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IMX800 vs Isocell GN2 – Specs Comparison

IMX800 vs Isocell GN2 – Specs Comparison

In this post, we compare the specs of IMX800 vs Isocell GN2, which are typically found on flagship devices.

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Sony has recently announced a new camera sensor in the form of IMX800. The sensor has been touted to be one of the most exciting sensors with cutting-edge technology excellence.

Believed to be coming on the newer smartphones such as Xiaomi 12 Ultra, the new sensor has created a lot of excitement among netizens. However, not to be left behind, Samsung has also announced a new sensor from its kitty, and the Samsung Isocell GN2 has been considered one of the distinctive choices for flagship quality pictures.

Let us check out the two competing image sensors and find how they compare against each other.

The Sony IMX800- A Sneak Peek

The new Sony IMX800 is the first 1-inch (almost!) mobile camera sensor expected on several flagship devices planned for release in 2022. It is the largest sensor among the mobile camera sensors that have been launched until now.

The 1/1.1″ sensor has a resolution of 54MP. It is larger than the closest competitor Samsung Isocell GN2. The latter was used in the Xiaomi 11 series devices. The new Sony IMX800 is set to arrive on the new Xiaomi 12 series devices.

The size of the sensors decides the amount of light that the camera receives. Since the Sony IMX800 has a sensor more prominent than 1″, you will find that you will be assured of better images on your camera.

The large-sized sensor is set to receive more light and computational photography aided by the SoC helps with AI scene detection. This will help you gain access to better and cleaner images.

The Sony sensor will have an unusual resolution of 54-megapixels or precisely 8,768×6,144 pixels. The pixel size reads 2.0 microns and does come with a 4-to-1 pixel binning.

The pixel binning assists you in increasing the pixel size to 2.0 microns and thus produces 13.5-megapixel or 12-megapixel resolution shots. The sensor may not be as large as it has been made out to be, but it is certainly large enough compared to most of the flagship choices currently available.

The Phones launching with the new Sony IMX800 sensor –

As reports and leaks stand as of now, the new Sony IMX800 is likely to be available on the following upcoming smartphones –

  • Xiaomi Mi 12
  • Honor 70
  • Honor 70 Pro, and
  • Honor 70 Pro+

Samsung Isocell GN2 – An Overview

The Samsung Isocell GN2 debuted with the Xiaomi 11 series flagship devices in 2021. The large-sized sensor should be a worthy option and receive one of the highest scores on the DxO mark.

The 1/1.12-inch Samsung GN2 sensor was bigger than most of the other flagships. It was one of the giant camera sensors from several diagonals, making it one of the unique alternatives.

The primary specifications offered by the Samsung Isocell GN2 sensor would include 50 megapixels resolution, 1.4μm per pixel area, and sensor size of 1.12 inches.

The sensor also supports 4 in 1 binning with an ability to shoot 12.5-megapixel 2.8μm photos, enhanced Dual Pixel Pro autofocus technology, and 8K video capture.

The larger pixel size ensures that you have access to better image clarity and quality. That would be more so in the cases where you would find the shooting requirements in the low-light scenario.

Samsung has also documented that the Samsung Isocell GN2 is the first sensor to come with Dual Pixel Pro technology. The technology has been regarded as the upgraded and better version of phase-detection autofocus commonly found on Canon DSLRs.

The technology uses the two photodiodes within each pixel to achieve a faster autofocus functionality. The technology also ensures that you have access to excellent direction focusing, making it ideal for vlogging.

A few other features brought about by the Samsung Isocell GN2 include staggered HDR functionality and Smart ISO technology. The staggered HDR feature helps capture short, medium, and long exposures. The technology also ensures that you have power consumption savings of up to 24 percent lower.

The Phones launching with the new Samsung Isocell GN2 sensor:

  • Poco M4 5G
  • Xiaomi Mi 11
  • Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro
  • Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra
  • Honor Magic 4 Pro Ultimate

The Comparison: IMX800 vs Isocell GN2

Having understood the salient features offered by Sony and Samsung’s two competing image sensors, we will tabulate the features and specifications to make them easy to understand.


Samsung Isocell GN2

Mi 11 Ultra

Sony IMX800

Xiaomi 12 Pro (Check on Amazon India)

Resolution50 MP54 MP
Sensor size1/1.12-inch1/1.1″
Pixel size1.4 microns1.0 microns
Pixel binning12.5MP 2.8 microns

(Four-in-one binning)

13.5-megapixel or 12-megapixel resolution shots



Resolution in pixels8,160×6,1448,768×6,144
Color filterDual Tetrapixel RGB Bayer PatternNA
Normal frame rate10fps @ 100MP modeNA
Shutter typeElectronic Rolling Shutter

and Global Reset

Operating temperature-20 to +85NA
AutofocusDual Pixel Pro (PDAF)PDAF
Interface4 lanes (6.5Gbps per lane) D-PHY /

3 lanes (3.5Gbps per lane) C-PHY

WDRSmart-ISO Pro (iDCG),

Staggered HDR


Most of the features offered by the Sony IMX800 are not yet available. We may need to update the post when more details and specifications are available in due course.

However, we would consider the new Sony IMX800 better equipped for the best possible experience. However, given that we as consumers do not have any choice as such in choosing the image sensor, we would think that it is a good idea to learn what you are expected to get on your sensor in particular and the smartphone in general.

The Concluding Thoughts

The larger sensor sizes have been one of the reasonably standard options these days. Today’s smartphones are equipped with higher resolution cameras such as 50 MP or 54 MP.

The war has further exemplified this for the top-end performance among the smartphone camera sensor manufacturers. The discussion here on the best features offered by Sony IMX800 and Samsung Isocell GN2 should prove quite effective and efficient in arriving at incredible image quality.

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