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How to Setup & Configure Asus RT- AC68U WiFi Router & Reset Options

How to Setup & Configure Asus RT- AC68U WiFi Router & Reset Options

In this article, we will be explaining how to configure Asus RT- AC68U WiFi Router. Do note that these are initial setup instructions and does not cover the advanced features.

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If you are looking for a simple router that does not come with the unneeded whistles and bells, the Asus RT – AC68U is a perfect option. It is equipped with powerful hardware and affordable pricing. The router has been a hot favorite for a wide range of users worldwide. But, how to set it up? If you are looking for the options on how to configure your Asus RT- AC68U, the information here can prove to be helpful for you.

The Asus RT- AC68U – An Overview

The Asus RT range of routers has always been a renowned choice for speeds and exceptional quality. The RT- AC68U is not an exception either. The design and efficiency speak for itself and offers you an excellent selection for high WiFi throughput and good looks.

What makes it an excellent option for the newbies is its Quick Internet Setup feature that pops up right away on any device connected to it through WiFi and Ethernet. You need to create an SSID and connect to the internet. So easy and simple. The interface is also quite easy and straightforward to follow. The navigation is simple to manage for most users. The primary settings that you need to access frequently are readily available.

When it comes to the performance, it lives up to the expectations that the RT line up from Asus has always impressed us. The router is equipped with the Broadcom BCM4709 Wi-Fi chipset. The speeds offered by the router on individual bands are 1.3Gbps on the 5GHz band and 600Mbps on the 2.4GHz band. The router can be used to access the internet as a regular router, an access point and even as a WiFi repeater.

The Pros

  • It comes with robust hardware.
  • The wireless performance is excellent both on short and long ranges.
  • Affordable pricing.
  • AiMesh compatibility

The Cons

  • The router has only one USB 3.0 port
  • Wall mounting feature is not available

How to configure Asus RT- AC68U?

Well, there are several features you would make use of while setting up your new RT- AC68U. The following tutorial is about setting up the router with the basic setup options.

The Connections

There are three cables you need to connect for the underlying connectivity of your router.

  • Connect the Ethernet cable from your modem to the WAN port on your Asus router. You will be able to locate it through the ringed globe icon just above it. The port is marked blue for easy identification.

  • Connect the Ethernet port from your computer to the LAN port. You can use any of the available four LAN ports. The ports are labeled 1,2,3 and 4. They can be identified by their yellow color marking.

  • Now, connect the supplied power cable to the wall outlet and to the DCIN port on your router. The port is marked in red color in our image below.

Once all the cables have been connected, and you are all set up, press the power button to switch on your Asus RT- AC68U router. Check out the image below marked in blue.

That should now complete the connections and setting up of the physical components of your router.

The Configuration

Once everything has been connected, the router is switched on; the next step would be to configure your connection. Here is how you would do it –

  • Launch any of your favorite browsers.
  • The Asus configuration should now automatically open.
  • If it does not, type in the following address in the address bar on your browser.

If prompted to enter user name and password, enter Admin in both the fields and click on OK.

  • You should now be taken to the initial setup page. This will provide you with information on the product and let you know of a few features that the router offers you.
  • Click on Go on this page.
  • Change the default administrator user name and password as per your preferences. You can leave them as default, but it is highly recommended to change the settings so that you will not end up giving access to others of your login credentials.

  • Change the password and username in the corresponding boxes and click on NEXT.
  • The router will now begin looking for your connection. You may need to enter a few additional details if they are mandated by your ISP – the Internet Service Provider. Ideally, the router should be able to detect your connection.
  • Enter the network name (also referred to as SSID) and password (this is referred to as network key). Enter these details in the corresponding boxes and click on

  • You should now find the details of the new configuration settings. Review them once and then click on NEXT.

  • A login prompt should now appear. Enter the credentials you entered before. Do note that while we entered the username and password as Admin initially, but if you have changed them in the above steps, you will need to enter the new credentials.
  • The settings page for the router will now open once again. Click on Log Out and click OK when prompted.

That does it. You have successfully configured your Asus RT- AC68U for your network.

How to Connect Asus RT- AC68U as access point?

Before you can continue setting up your Asus router as an access point, it would be a good idea to understand what exactly is an Access Point. Let us know the jargons first.

The access point is used as a means of extending your WiFi coverage. It can help you increase the number of connected devices and users. Creating an access point with your Asus router will need you to use an Ethernet cable to the modem or another router. This will help you transform the wired signal from the modem into a wireless signal.

Having understood the essence of an access point, here is how we will connect the Asus Router to a modem to create an access point.

  • Connect the WAN port on your Asus RT- AC68U to the LAN port on your modem or parent router. The step will be as in the previous tutorial. The WAN port is marked in Blue for easy detection.
  • Log in to admin page as we had in the previous basic connection tutorial.
  • Move to Administration > Operation Mode.

  • Choose the option that says Access point (AP) Mode and click on Save.
  • You should now be taken to a page where you need to enter the IP addresses.

  • Click on the YES radio button at the top to enter the settings automatically. In fact, you can enter the details manually, but we prefer the automatic detection for an easy configuration sans any errors.
  • Click on NEXT
  • Now next step would let you be a little creative. Well, we are just pointing out to the fact that you should think of a good name for your network. Enter your preferred name and password for your network.

  • Once everything has been set up correctly, click on the Apply button to save your settings.

How to Set up Asus RT- AC68U as a WiFi repeater?

Once again, if you are new to the world of network configuration, the term may be a little confusing for you. What is a WiFi repeater?

WiFi Repeater is a means of extending the WiFi coverage to a specific area. The WiFi repeaters connect to an existing WiFi network, amplify the current signal and transmit it further ahead. You are expected to position the WiFi repeater in an area where the WiFi signal is already strong.

The WiFi repeated can help cover a larger space like a hall or even include a more extended corridor. This can help you extend the coverage of your WiFi connectivity over a wider area.

Now that we have understood what a WiFi repeater can do to improve the performance of your WiFi Network let us now check out how to configure your Asus RT – AC68U router as a WiFi repeater. Please note that your parent network should already be configured for the Asus router work as a repeater for it.

Here are the steps involved in the procedure-

  • Connect your Asus router to your laptop or PC through the ethernet cable. Connect the cable to the LAN port on your router.

  • Switch on your Router.
  • Sign in to the router admin page as has already been explained in the above tutorial for the necessary connectivity and configuration.
  • Move to the Administration section.

  • Select the Operation Mode and then choose Repeater Mode radio button.

  • Click on SAVE
  • The router will begin looking for the available networks.
  • Once you find the network that you are looking for, choose it from the list.

  • Enter the password for the selected network and hit on
  • You should now be asked to enter the IP addresses. We would advise you to choose the automatic detection and let the IP addresses to be filled automatically.

  • Click on NEXT.

Setting up the router as the WiFi repeater can take a while. Wait patiently till the router assigns itself to the role of the WiFi repeater.

How to save your default Router Settings?

Of course, you will generally change the settings on your router to what you prefer for the proper functionality. But, what to do in case if something goes wrong and you need to revert to the default settings? That is precisely where the backup settings would be an added advantage.

Thankfully, the Asus RT -AC68U router does come with an option for backing up the default settings. Here is how you can back up the default settings on the Asus router –

  • Head over to the Administration section as explained in the previous sections and move to the part that reads Restore/Save/Upload

  • Click on SAVE option and save the settings in the form of a CFG file.
  • You can upload the file to any of your favorite cloud services so that you can retrieve them later when needed.

When you want to restore the setting in future, you can use the Restore option and retrieve the file and apply the default settings on your router.

The Concluding Thoughts

Those were complete setup instructions for configuring your Asus RT – AC68U effectively. We assume we have covered almost all the steps for a set of varied requirements you may have. Right from basic configuration of the router to the backing up and restoring the default settings, we assume we have covered almost all the necessary setup instructions you would be interested.

If you are still confused, you may share your doubts with us. We will direct you to the relevant tutorials and support sections. We welcome your questions and suggestions. Feel free to use the comments section below. Thanks for visiting!

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