Corsair Dominator Platinum vs Vengeance DDR4 Memory Compare Specs

Corsair Dominator Platinum vs Vengeance DDR4 Memory

In this article, we are comparing the Corsair Dominator Platinum vs Vengeance DDR4 memory for the PC enthusiast market. But before we get into the details, a quick history on its predecessor, the DDR3.

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DDR3 has been ruling as a standard PC memory for many years. In fact, it had the most prolonged period compared to any other memory standards in history. However, our computing needs have evolved by every passing day. After the introduction to Intel’s x99 chipset back in 2015, DDR4 replaced DDR3 as a standard choice when it comes to PC / Notebook’s main memory. The DDR4 standard specifications was already ready back in 2012 but lacked the platform to support it. Since its release, the platform has evolved to be even better than its previous iterations. These DDR4 memories are pretty famous for the superior speeds and power efficiency per cycle that they offer, especially among gamers, content creators and video editors.

Today, we are comparing two of the best DDR4 memories offered by Corsair:

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Features Overview:

Here is a quick look at some noticeable features and technologies provided by both of these DDR4 memories. It will help understand best of what Corsair Dominator Platinum and Corsair Vengeance have to offer. After that, we will move to side by side specification comparison. Here we go:

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Corsair Dominator Platinum vs Vengeance – Overview

The Corsair Dominator Platinum is promisingly the world’s most advanced DDR4 module according to Corsair. It features hand-screened ICs and also incorporates patented DHX cooling. This combination enhanced cooling with reliable performance for demanding applications. It also throws off some other features like automatic overclocking, corsair link system, temperature monitoring, etc. which we will be talking about later.

Word Class DDR4 System Support:

These memory modules are designed to work with world-class DDR4 system builds. The Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR4 memory modules efficiently utilized improved clock speeds, bandwidth and delivered the capacity one expects from the DDR4 platform. Corsair promises that these modules go through multiple tests on different DDR4 supported platforms and motherboards to ensure reliability and faster performance.

XMP 2.0 Support:

The Dominator Platinum memory module fully supports XMP 2.0 standard. This system automatically detects the safest and the fastest memory speed and other memory-related settings for your system and set it accordingly. All it requires is a single setting, and that’s it! This ensures reliable performance, improved speed while keeping the data integrity in-check and at its finest.

Airflow LED Fan with Corsair Link Support:

As discussed, the Corsair Dominator Platinum delivers awesome overclocking capability. However, you also need to keep the module temperature in check to get the best out it. The dominator airflow platinum fan is specially designed for delivering impressive cooling efficiency while operating silently. Moreover, it is fully compatible with Corsair LINK software, allowing you to control and customize your system with greater ease. The Link software also allows controlling PWM fan speed and lighting of all CORSAIR RGB light products.

Moreover, it also actively monitors the temperature of the memory modules.

[Note that dominator airflow platinum fan is included only with some of the dominator platinum kits, while it’s optional to purchase with others]

Corsair Vengeance – Features Overview :

The Corsair Vengeance is based on DDR4 for the factor that is optimized for all latest DDR4 platforms/systems. It delivers higher frequencies and better bandwidth while keeping the power consumption in check. Corsair promises that these modules are tested across DDR4 systems so that they provide reliable performance and speed as promised. You have multiple colors to choose from so that they can match up with rest of the components in your system.

Easy Overclocking:

The Corsair Vengeance memory module is specifically designed to support excellent compatibility and high performance boosting overclocking. It achieves better cooling with faster heat dissipation, thanks to the pure aluminum heat spreaders. The heat is reduced even more as it features eight layers PCB. This improved cooling performance helps to provide with better and extended overclocking headroom. Moreover, each IC featured on the module is individually screened to deliver better performance on peak moments.

Compatibility Tested:

Every Corsair Vengeance memory module goes through an exhaustive testing process, making sure the consumers receive the performance and speed they were promised off. This testing process also includes compatibility and performance on every single motherboard/platform available in the market and even those which aren’t yet available. This ensures that you will get the same performance and speed regardless of what motherboard you are using.

XMP 2.0:

As we mentioned before, Corsair Vengeance module is designed keeping easy overclocking overhead as one of the primary goals to achieve. The module supports XMP 2.0, which means all you require is to tweak a single setting and the module will be automatically adjusted to the fastest and yet the safest speed. This will save you from lockups or any strange behavior during the first time setup and overclocking. Along with all other features for easy overclocking, this one is an addition, which lets you get best out of the module with easy and safe overclocking with a couple of clicks.

Easily matches with the system:

The Corsair Vengeance memory modules have a low profile, which takes up less space on the main panel, and is also easy to remove/insert RAM for cleanups. Along with smaller profile, pure aluminum heat spreaders are also there to keep it cool most of the times. It dissipates the heat away from the ICs, allowing you to put a bit more load on the module while overclocking. Moreover, it comes in a variety of colors, so it’s pretty easy to choose the one that suits with the system without ruining the theme/essence of the system.

Corsair Dominator Platinum vs Vengeance – Specs Comparison:

So now we know all the essential technologies and features offered by these modules, let’s compare their technical specifications side-by-side to get a better understanding about how these DDR4 memory modules from Corsair exactly differ from each other. Here is the side by side specs comparison of Corsair Dominator Platinum and Corsair Vengeance DDR4 memory modules:



Corsair Dominator Platinum

Best DDR4 Memory for Intel Coffee Lake

Corsair Vengeance

Best DDR4 Memory for Intel Coffee Lake



Memory Speed3200 MHz3000 MHz
Data Integrity CheckNon-ECCNon-ECC
UpgradeGeneric TypeGeneric Type
Manufactured ByCorsair Microsystems Inc.Corsair Microsystems Inc.



Corsair Dominator Platinum

Best DDR4 Memory for Intel Coffee Lake

Corsair Vengeance

Best DDR4 Memory for Intel Coffee Lake

Form Factor DIMM 288 pinDIMM 288 pin
Latency Timings CL 16

(16 – 18 – 18 – 36)

CL 15

(15 – 17 – 17 – 35)

RAM Performance SPD – 2133 MHz

(1.2V – CL15 – 15-15-15-36)

Tested – 3200 MHz

(1.2V – CL16 – 16-18-18-36)

SPD – 2133 MHz

(1.2V – CL15 – 15-15-15-36)

Tested – 3000 MHz

(1.35V – CL15 – 15-17-17-35)

Color Category Black, GreyBlack, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue
Other FeaturesDominator Platinum Heat-spreader

Link Connector

Dual Path Heat Xchange – DHX

Intel extreme memory profile

(XMP 2.0)

Aluminum heat-spreader

Dual Channel architecture

Temperature monitoring

White activity LED’s

8 Layer PCB Heat-Spreader

Intel extreme memory profiles

(XMP 2.0)

Vengeance LPX low profile heat spreader

The anodized aluminum heat spreader

Dual channel



Corsair Dominator Platinum

Best DDR4 Memory for Intel Coffee Lake

Corsair Vengeance

Best DDR4 Memory for Intel Coffee Lake

Storage Capacity 16 GB16 GB
Registered / Buffered UnbufferedUnbuffered
Supply Voltage 1.2 V1.35 V
CAS Latency CL16CL15



Corsair Dominator Platinum

Best DDR4 Memory for Intel Coffee Lake

Corsair Vengeance

Best DDR4 Memory for Intel Coffee Lake

Memory Modules  2 x 8 GB2 x 8 GB
Service / Support Limited lifetime warrantyLimited lifetime warranty

As implied in the above tables, Corsair Dominator Platinum offers better memory speed, latency timings and consumes less power compared to Corsair Vengeance. Corsair Vengeance has better color options to choose from, while both the Corsair modules have unique additional technologies, improving the performance, speed and efficiency they deliver. On peak, Dominator Platinum consumes only 1.2V while Corsair Vengeance consumes almost 1.35 V. This difference seems small, but it’s noticeable that dominator offers better speeds while consuming less power.

Promising Reliability:

While crafting a product for overclockers, gaming enthusiasts and high-end system builders, it is imperative to deliver trust and reliability, and Corsair does that beautifully. Corsair backs off the impressive reliability and performance of their Dominator Platinum DDR4 modules with a limited lifetime warranty. It goes same for the Corsair Vengeance as well; you will receive a limited lifetime warranty on both of these memory modules by Corsair.


Both of these memory modules are pretty good in their performance bracket. However, this discussion concludes that Corsair dominator platinum slightly overpowers Corsair Vengeance in terms of both performance and power consumption. However, we will leave it up to you to decide which one fits best according to your requirements and expectations.

We hope this post helped you to understand the fundamental differences between these modules and to choose the right one for your new build or existing upgrade. If there is any confusion or doubt, you want to clear up, feel free to contact us or drop a comment below. Make sure you subscribe us for regular tech updates. Thank you, See you until the next post!

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