Intel Battlemage GPU BMG-G10 vs BMG-G21 Specs Comparison

Intel Battlemage GPU BMG-G10 vs BMG-G21 comparison

In a company presentation for its channel partners, Intel confirmed that it will launch its next-generation Arc Xe² discrete GPU lineup, “Battlemage.” It would be the company’s second rodeo with efficient gaming graphics since its 2022 comeback to the segment with the Arc “Alchemist” series.

Intel plans to launch a cutting-edge GPU architecture called Xe2 “Battlemage.” This will be done by the next iteration of Intel’s Arc Gaming & Pro discrete GPUs for mobility, and this latest architecture will be utilized for desktop PCs.

The Battlemage GPUs are expected to implement several new features, including support for ExtraSS. The company has also increased support for its next-gen GPUs in the Xe Kernel drivers for Linux 6.8. This demonstrates its dedication to providing a powerful software platform for its current-generation generation chips.

Through “Battlemage,” Intel aims to provide a linear boost in performance and new hardware capabilities. From this family, the discrete GPUs are likely to be built on a 4nm-class foundry node from TSMC. Also, each workstation processor, PC processor, and discrete GPU segment will witness forthcoming products. This can be visualized as a confirmation for a 2024 release of “Battlemage. ”

Intel Battlemage GPU BMG-G10:

This high-end gaming graphics card is anticipated to be released in the second quarter of 2024. BMG-G10 is based on the Xe2-HPG architecture, the second generation of Intel’s Xe graphics technology. It is a successor to the Xe-HPG architecture utilized by the Intel Arc Alchemist ACM-G10 (currently used in Arc A750 and Arc A770 GPUs).

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Recently, Intel Tech Tour offered access to Intel’s most secure labs, where they are working on next-gen client and enterprise products. During the tour, an exciting discovery was Intel’s next-gen discrete GPU, the Intel BGM-G10.

HardwareLuxx was participating in the Tech Tour. The participant has detected an Intel BMG G10 chip in the Failure Analysis Lab, which validates that the chip is part of the next-generation Battlemage discrete processor lineup.


  • It will contain 56 Xe cores and 448 XVE (Execution Units), each containing two shaders.
  • The 16 GB of 256-bit GDDR6X video memory will be included. It will be faster than the GDDR6 memory utilized by the Arc Alchemist GPUs.
  • The maximum power consumption will be up to 225 W. This is identical to the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4080.
  • It will be implemented with the latest cache design, Adamantine cache, which will have a capacity of 112 MB.
  • The TSMC 4 nm process node will be implemented. This advanced fabrication technology improves efficiency and performance compared to the previous generation of Intel Arc GPUs, known as Alchemist.
  • It will compete with AMD and Nvidia in the mainstream and high-end gaming GPU marketspace to provide enhanced ray tracing and AI capabilities compared to the Arc Alchemist GPUs.
  • The BMG-G10 would be the flagship model of the Battlemage series. It will also incorporate the BMG-G21 and BMG-G31 GPUs.
  • Intel has not yet disclosed the formal pricing or availability of the Battlemage GPUs. However, their prices are expected to be high to gain market share from their competitors.
  • The GPU will likely provide twice the core count of the ACM-G10, i.e., 64 Xe-Cores.
  • The length of the memory bus is 256 bits.

Here’s a comparison table for the Intel Battlemage GPU BMG-G10 vs BMG-G21:

SpecificationIntel Battlemage GPU BMG-G10Intel Battlemage GPU BMG-G21
Target SegmentEnthusiast GamingMainstream Gaming
Release DateSecond Quarter of 2024 (Anticipated)Second Quarter of 2024 (Anticipated, Later)
MicroarchitectureNot SpecifiedXe2-HPG
Power ConsumptionUp to 225WUp to 150W
Xe CoresMore than BMG-G21 (Exact Number Not Specified)56
XVE (EU) UnitsNot Specified448
Video Memory16GB 256-bit GDDR6X16GB 256-bit GDDR6X
Cache DesignNot SpecifiedAdamantine Cache, 112 MB
TechnologiesNot SpecifiedDeepLink, ExtraSS

Intel Battlemage GPU BMG-G21:

Recognized as performance-oriented graphics, Intel Battlemage GPU BMG-G21 is likely to be released in 2024. It is built on the Xe2-HPG microarchitecture, and the power rating is up to 150 watts. Here are some of the features and specifications of the BMG-G21:


  • It will contain 56 Xe cores and 448 XVE (EU) units.
  • The latest cache design, called Adamantine cache, is implemented. This cache would have a capacity of 112 MB.
  • The 16 GB of 256-bit GDDR6X video memory will be included.
  • DeepLink technology is implemented. It lets the GPU function with the CPU and other devices for improved efficiency and performance.
  • ExtraSS, which is a machine learning-based rendering technique, is implemented. It improves image quality.

Intel Battlemage GPU BMG-G10 vs BMG-G21 comparison:

The following points justify the key differences between Intel Battlemage GPU BMG-G10 and BMG-G21:

  • The BMG-G10 is a high-end graphics card that specifically targets the enthusiast gaming segment. On the other hand, the BMG-G21 is a performance graphics card that targets the mainstream gaming segment.
  • The power consumption of BMG-G10 is up to 225W, whereas that of BMG-G21 is up to 150W.
  • Compared to BMG-G21, the BMG-G10 has more video memory (16GB 256-bit GDDR6X) and more Xe cores (56).
  • The BMG-G10 is anticipated to be released in the second quarter of 2024, whereas the BMG-G21 is expected to be released later in the same quarter.

Concluding Note:

Both Intel Battlemage GPU BMG-G10 and BMG-G21 GPUs are based on the Xe2-HPG microarchitecture. They offer improvements such as improved ray tracing, enhanced next-generation memory subsystem and compression, cutting-edge machine learning rendering technology, and DeepLink features. Much is unknown about the Battlemage project; however, it has still been highly expected as consumers look for more budget-friendly GPUs.

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