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How to Fix and Resolve Windows 10 Anniversary Update Known Issues

How to Fix and Resolve Windows 10 Anniversary Update Known Issues

How to Fix and Resolve Windows 10 Anniversary Update Known Issues

As we know, Windows 10 anniversary update is currently being rolled out to its customers starting August 2nd. This is the biggest update post its release in 2015 with added features, bug fixes and security updates. This is mostly a mandatory update and will be pushed and downloaded on all client PC’s running Windows 10. However, users who have already downloaded this update are reporting problems with freezing issues and other error messages. We have consolidated all the current issues into one post. Here we talk about how to fix and resolve windows 10 anniversary update known issues.

How to Fix Freezing issues Post Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Currently, there are a couple of threads running on the Microsoft forums about frequent freezing issues. If your system is unstable, or some driver or device is not functioning properly, “Rollback” to your previous installation when things were stable. In order to achieve this, perform the following steps.

  • Go-to the Windows recovery Console by following these steps.
  • Select “Troubleshoot” > “Advanced Options” > Go back to the previous build.

You can follow this article, if you need help to enter Windows Setup.

You can subscribe to the ongoing Microsoft thread for a future solution.

Don’t forget to do a “Disk Cleanup” of your PC post the “Roll Back”

Alternate Solution to Freezing Issues in Windows 10

  • Uninstall any Antivirus software before doing anything else and restart your PC. There is a new Windows Defender with Real-Time protection available in the Anniversary update. Ensure the latest definitions are updated.
  • Login to “safe mode” using the steps mentioned before.
  • Create a local user which is not  associated with an MS account


  • Login to your PC with the new local account that you have created.
  • Ensure that the Windows Defender is Activated and Up-to date.
  • Once complete, restart your system.
  • Now, Login with your actual Windows account associated with a Microsoft Account.

Other Solutions From The Community

Install the latest drivers for all the devices to ensure full compatibility. Several Users have confirmed that updating the latest drivers solved their issues.

Disable the Windows Store Service to check if this resolved the problem. The “AppXsvc” service needs to be disabled in order to achieve this.



In order to permanently disable this, you can change the Windows Registry value as follows:

Set Start Value to “4”

Windows Store will not function properly if this service is disabled

How to Fix Error Code “0x800F0922” and “0xc1900104”

This issue is mostly due to slow or no internet connection. Window is unable to connect to the “Update Services“. Also, ensure that you have enough space on the “System Partition

How to fix driver compatibility issues Error “0x800F0923”

It is better to ensure that all drivers are updated. Go-to “Device Manager” and check if there are any exclamation marks on any of the drivers listed. Try Updating the driver or removing it. Restart the system and see if it fixed the problem.

Mostly, all of the Pre-Installation issues are resolved by restarting the PC with some exceptions.

Hopefully, this was helpful.

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