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How to Run Two Facebook or WhatsApp Apps on a Xiaomi MiUi Phone

How to Run Two Facebook or WhatsApp Apps on a Xiaomi MiUi Phone

We already know that Xiaomi based Android phones are quite popular in India and China markets. They bring great features and build quality with an affordable price tag. Xiaomi uses a custom Android skin known as MiUi which is feature rich and buttery smooth. Over the years, Xiaomi managed to improve the UI a lot and the latest iteration, the MiUi 8 is no exception. When Xiaomi rolled out the MiUi 8 ROM worldwide, it also introduced a lot of new features built-in. One of the features that I am going to talk about in this post is the “Dual Apps” functionality, a.k.a “Cloned Apps“. We were able to run two Facebook or WhatsApp accounts without any issues. Read along to find out how it is done!

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Run Two Facebook or WhatsApp Account on a Xiaomi based Android Phone

The configuration is pretty easy and straight forward. In order to setup this feature do the following steps:

Step 1: Go-To Settings> Tap on “Dual Apps” under App Settings

Step 2: You will be presented with a list of “compatible” apps which supports this feature. There is also a sub-section of recommended apps where you will find “FaceBook“, “WhatsApp“, “SnapChat” and other popular apps.

Step 3: Tap on the toggle switch in order to activate it.

In order t0 disable it? follow the same steps and tap to toggle the app off.

Here is the Step by Step Screenshots to run two Facebook or WhatsApp accounts:

In our example, if you update any one of the WhatsApp App from the Play store, both the Apps will be updated. So if you are planning to use a custom APK for one and the other an official version, this will not work.

System Requirements to Run Two Facebook or WhatsApp with Dual Apps

  • The Latest version of MiUi 8 and above
  • A Minimum of Android 5.0 and above
  • All Xiaomi based Android Phones supporting MiUi 8 and above

I hope this was useful. Do drop us a comment below if you face any issues. Cheers!

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