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Best 1200 Watts PSU in India – ATX Fully Modular Power Supply

Best 1200 Watts PSU in India

If you are based in India and are looking for the best 1200 Watts PSU in India then check our recommendations.

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A power supply is an important component for a PC build. It streamlines the efficiency of a device and ensures that all power requirements are met. The power supplied usually lasts for hours. At least one electric load can be operated through a power supply. Most modular PSUs offer excellent energy efficiency. Through 80 plus rating, a power supply is quite efficient to deliver at least 80% of its rated wattage to your device or system. The remaining 20% is dissipated as heat.

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How to choose the best Power Supply:

  • TDP of CPU – 165 Watts
  • Intel Recommendation: 1.25 x 165 = 189 Watts
  • The motherboard determines turbo Frequency and Power Limits
  • Add the TDP for GPU(s) for the final value to estimate the total power consumption

Also, note that most PSUs (SMPS) are designed to deliver optimal performance at half the rated load. So, it is a misconception to assume that the most powerful PSU will deliver better performance and efficiency. This is because of the power quality and efficiency drop at idle speeds. Say, if your PC is at a 15% load, only an 80+ PSU would be able to deliver the rated capacity.

A single High-End GPU and a matching CPU only needs a 350W 80+ Power supply

Also, do read about Intel’s newest ATX spec (v2.53). It comes with a set of low-load efficiency requirements, which state that every PSU should have higher than 70% efficiency with 10W ( for <500W capacity) or 2% of its max-rated-capacity loads. This provision is valid from July 2020. So every power supply meeting the ATX12V v2.53 spec has to be efficient at more moderate loads, too.

For the 1 kW scenarios, a higher efficiency PSU is definitely recommended given the fact that small losses are actually not so small. So, with this context, the recommendations below discuss the best 1200W 80 Plus platinum full modular ATX power supply:

Best 1200 Watts PSU in India

Sr. No.ImageProduct NameManufacturerBuy Now
1Cooler Master V1200A PSUCooler MasterBuy from Amazon
2Corsair HXi Series, HX1200i (1200W) Fully Modular Power SupplyCorsairBuy from Amazon
3Corsair Hxi Series HX1200i 1200 W ATX/EPS Fully Modular Power SupplyCorsairBuy from Amazon
4Corsair HX SeriesTM HX1200 PSUCorsairBuy from Amazon
5Corsair CP-9020008-NA AX1200i Digital ATX 1200W PSUCorsairBuy from Amazon
6Corsair AX1200i ATX/EPS Power SupplyCorsairBuy from Amazon

6. Corsair AX1200i ATX/EPS Power Supply:

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The Corsair ATX1200i power supply delivers digitally controlled power. It includes a digital signal processor (DSP) that provides efficient and clean energy with real-time adjustments. This processor offers tight voltage regulation that enhances system stability and performance to the 80 plus platinum levels.

One great feature to note is it comes with the Corsair link integration. It is beneficial for controlling and adjustment of the performance, OCP settings, and noise. This functionality lets you know how efficiently the PSU is functioning at any specific moment. Consequently, it allows you to adjust the performance rapidly. Moreover, the included diagnostic tools supervise real-time efficiency, fan profiles, power consumption, and modifiable over-current protection points. This power supply is compatible with the 4th generation Intel Core series processors.

Due to the digital nature, it becomes easy to monitor it directly in the Corsair link. So, you can keep track of the amount of power consumed. For neat cable management, it comes with zip ties and screws.


  • The PSU delivers more than 80% platinum efficiency for reduced power consumption and energy expenses.
  • The energy efficiency is up to 92%.
  • At low loads, the fan-less operation reduces noise.
  • The 140 mm double-ball bearing fan is thermally controlled. It spins up as required and does not spin at low loads.
  • It supports universal AC input in a range of 90~264V.
  • It comes with a dedicated single +12V rail.

5. Corsair Digital ATX 1200W PSU, Model: CP-9020008-NA AX1200i

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The innovative AX1200i from Corsair is the foremost desktop PC power supply that uses digital (DSP) control and Corsair Link for excellent monitoring. Both of them also lead to customization of performance. Its operation is controlled by DSP that makes quick adjustments for proper voltage regulation. Consequently, it ensures that the components in your device obtain clean, steady power. The platinum efficiency of more than 80% leads to further stability of the power supply. The reduced power consumption implies less additional heat generation. So, it reduces extra strain on other components of the device. Also, it saves you money in the long run since the power consumption is low.

With the help of cable routing, the airflow is excellent. The fully modular cable set enables the user to use only those cables he/she needs. Furthermore, the flat design simplifies cable routing even in small spaces. The added benefit of cable routing is it presents a neat look since the cables are away from the airflow path. So, the space usage is efficient, and the energy efficiency is also high. The incorporated fan is handy if you are building a quiet PC or intend to reduce the ambient noise.


  • The built-in DSP delivers clean, efficient power. It supports adjustments in real-time.
  • There is support for the Corsair Link Integration for accurate monitoring. It also helps to vary noise, OCP settings, and performance.
  • It comes with a separate single plus 12V rail along with customizable virtual “single rail” and “multi-rail” software modes.
  • The Active Power Factor Correction (PFC) has a PF value of 0.99
  • The 140 mm double ball-bearing fan operates ultra-quiet. It does not spin at low loads.
  • The mentioned fan provides outstanding airflow with reduced noise by simply adjusting the speed according to temperature.
  • It is an 80 Plus Platinum certified power supply that delivers a maximum of 92% energy efficiency. This is applicable under the experimental load conditions.
  • The range of universal AC input is 90-264 V.
  • Various safety features are over-voltage, over-current, under-voltage, and short circuit. They guarantee the utmost safety for all the critical components of the system.
  • The built-in capacitors offer high performance and reliability.

4. Corsair HX SeriesTM PSU, Model -HX1200:

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Those as mentioned earlier fully modular power supply is a high-quality product you need for the safety of your device. The capability to deliver significant energy efficiency makes it versatile. The included fan does not spin under load. When it turns, it is hardly audible. Despite the quiet operation, there is plenty of power at the output. For upgrading your PC, the quiet operation and high-performance help a lot.


  • The 80 Plus Platinum certified PSU delivers 90% energy efficiency at real-world load conditions.
  • It can operate in the ZeroRPM mode to guarantee fanless operation at low loads. Also, it ensures considerable noise reduction.
  • The built-in 135mm thermally controlled fan contains fluid dynamic bearing. It only spins as required.
  • For ease of installation, it comes with fully modular cables. They guarantee reduced clutter and offer excellent airflow all across the chassis of the computer.
  • The power output is found maximum at a server-grade 50°C temperature rating.
  • Various safety features are over-voltage, under-voltage, over-power, over-temperature, and short circuit protection. All these safety features guarantee the excellent safety of the components inside.

3. Corsair Hxi Series 1200 W ATX/EPS Fully Modular Power Supply: HX1200i

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The high-performance design of this power supply is advantageous in various PCs. It is assured to deliver stable, clean, constant power. The power output is uncompromised even at a temperature rating of 50°C. Besides, the PSU comes with 10 years of warranty. Some key characteristics include tight voltage control and quiet operation. A fully modular cable set is fit for neat cable management. With the inclusion of all the Japanese 105c capacitors, this PSU is an excellent choice for high-performance PCs where reliability is critical.

In this power supply, the ICue software indicates wattage. It is handy to know the usage during different conditions. The same enables the user to control the fan. The fan does not spin unless for gaming. So, the entire operation is noise-free. Even during gaming, the power consumption is limited. At a high load, there will be no strain to this power supply.

Most of the time, the power supply executes at more than 80% efficiency. However, it can go up to 95% in some cases. If you own a PC that supports UFO level or includes a dual-PC single case-like setup, this Corsair PSU is beneficial. Several times, the PSU sits in at zero RPM mode because the case cools it adequately.


  • It delivers 1200W of continuous power.
  • The 80 Plus Platinum certification assures 92 percent efficiency and quiet operation.
  • For a neat appearance, it comes with flat black, low-profile designed modular cables. These cables make builds and upgrade hassle-free.
  • The heat dissipation and operation costs are less.
  • Its zero RPM fan mode leads to quiet operation.
  • The support for the Corsair link allows easy monitoring of the performance of the power supply. It will enable toggling between a single rail or multi rail mode.

2. Corsair HXi Series, HX1200i (1200W) Fully Modular Power Supply:

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There are various key benefits of using this HXi Series power supply. Firstly, it provides very tight voltage control. The entire operation is guaranteed to be quiet. With the inclusion of every Japanese 105 Degree c capacitor, the PSU is a good choice for high-performance PCs that demand high reliability.

To reduce clutter and facilitate ease of installation, there is the inclusion of fully modular low-profile designed cables. They boost airflow all over the PC’s chassis. The mentioned cable set simplifies the hassles for builds and upgrades.


  • There is support for the Corsair Link Integration. It accurately monitors the performance and offers adjustments to the fan speed.
  • It can let you operate in either single or multi rail mode.
  • The 80 PLUS Platinum efficiency offers an energy efficiency of 92% at functional load conditions.
  • The mentioned efficiency decreases operating expense and additional heat generation.
  • To guarantee fanless operation, it supports ZeroRPM mode. For reduction of noise, this mode lets the fan work at low loads.
  • The 140mm fan comes with a fluid dynamic bearing, and it is temperature-controlled.
  • Through the Corsair Link Digital support, it is easy to supervise the performance of the power supply.

1. Cooler Master V1200A PSU:

Check on Amazon India

When you are looking for an efficient power supply for your PC without noise generation, go for this one. It comes with a silent fan-less mode for quiet operation. The use of quality Japanese electrolytic capacitors guarantees high performance and reliability. To make installation quick and straightforward, it comes with a fully modular cable design. The same offers neat cable management.

Whether you are using single or multiple hard drives, you can benefit from the high performance and reduced power consumption. If you are using multiple drives, there is a benefit of extra protection against data loss during hard drive failure.


  • The 135mm FDB quiet fan can operate in default or hybrid mode.
  • The built-in hybrid fan controller allows easy switching of mode, either auto or hybrid.
  • Its 80 Plus Platinum certification guarantees a maximum of 93% efficiency at 50% load.

Concluding Note:

The mentioned power supply delivers high energy efficiency irrespective of the load. Most of them operate quietly and ensures the protection of the device connected with them.

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