to touch.
  • Its satin-like interior is lined with superior quality Japanese microfiber.
  • Included buttons are encompassed in leather to provide a sleek look overall.

Suteni iPhone XS credit card slot holder case:

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A protective and pretty leather wallet case will add a unique look to the design of your iPhone XS. For holding your credit card, tiny essential documents, keys, and more, this case is a suitable choice. There will be no issues to keep your cash and ID card along with holing your device. It is known that the case is delivered in a pretty gift box so that you can gift it for special occasions like Birthdays, Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, etc.

The reason why the case is regarded as a multi-functional wallet is that it comes with 4 credit cards slots. So, it signifies an impeccable blend of the cell phone case and wallet. All the tiny essential things can be kept secured through the magnetic lock design. In most cases, there will be no hassles to access your cash and cards.

Suteni guarantees high durability with the use of superior quality materials. This card holder case is prepared from PU leather material and TPU base shell. Moreover, it is entirely handmade of elegant, sleek PU leather to represent unique look. There is an incorporated bracket that allows you to make hands-free video calls, watch videos, navigate the web, and many more with great comfort.

When the case is equipped, there will be no difficulties accessing the ports, buttons, speakers, and other functionalities. There is a precise cut for the speaker hole, so you can talk when the cover is closed. Also, there is a precise cut for the camera to defend the lens from any daily damages. All ports and buttons can be conveniently accessed. With the help of a magnetically guided snap button, the wallet pocket would inevitably stay closed. Moreover, it would not influence any functionalities of your iPhone XS.


  • With the assistance of the full-frame protection, this soft case would encompass the edges of both sides. Furthermore, all corners will be covered to make sure comprehensive protection is offered.
  • The screen will stay protected against scratches. You may use it for several years because this card holder case is shockproof and durable.
  • Provision of precise cuttings enables convenient access to all buttons, ports, and other functions.

Vena iPhone Xs/X Wallet Case:

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Vena implemented the patented design in the making of this iPhone XS / X wallet case. This unique design blends the protection and functionality so that your investment does not go futile. Availability of the hidden card slot is capable to safely store ID cards, credit or debit cards, etc. The overall appearance represents precise craftsmanship and detailed design. Through the precision cut-outs, convenient access is provided to all buttons, ports, and other features. It is observed that the volume and power buttons are crafted to upkeep the great tactile feedback identical to the buttons of the phone. You will find great convenience to slide the cards in and out. So, you can stay stress-free about the cards falling out.

Its design is made unique to make it compatible with wireless charging. To let your iPhone XS or X avail wireless charging, you need to flap and place the card on Qi charger. Consequently, your phone will begin charging.


  • With the execution of corner guard technology, military-grade drop protection is offered. It came to know that is TPU design and dual-layer polycarbonate successfully passes the military drop-test standard. So, the device would survive 26 drops from 4 feet high.
  • There is a foldable leather flap on the back which can double as a kickstand. Therefore, you can view videos at different angles.
  • To let it work with magnetic car mounts, the case is equipped with metal plates. These plates are included within the flap; hence, no extra adhesive or plate is required.

KIHUWEY iPhone Xs Wallet Case (Brown):

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Now you can get rid of your bulky purse and can store small essential items safely inside this wallet case. The brown color represents a unique style and a sense of professionalism too. More than 3 cards are held by the 2 card slots and a money pocket. Moreover, you may also include some cash inside. The types of cards that it can hold are credit cards, debit cards, driver’s license, etc.

Use of supreme quality PU leather gives a soft feeling and let you feel more comfortable. There are magnets included which function excellently and the slits are capable of accommodating cards and money. The entire footprint would appear slim in your pocket. KIHUWEY prepared this case to work for iPhone XS and iPhone X.


  • Long-term use is guaranteed through the use of premium leather material.
  • The incorporated kickstand functions are convenient for viewing videos, reading, navigating the web, etc.
  • The flat surfaces of the device are protected against scratches through the 1.5mm raised buffer edge. Furthermore, the four corners defend your device from issues like shock and drop.

Fashioneey iPhone X Wallet Case with Card Holder:

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In order to make sure your investment in the iPhone XS wallet case does not go futile, it is crucial to focus on the type of material used. When you go for this case from Fashioneey, it is well-made and would adequately secure your device. Use of all the premium quality materials guarantees durability. Even if you push or pull-out several cards inside its card holder slots, the case’s shape will not deform. Also, there will be no change in texture and color. The included leather would encompass the whole back part of our device to present a slim fit.


  • There are 2 distinct card slots for carrying your 2 essential cards. So, it occasionally eliminates the need to take a wallet. It is possible to bring your credit card or ID card.
  • Sophisticated appearance is conveyed through the unique case wallet design with a hard shell, and lightweight and ultra slim structure.
  • The case’s edges are prepared from rubbery-type material to give soft feelings and avoid issues of slipping.

OtterBox STRADA SERIES Case for iPhone Xs & iPhone X:

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A unique amalgamation of classic style and modern design is seen in this OtterBox case. OtterBox is renowned for making heavy-duty cases, especially for iPhones and iPads. Belonging from the Strada Series, this Folio case for iPhone Xs is known to be the only leather smartphone case supported with OtterBox Certified drop and protection.

The corresponding modern design is dedicated to protecting your phone and allowing you to keep your essential cards safely. There is an easy-to-use horizontal card slot for storing a bank or ID card. Due to the pocket-friendly design, the entire case will appear slim. Generally, iPhone users worry about the voice muffle issues while purchasing the case. However, in this case, there will be no such concerns.


  • Use of genuine leather material gives a soft feeling and also guarantees high durability.
  • Reliable OtterBox protection is offered through the use of dual-materials. These materials convey supreme maximum protection against bumps, drops, and scratches.
  • The simplicity of installation will be perceived because this one-piece case would slip on and off in a flash.

iPhone XS X Wallet Phone Case Slim PU Leather Back:

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Recognized as a multi-functional wallet case for iPhone X and iPhone XS 5.8inch models, this leather case comes with 2 card slots. Its slim design and perfect fit would make your investment worthy. There are no age or gender constraints on the use of this leather wallet case. Due to the multiple color options, the case is suitable for men, women, and teenagers. The facility of 2 card slots enables the user to access their cash or card effortlessly. To avail flawless performance, it is advisable to insert only 1 card in each slot.

Its overall appearance flaunts elegant design due to the 4 corners and side & elevated lip for all-around protection. It is incredibly comfortable to touch and hold due to the PU leather material design.  Use of the original luxury leather offers benefits like excellent toughness, permeability, and resistant to abrasion. It would be easy to maintain cleanliness due to its sleek lining.


  • There will be no instances where you cannot find your desired card. This is because the PU leather back case comes with the convenient card slots. You can easily slide your credit card, driver’s license, and cash within the card slots.
  • Inclusion of the reinforced edge with elevated lips design maintains a safe distance of your screen whenever it strikes to the hard surface. Hence, the incidences of screen scratches are minimized.
  • The users will not get a bulky feel because the case is prepared in a sleek and slim design. It would fit conveniently inside your palm.

JOYAKI iphone X/XS Slim Leather Case:

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This ultra-compact phone case can replace the hassles faced due to the bulky wallet. A 3 in 1 sleek phone case, this product is specially designed with card holder. The overall design will appear new, and you will rarely find such design in other wallet cases. Its slim profile offers a sleek appearance and also facilitates hands-free viewing. Excellent protection is provided through the free tempered glass. It happens that you may have dropped your iPhone X/XS several times. In such situations, you need not worry about protection if this case is used. There will be no instances when your cards fall off the case.

There is a wallet on the back, which can seamlessly hold multiple cards and also keeps the design slim.  The users will find great convenience while accommodating his/her ID card, credit card, and debit card in one place. Convenient fit is employed through the screen protector. To maintain the cleanliness regularly, the package comes with wet and dry wipes.


  • All the essential cards like debit cards, credit cards, ID cards, business cards, and driver’s license will be securely held.
    Its dual layer structure represents hybrid PU leather and soft TPU bumper.
    Two magnetic clasp snaps firmly to keep cards and cash safety.
  • There is the inclusion of a convenient slot to stow your card or cash. To perceive the best performance, it is not recommended to include more than three cards inside the appropriate slot.
  • Features like shockproof and anti-scratch would protect the device against scratches and drops.

iATO iPhone X Designer Case:

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Every case for iPhone XS utilize different leather material, and it is vital to focus on its quality. The cheap quality leather would turn your investment futile because wallet cases prepared from such materials will not last long. iATO uniquely made this designer case to let it stand out from the crowd. Iato used real natural Bois de rosewood and black saffiano genuine leather during the case’s manufacturing.

Overall facade of the iPhone XS will be enhanced through this minimalistic hard case along with availing excellent protection. There are several reasons why to go for this iATO designer case. Some of the prominent ones include chic slim design and superb drop protection.

A secure grip and tight fit will be offered because all buttons are fully enclosed. Therefore, the case provides maximum shock and drop protection. Initially, the badges available on the polycarbonate bumper might feel a tad hard; however, it would become softer with usage. In this designer case, the real natural wood and original black leather emphasize the exquisite appearance. Moreover, the hardened plastic interior provides excellent protection against shocks, scratches, and stains.


  • A distinctive look is conveyed through the use of black saffiano genuine leather and snap on back style.
  • The perfect minimalistic exclusive hard wood case design would seamlessly match the design of your iPhone XS to improve the overall appearance and feel.
  • The sturdy polycarbonate made the bumper accessory cover is shockproof to protect all buttons and ports.
  • You will not feel bulky in your pocket because this designer case is prepared in a slim and lightweight design. In spite of being lightweight, the case is sturdy and durable.
  • Its snap on the cover would convey the best protection against scratches, shocks, dust, and stains.

Hoofur Slim Fit Premium Leather iPhone Xs Wallet Case:

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With a sufficient number of card slots and shockproof protective shell in this wallet case, your iPhone XS device will undoubtedly stay protected entirely.  Hoofur devised this case in a 2 in 1 ultra-compact design to seamlessly hold cards and your phone. Due to its backflip cover, all your essential cards like debit cards, credit cards, business cards, IDs and driver’s license will stay protected.

The included magnet closure functions excellently, and for charging, you may work open it up and place it on a charging pad. It is possible to charge it wirelessly through the case. Many iPhone cases do not support wireless charging, but this one supports it.

With the help of sturdy structure and tight snaps, the case would last longer. Instead of focusing more on the aesthetic appearance, Hoofur focused excessively on practicality. The sleek black color would appear exquisite in a personal and professional environment. If you are among those who are fed up with carrying a bulky wallet, this wallet case is for you. This is because you will feel lightweight while using it. So, maximum protection is offered without making it bulky. The facility of free Angle presents great flexibility to view videos and movies at a comfortable angle.


  • The hidden card slot safely accommodates up to 2 cards. All the card slots are made sufficiently spacious to provide space for your cash and cards.
  • To keep your cash and cards protected inside, the 2 magnetic clasps would snap firmly closed.
  • Superior back protection is provided against scratches and drops due to the incorporated rear guard protection.
  • The slim, lightweight design guarantees that your device would fit comfortably fit inside your backpack or pocket.


One of the best and easiest ways to protect your expensive device, i.e. iPhone XS, is to equip it with a leather wallet case. Without any installation hassles or inconvenience, the discussed cases would conveniently fit the device, offers supreme protection, and appear elegant too.

We certainly hope that you like our list of the top iPhone XS Leather wallet cases currently available on the market. Your suggestions are welcome in the comments section below. Thanks for visiting!

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