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Windows 10 Tips Tricks and Shortcuts

Windows 10 Tips Tricks and Shortcuts

Windows 10 Tips Tricks and Shortcuts is a post for users like you to make yourself comfortable using Windows 10. This post should help you enable for easy navigation and lesser use of the mouse. Read along to know more.

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Windows 10 Tips Tricks and Shortcuts

  • How to change the default File Explorer setting from “Quick Access” to “This PC” (Formerly My Computer)

When you click to Open “File Explorer” it opens the Quick Access menu by default. If you are coming from the older versions of Windows, like XP or Win7, you might want to change this setting.

Optimize your Search ResultsWindows 10 Tips Tricks and Shortcuts

Searching for items and nothing comes up on the search results? Use the search options to customize what you can search for better results.

Do note that you can always restore the settings to default if you want to go back. Just make sure that you remember where you make those changes.

Including more items and objects will eat up your disk space. So keep in mind that you have adequate space for the internal Windows 10 search index to grow more.

This setting is not recommended for those Windows tablets with 32 GB of eMMC based storage.

Disable Automatic Installation of Updates (Only works in Pro and Enterprise, Does not work if enforced by a Domain Policy)

Do you miss the Old Start Menu? Disable these Additional Items

  • Step 1: Click Start, Go to Settings>Personalization>Start and uncheck unwanted menu items.
  • Step 2: Choose and remove the folders which you want to appear on your Start Menu
  • Step 3: You can unpin all the unwanted “Modern Apps” from the start menu.

How to change or remove the default Sign-In Wallpaper

  • Click Start>Settings>Personalization>Lock Screen
  • You can optionally “Turn Off” the Sign In Screen.

See screenshot below:

Windows 10 Tips Tricks and Shortcuts

How to Automatically Logon to Windows using a Domain Account

Download the tool “Autologon for Windows 3.x” from this location.

Windows 10 Tips Tricks and Shortcuts

Enter your Domain Details and your User credentials to log in automatically.

Note: Autologon stores your Password in an Encrypted format

How to Record Desktop and Games using the Built-In tool

Use Windows+G to enable “Desktop Recording

How to Disable Windows Telemetry Information for Privacy

Click Start>Run>Services.msc (Services Console)

Find, stop and disable:

Run Command Prompt as Administrator:
echo. >%programdata%MicrosoftDiagnosisETLLogsAutoLoggerAutoLogger-Diagtrack-Listener.etl cacls.exe "%programdata%MicrosoftDiagnosisETLLogsAutoLoggerAutoLogger-Diagtrack-Listener.etl" /d SYSTEM

How to Disable “Internet Explorer”

Go to “Programs and Features”, Uncheck the option Internet Explorer.

Windows 10 Tips Tricks and Shortcuts

I hope some of these Windows 10 Tips Tricks and Shortcuts was helpful. If you have more tricks, suggestions or comments, do let us know in the comment section down below.

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