What is Intel Apache Pass

What is Intel Apache Pass (Optane DC Persistent Memory (or Optane DIMMs))

Did you hear about a secret project in Intel and wondering what is Intel Apache Pass? We are here to explain. Intel, which is a worldwide semiconductor conglomerate, brought an...

Intel Xeon Gold 6148 vs 6140

Intel Xeon Gold 6148 vs 6140: Specification Differences & Performance

Intel, as we all are aware is arguably one of the best semiconductor companies in the world with top of the line processors for laptops and desktops. The Xeon ranges of processors...

Best PCIe m.2 x4 Bracket

Best PCIe m.2 x4 Bracket – Single and Dual M.2 (SATA & NVMe) Adapter

M.2 is one of the many form factors available for SSDs. These look a lot different than conventional SATA SSDs and are designed to provide a significant increase in system...

Mini ITX SO-DIMM DDR4 Memory

Best Mini ITX SO-DIMM DDR4 Memory For Small Form Factor PCs

Today here at Face of IT, we are discussing some of the best mini ITX SO-DIMM DDR4 Memory For Small Form Factor PCs. SO-DIMM stands for small outline dual in-line memory module....

Fanless Radeon Desktop Graphics Cards

Best Budget Fanless Radeon Desktop Graphics Cards in 2018 For ITX

We have discussed silent or passively cooled graphics processor coming with Nvidia chips. Today, we are talking about the same. However, today we will be looking at some of the...

Best ATX Cube Cases

Best ATX Cube Cases with Micro-ATX Options For ITX and Gaming Builds

Cases hold a considerable amount of importance when building a PC, let it be general desktop or a fully fledged gaming rig. It is the components which will be holding all the...

Corsair H115i Vs. H100i v2

Corsair H115i Vs. H100i v2 CPU Liquid Coolers Specifications Comparison

As the title implies, today we are talking about / comparing two Corsair liquid cooling systems. Liquid coolers are best when you are building powerful gaming with all high-end...

Best AMD FreeSync Monitors

Best AMD FreeSync Monitors 144 Hz for Gaming on Xbox PS4 Pro & PC

One of the unique features of the internet and PC innovation is the online gaming that we have been capable of enjoying the move. If you are a gaming fan, you must be aware of how...

Nvidia Volta vs. Pascal

Nvidia Volta vs. Pascal: Specifications Comparison With Pricing

Volta is the new graphics architecture released by Nvidia. The new architecture is yet to be made available to the consumer market at large. Volta is what is set to replace the...

AMD x470 vs. x370

AMD x470 vs. x370 Motherboard Chipsets Specs: What’s the Difference?

If you are planning to build a desktop with any of AMD’s AM4 processors, the selection of motherboard might get a bit confusing since there are six different chipsets to choose...