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How To Configure Sandisk Connect WiFi USB Stick To a PC Using Web App

In order to configure Sandisk Connect WiFi USB stick to a PC over a WiFi network, you would primarily use a web browser. Since the device is primarily designed to work with mobile devices, it makes sense to configure it using a mobile device first. Read our Android configuration steps to connect to a Sandisk WiFi USB stick for a detailed explanation. The initial configuration is easier to configure using a mobile app rather than the Web UI. The Web UI currently have limited options and you will not be able to complete the initial configuration steps. Assuming that you have completed the initial configuration steps, follow the steps below to connect to your Sandisk Disk Drive with your PC.

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Configure Sandisk Connect WiFi USB Stick To a PC over a Home Network.

You can either connect to your Sandisk connect WiFi device in Ad-Hoc Mode or in Home WiFi infrastructure mode. When you connect to the device Ad-hoc, you will get a fixed IP address to connect to. Here are the steps below.

  • Step 1: Select either the home network SSID or directly to the Sandisk WiFi network.
  • Step 2: If connected directly, Open a Web browser and type in “
  • Step 3: Type in your username and password. Use Username as “owner” and the password that you have set in the initial configuration.
  • Step 4: If you are connected to the USB stick through your home network router, find out the IP address of the device from the settings menu. In our case, it was username and password remain the same as Step 3.

See the screenshots below:

In addition to the Web UI, you will also be able to access the drive content by connecting it to your PC USB port. Just like any other device, you would be able to browse any contents using a Windows explorer for Windows 10 users. However, as mentioned before, the WiFi feature becomes limited and restrictive.

By plugging in the device to a USB port or an AC adapter also charges the device. We found the average charge time to be about 2 hours. I hope this guide was useful. Do let us know your suggestions by dropping us a comment below.

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