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How to Export PDF to Excel App in Android and iOS Devices

Convert PDF to Excel

Convert PDF to Excel App: a Real Gem for Excel Users

The most efficient way to extract your locked data from PDF files and get your job done on the go. PDF to Excel app successfully converts PDF tables into editable MS Office spreadsheets on your mobile devices. Let’s see what this helpful app has to offer.

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App Benefits

There are many benefits of PDF to Excel app. The most important one is certainly excellent conversion quality, so your tables will be recognized perfectly and extracted completely. A great news for all of you who need to deal with scanned documents- now it’s possible to convert scanned tables as well. Plus, there are no limits on the file size or number of converted files. Last, but not the least, this is a free app.

In practice, PDF to Excel will be your life savior whenever you need to work on your paperwork, especially finance documents on the go. It will be very handy when you need to edit invoices or bank statements on your mobile device. Also, now you can use data from old PDFs and write a new finance report in no time.

So it’s safe to say that this PDF to Excel app will help businessmen boost their productivity and take their business to another level.

Key Features

– Brand new feature: You can convert PDFs, Google documents, spreadsheets, and presentations from Google Drive

– You can link PDF to Excel to your Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive accounts and easily convert files from them directly within the app (Linked Services Feature)

– You can also convert PDF attachments from your Gmail without even leaving PDF to Excel. They are all legible listed and easily accessible (Linked Services Feature)

How does it work?

Given that PDF to Excel has a user-friendly design it is very simple to use. Just follow these three steps and convert your PDF document into an Excel spreadsheet on your iPhone or iPad.

Step 1– Select a file from your storage place.

Convert PDF to Excel

– Click on the Share button in the top right corner.

Step 2Look for PDF to Excel app in the OPEN IN menu and tap on it.

Convert PDF to Excel

Step 3:

Convert PDF to Excel

Now, let’s look at steps to Convert PDF to Excel in Android Devices

In order to get a converted document, you will need MS Office or any other Office related app that opens Excel files. A piece of cake, right?

Pro’s Con’s Uniqueness

What makes PDF to Excel unique is a free OCR technology that provides smooth conversions of all file types. This means that rows and column will be recognized entirely. Besides, it has simple and intuitive UI and it is very easy to use.

On the other hand, linked services are paid features, but that’s a small price for boosting your productivity.

Supported Platforms

iOS and Android

Link to App Download:

If you are an Android user, you can download PDF to Excel here.

If you are an iOS user, you can download PDF to Excel here.

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