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Cooler Master Hyper 212 vs H410r vs Wraith Prism Specs Comparison

Cooler Master Hyper 212 vs H410r vs Wraith Prism

If you are looking for a perfect CPU cooler and cannot take a  call on the right option for your needs, it may be essential to go through a few select options and make a choice among the best possible alternatives. From that perspective, we thought it would be an excellent option to give a thought to the right ones that would ideally meet most of your requirements and compare a few great choices among the CPU coolers.

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Cooler Master Hyper 212 vs H410R vs Wraith Prism

For the sake of this post, we will take up the three major options and look at the features offered by each of them.

Cooler Master Hyper 212 – A Concise Review

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Want to keep your CPU to be cool and efficient? The Cooler Master Hyper 212 is a great and perfect option by every standard. The patented continuous, direct contact is what would make it one of the excellent and great options you would be highly comfortable with. The Aluminium fins would be the best option to provide access to a better heat transfer.

The heat pipes do not have any barrier when it comes to the effective transfer of heat. The heat sink is equipped with a 120 mm PWM fan. You can either decide to speed it up or reduce the speed as per your preferences. If you want an extra cooling, you can add up yet another 120 mm PWM fan. It should ideally suit most of the Intel and AMD processors and work with them without hassles.

Some of the features that would make it one of the perfect choices would be

  • A high-end fin optimization
  • The CDC or Continuous Direct Contact comes with two side by side heat pipes. This ensures uniform heat conduction.
  • An all in one mounting option that supports Intel Socket LGA 1366/1156/1155/775 and AMD Socket FM1/AM3+/AM3/AM2+/AM2

Cooler Master H410R – An introduction

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Yet another excellent budget range CPU cooler from Cooler Master, the Hyper 410R or H410R as it is known as is a great choice and compares well enough with the other products from the brand like Hyper 212. The cooler comes with a 92 mm PWM LED fan and four heat pipes.

It should be an excellent choice for the small form factor desktops. The best ones that would benefit from these would be Micro ATX, and Mini ITX PC builds. The first best part that should make it an excellent choice is the compact and lightweight construction that it comes with. That way, it will not add to the bulk of the desktop you are building.

The aluminum base will act as a perfect heat sink for the added cooling performance. You have four direct contact heat pipes for maximum efficiency possible. It should be one of the best replacements for the stock cooler and provides you access to a better temperature and noise control. Of course, it would not be a good option for use with the overclockable CPUs, but as a budget CPU cooler, you would find it extremely practical and useful.

Wraith Prism – A Sneak Peek

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That’s the free or stock CPU cooler that comes as part of the pack if you are opting for most of the 2nd generation Ryzen processors. These processors do come with plenty of enhancements and features, and the AMD Wraith Prism should be one of them.

It adds up the new rainbow LED ring to the Wraith Max cooler. It tends to take a lot of features and functions from the Cooler Master as well. Some of the features worthy of mentioning would include

  • Direct contact heat pipes are placed on the copper base. This will be highly practical in ensuring a better thermal transfer capability.
  • Improved compatibility would be yet another added functionality. The design has been rejigged to include a wide range of motherboards.
  • The RGB lighting has a dark mode. That means if you think the RGB is something you are not comfortable with, you can quickly turn it off.
  • The fan profile comes with an overclock function. That will make it a good alternative if you are looking for better cooling efficacy.

The product forms part of the genuine and official AMD line up. That would be what should make it a preferable choice to work with your AMD processors.

The Comparison chart – Cooler Master Hyper 212 vs H410r vs Wraith Prism

Having gone through the details of the three competing budget CPU coolers, here is a head to head comparison that should be assistive enough in choosing the right features you are looking for in your preferred CPU Cooler.

Features and Particulars

Cooler Master Hyper 212

Cooler Master H410R

AMD Wraith Prism

SocketsLGA2066, LGA2011-v3, LGA2011, LGA1366, LGA1156, LGA1155, LGA1151, LGA1150, AM4, AM3+, AM3, AM2+, AM2, FM2+, FM2, FM1IntelLGA 1151/1150/1155/1156/775

AMD     AM4 / AM3+ / AM3 / AM2+ /AM2 / FM2+ / FM2 / FM1

Socket AM2 / AM3 / AM3 +




Physical dimensions120 x 80 x 159 mm / 4.7 x 3.1 x 6.3 inch102 x 83.4 x 136mm(4.0×3.3×5.4 inch)9.4 x 12 x 10.7 mm
Heatsink materialAluminum Fins, 4 Direct Contact Heat Pipes4 Heatpipes /Direct Contact / Aluminum Fins4 heat pipes

Copper and Aluminium

Heat pipe dimensionsØ6mmΦ6mm
Fan dimensions120 x 120 x 25 mm / 4.7 x 4.7 x 1 inch92x92x25mm (3.6×3.6×1 inch)92 mm
Fan speed600-2000 RPM (PWM) ± 10%, 600-1600 RPM (PWM) ± 10% (EU Version)600-2,000 RPM (PWM) ± 10%1400 rpm
Fan airflow24.9 – 82.9 CFM ± 10%, 24.9 – 66.3 CFM ± 10% (EU Version)34.13 CFM ± 10%NA
Air pressure for the fan0.3 – 2.7 mmH2O ± 10%, 0.3 – 1.7 mmH2O ± 10% (EU Version)1.79mm H2O ± 10%NA
MTTF40000 hours40000 hoursNA
Noise level9 – 36 dBA, 9 – 31 dBA (EU Version)29.4 dBA39 dBA
Connector4-Pin4 pin4-Pin PWM
Rated voltage12V DC12 V DCNA
Rated current0.22A, 0.19A (EU Version)0.2 ANA
Safety CurrentNA0.4 A
Power Consumption2.64W, 2.28W (EU Version)2.4 W
WarrantyTwo yearsTwo years
Heat sink weight465g / 1.03lb358g (0.769lb.)583 grams

The Closing Thoughts

Well, that was all about the three competing options and their features among the budget CPU coolers. The AMD Wraith Prism does come with limited compatibility and may be best suited for use with the AMD processors. The two Cooler Master options would be the best ones to replace your stock CPU coolers.

Check out the three of them and choose the best ones that meet your needs.

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