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How to Embed PowerBI Reports on Websites

In order to Embed PowerBI Reports on Websites, you would need to be at the report level. From the file menu, you will now get multiple options to export your PowerBI report, including “Publish to Web“, “Publish to PowerPoint” etc.

How to Embed PowerBI Reports on Websites

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If you are a BI guy and you work with Business Intelligence tools like Cubes, SQL Server, Tableau etc. then you would probably have probably heard about Microsoft’s Power BI tools which are a suite of business analytics tools to analyze data and share insights.

Now, there was a constant ask from the customers about deploying PowerBI reports and dashboards outside of the PowerBI Service, on the web or inside apps. So, there you have it, folks!

Microsoft Announcing Power BI “publish to web” preview

 So, as per the Microsoft website, Power BI “Publish to Web” preview gives you the following features:
  • You can connect to hundreds of sources – files, databases, applications and public data sources are all easy to connect to and use in your data stories.
  • Your reports can auto-refresh and stay up to date. You would probably need the Personal or Enterprise Gateway for this.
  • You can visualize the data with utmost flexibility, using custom visuals.
  • You have ownership and manageability of the content you publish; administrators will have the control over this capability as well.

See an example below:

This feature is neatly integrated into the Power BI website, and you can generate your code as seen below:

How to Embed PowerBI Reports on Websites
After when you click on Publish to Web, you get the following:
How to Embed PowerBI Reports on Websites
You can also choose to use the appropriate size of the Power BI Report that you wish to Publish. Thats it! Copy Paste the code into your web page HTML and you should be able to integrate Powerful reports from here on.
Happy reporting!
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