Best Dual Port PCI Express (PCIe x4) Gigabit Ethernet Server Adapter

Best Dual Port PCI Express (PCIe x4) Gigabit Ethernet Server Adapter

In our series of the network cards for your Virtual Machine environments, we have already discussed the 4 port PCIe ethernet adapter. However, if your port requirements are limited or there are any other reasons (like Link Aggregation) that you are looking for a lesser number of ports, the StarTech Dual Port PCI Express (PCIe x4) Gigabit Ethernet Server Adapter is our top recommendation to go with. What features does this adapter come with and what applications would you be able to put it to? We will check out in a little detail in the following paragraphs.

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Dual Port PCI Express (PCIe x4) Gigabit Ethernet Server Adapter

If you are looking up for an option to provide a redundant connectivity option to your VM environments, the Dual Port PCI Express (PCIe x4) Gigabit Ethernet Server Adapter is an excellent option for your requirements.

The adapter offers you the option of adding two Gigabit Ethernet ports to your desktop computer through by using a single PCIe slot on your motherboard. This can be an ideal solution if your computer does not have access to enough number of ports for your connectivity requirements. The adapter is entirely compatible with IEEE 802.3/u/ab.

Equipped with the high-performance Intel I350 Chipset, you are sure to get a couple of advanced options for your connectivity requirements. You would also be able to add additional bandwidth to the system. The adapter offers a seamless configuration of an efficient network to meet most of your VM deployments.

The Features that Make It an Excellent Option

Some of the best features that the Dual Port PCI Express (PCIe x4) Gigabit Ethernet Server Adapter comes equipped with include

  • Dual Network Bandwidth – True to its name, the Dual Port PCI Express (PCIe x4) Gigabit Ethernet Server Adapter adds up double bandwidth to a single system. Ability to add two Gigabit Ethernet ports to a single PCIe slot would make it possible to get a better link aggregation.
  • Optimized Network traffic – The Intel I350 chipset is known to offer you high performance. The network adapter card from StarTech is equipped with the chipset and ensures you an optimized network performance. You can be assured of advanced options including IEEE 802.3ad link aggregation / teaming support.
  • Improve the Efficiency of your virtual servers – The dedicated ports will help you achieve the best results from virtual servers. The dual network adapter would help you opt for a complex network scenario in tune with your requirements. The adapter comes with a standard profile, but you may also use it with a low profile bracket that comes with low profile bracket within the sales package.

The Application Areas that the Network Card can be Useful

The network adapter would find it being of practical usage in the following conditions. Please note that these are just representative. Here are a few applications that you would be able to put it to.

  • The adapter would be quite ideal for the requirements in VM environments. It can be used with multiple operating systems and as such, it can be a good option for your requirements in your needs for shared or dedicated NICs.
  • It should be an ideal option for all your requirements in ensuring a redundant connectivity option and provides a continuous network connection.
  • The adapter card can also find a useful application in a dual homed proxy connectivity. This is useful in providing an additional layer of security.
  • You would be able to use it for a range of desktop clients, servers and workstations.

# StarTech (ST2000SPEXI) Dual Port PCI Express – PCIe x4 – Gigabit Ethernet Server Adapter

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The Tech Specs

Here are the details about the top end specifications that the adapter would offer you.

Features / ParticularsDetails
Bus TypePCI Express
Profile TypeStandard Profile ( Low profile bracket available)
ChipsetIntel – I350-AM2
Industry standards supportedIEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u, IEEE 802.3ab

PCI Express Base Specification 2.1

Networks compatible10/100/1000 Mbps
Jumbo Frame Support9K Max
Maximum Data Transfer rate2000 Mbps  for full duplex and 1000 Mbps for half duplex
Protocol supportIEEE 802.3ad (link aggregation), IEEE 1588 (time sync) / 802.1AS, IEEE 802.1q (VLAN tagging)
Operating systems supportedWindows® 7, 8, 8.1, 10

Windows Server® 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2, 2016

Linux 2.4.x to 4.11.x LTS versions only

Connectors1 No PCI Express x4 Male

2 No RJ-45 Female

Any Other Options available?

Well, there are a few options available, and they are also good alternatives. In any case, we saw a couple of alternatives with lesser cost. If you are not looking to lay your hands on the StarTech Dual Port PCI Express (PCIe x4) Gigabit Ethernet Server Adapter.

One such example can be Rosewill 10/100/1000Mbps Gigabit PCI Express, PCIe Network Adapter. Some of the features you would find on the adapter include

#Rosewill (RNG-407-Dualv2) PCI-E Dual Port Gigabit Ethernet Network Adapter

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  • It supports the standards up to IEEE 802.3, 802.3u, 802.3ab, 802.3x, 802.1q, 802.1p, CSMA/CD, TCP/IP Interface: 32-bit PCIe 1.0a
  • Jumbo Frame rats up to 4K
  • The network adapter supports multiple operating systems including DOS, Win98SE, Me, 2000, XP, Vista, Linux and Novell Netware
  • They offer a transmission rate of 10/100Mbps for Half-Duplex mode; 20/200/2000Mbps for Full-Duplex mode
  • You can also make use of VLAN tagging

The Concluding Thoughts

Well, that was all about one of the most capable offerings from StarTech – the Dual Port PCI Express (PCIe x4) Gigabit Ethernet Server Adapter. Whether you are looking to add more bandwidth to your ports or you have minor ports on your computer, this option should be one of the ideal ones for all your needs. You can make use of the dual port adapter for your needs – whether for your VM requirements or other needs.

Have you already been using it for your requirements? In that case, we would welcome you to share your thoughts and inputs with us. That would help us gather more insights about these devices.

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