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HP 1020 Plus vs Canon LBP2900b Budget Printers Specs Comparison

HP 1020 Plus vs Canon LBP2900b

Printers come in different shapes, sizes, formats, and types. The LaserJet printer is perhaps one of the most widely used options if you have a wide range of printing requirements. Among the best selling LaserJet printers currently available in the Indian market, we will compare the HP 1020 Plus vs Canon LBP2900b in today’s post. Both the printers have been considered to be a good printer for most of your printing needs for home or small office.

HP 1020 Plus

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The HP 1020 Plus is an excellent option for the monochrome laser printer you can rely upon. It should be an attractive option if you are looking for the inexpensive monochrome printer for all your needs in home-based lighter printing tasks. Of course, the printer speeds (PPM) may not be excellent, and you may not get a high degree of print speeds and quality. But, the job completed by the printer lives up to the mark in most of the situations.

The frontal panel comes with the 150 sheet input tray and a single sheet manual tray as well. Both these trays come with adjustable guides for suiting your personalized paper types and sizes. The output tray also comes with a fold out paper support.

You have access to 234 MHz processor and a 2 MB onboard memory for job spooling. The multi-user environment may not be possible as the printer does arrive with just one USB connection. The printer comes with one single toner cartridge and serves as a mono printer. Just open the top panel to have access to the cartridge. A cartridge should ideally provide you up to 2000 copies of prints, which should be an excellent option for a budget printer. It should be a great choice for low to moderate printing requirements.

The speed and performance may not be something to go over the top, but still, does the job well at this price point. The printing speed, if you are printing text pages, is 12.52 pages per minute, while with graphics or images will provide you with a rate of 12.61 pages per minute. The print quality can be termed excellent. A close examination may show that the font is not sharp. The same cannot be said about the graphics, though. The quality appears a little botchy.

You get a one year warranty on the product, and that should be equivalent to most other competing products. The support is quite good enough and provides you access to toll-free phone support all through 24 x 7, and there are downloadable drivers, manuals, and software options on the website. You also have access to FAQs and troubleshooting guides available on the site as well.

The Pros

  • The quite inexpensive price tag makes it an affordable option for home printing needs.
  • Good text print quality
  • Lower print costs
  • Manual tray for the single page printing needs.

The Cons

  • There is no duplexer option
  • Network connectivity is not available
  • Print quality with graphics is not up to the mark.

Canon LBP2900B – An Overview

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The Canon LBP2900B is treated to be one of the prominent options for all your requirements in robust yet straightforward high-end printing quality on your printer. It is one of the best printers you will find as an excellent option for your printing requirements.

The printer is heavy duty and high quality in terms of performance. The Canon LBP2900B is an excellent option among the monochrome single function printer with an affordable price tag. The build that the printer comes with is quite excellent and reliable. The solid build offered by the printer is an excellent option for making it a formidable choice in the face of rougher work culture in a small office.

The construction is not plasticky; the quality of plastic used in making the outer body makes it a compelling option. It should be able to handle rough handling efficiently enough. Having its major competitor in the form of HP 1020 Plus makes it strive to stay afloat. The single toner cartridge on the printer is Canon 303, but it does support the HP cartridges as well. A single cartridge should ideally provide you access to up to 2000 sheets of prints. Of course, there is an option to refill the cartridge. If you are using the professional quality service for toner replacement, you should find it working efficiently enough.

The print speed reads around 12 pages per minute. One of the best points in favor of the printer is it does not need to warm up and can start printing your page right away. The printing isn’t too noisy as well. The printing quality is good enough, and you will not find any issues with the quality unless in the case the printer cartridge is getting empty.

The connectivity is, once again, limited to USB. So, forget multi-user printing and other extra features like WiFi connectivity and LAN support. The printer has been considered to be completely maintenance free, and we found no significant issues of paper jam in many of the cases.

The Pros

  • Easier and faster printing
  • Setup and installation is simple and easy
  • It does not need you to go through any steeper learning curve.

The Cons

  • We could not find any significant con

The Comparison between the two Competing Printers: HP 1020 Plus vs Canon LBP2900b

Having gone through the primary functions and features that each of these to low-cost printers tends to offer you, let us now find more details about the printers through a side by side comparison chart. This can go a long way in assisting you to make a perfect choice for the right kind of choice for the right printer for the right features you are looking ahead to.

Features and Particulars

Canon LBP2900B

HP 1020 Plus

Printer TypeBlack and White LaserJetMonochrome LaserJet
Network readyNoNo
Maximum Horizontal Resolution600 dpi600 dpi
Maximum Vertical Resolution600 dpi600 dpi
Print Copy out time9.3 seconds10 seconds
Black print speed12 ppm15 ppm
Colour print speedNot applicableNot applicable
Print speed for graphic content12 ppm14 ppm
Input tray capacity150 sheets150 sheets
Paper sizeA4Legal size
Manual Feed supportYes, availableYes, available
Duty cycleNA5000 pages
Toner TypeCanon 30312A Toner Cartridge
Black toner cartridge capacity2000 sheets2000 sheets
Parallel portNoNo
Built-in RAM size2 MB2 MB
Operating System supportWindows 98/ME/2000/XP, Linux (CUPS)


Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Server 2003/XP X64/Server 2003 X64
Physical Dimensions370 x 251 x 217 mm370 x 242 x 209 mm
Weight5.7 Kgs5 kgs
WarrantyOne yearOne year

The above listing should indicate that the two printers come with almost similar features and functionalities. Feature-wise; the two printers do not come with any specific differences between them.

Which one Should You go with?

Well, both the printer options do serve the same purpose. They offer you the same degree of affordability and quality in terms of the prints you would be getting through these two competing printers.

However, if you follow the specific features and the review above carefully, you will find that the HP 1020 Plus does not provide access to good quality in terms of printing pages with graphic content. If you tend to print more documents that contain images, it may be practical to expect to opt for Canon LBP2900B.

The Concluding Thoughts

Those were a few salient features and functions that we could find concerning the two printers. We assume that the two printers and their comparison (HP 1020 Plus vs Canon LBP2900b) should help you arrive at a buying decision. The best functionality we observed is that the two printers were efficient and durable.

Check out the features and functions, and we are sure you will be able to come up with a few salient features that will help you out. We hope our article was helpful in picking up the best printer on the market. Your suggestions or comments are welcome in the comments section below. Have a great day!

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