List of the Best mini DisplayPort Splitter (4K & 8K) DP with USB C Options

List of the Best mini DisplayPort Splitter (4K & 8K) DP with USB C Options

If you are exploring the web for the best mini DisplayPort Splitter, we have some options with 4K & 8K DP support, along with USB C and VGA options.

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A DisplayPort splitter is an adapter that splits video signals from one monitor into two or multiple signals for use on extended monitors. All the connected monitors can display identical information concurrently. Alternatively, the display information is expanded as if the connected monitors are part of a single screen.

The best option to consider for connecting a computer to a TV is HDMI. Plenty of computer monitors and TVs support HDMI interfaces because of their ease of use and popularity.

However, the DisplayPort is better for obtaining higher resolutions, frame rates, and speeds. Specifically for connecting laptop(s) to monitor(s), it works better than HDMI. Here are some of the best DisplayPort Splitters:

Best DisplayPort Splitter (4K & 8K)

ImageProduct NameBuy Now
UGREEN Mini DisplayPort to HDMI VGA AdapterCheck on Amazon 4-Port DisplayPort Video SplitterCheck on Amazon 3 Port Mini DisplayPort MST HubCheck on Amazon
UPTab DisplayPort to Dual DisplayPort Adapter (8K)Check on Amazon
UPTab USB C to Dual DisplayPort Adapter (8K)Check on Amazon
Cable Matters Triple 4K DisplayPort SplitterCheck on Amazon
Rosewill RHUB-8K DisplayPort SplitterCheck on Newegg

8K Displayport to HDMI + DP SplitterCheck on Newegg

SIIG DisplayPort to DisplayPort MST Hub (4 Ports)Check on Amazon
SIIG DisplayPort to DisplayPort MST Hub (3 ports)Check on Amazon
gofanco Prophecy 1×3 DisplayPort SplitterCheck on Amazon
SIIG DisplayPort to HDMI MST HubCheck on Amazon
XtremPro 61070 DP 1.2 to 2 SplitterCheck on
C2G Mini Display Port to HDMI Monitor SplitterCheck on Amazon
iAdapt DisplayPort to Dual HDMI MST HubCheck on Amazon

15. iAdapt DisplayPort to Dual HDMI MST Hub:

Check on Amazon

With this MST hub, you can connect two additional HDMI monitors to a computer through a single DisplayPort output. It can function in extended mode or video mode for combining multiple screens into a single display. It is implemented with the latest DP1.4 specifications.

Those DisplayPort-powered devices that you connect to this splitter can present digital content at resolutions higher than Ultra HD. Thus, this splitter is perfect for future applications, including 4K HDR and VR displays.


  • It supports up to MST dual HDMI 4K/60Hz resolution.
  • At once, it can connect up to two external HDMI monitors. Both monitors will have 4K resolutions each.
  • The list of standards it supports are HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort v1.1a, DisplayPort v1.4, HDCP v2.2, VESA DDM Standard, DisplayID, and EDID v1.4.
  • This splitter is compatible with any DisplayPort-equipped host devices and HDMI-equipped displays.

14. C2G Mini Display Port to HDMI Monitor Splitter:

Check on Amazon

Now you can mirror a single Mini DisplayPort output to two HDMI displays that are MST enabled. The splitter supports video extensions video mirroring. Each display will feature up to K resolution.

This splitter works perfectly for digital signage applications, spreadsheet analysis, and graphic design when used as an MST hub. To benefit from mirrored, extended, and panoramic video display functionality, ensure the display and source device’s video card supports MST and DisplayPort 1.2.

For the operation, this hub needs 5V/2A power. In some instances, external power might be required via the USB Micro-B port over the hub.


  • The implemented Multi-Stream Transport (MST) enhances multitasking. It boosts productivity by customizing the hub to function as a splitter for combining monitors into one display or extended desktop viewing.
  • The connector comes with nickel plating that resists molding and corrosion. It offers outstanding strain relief that guarantees excellent connectivity and durability.
  • Some of the names of compatible devices are Microsoft Surface Pro 6, Surface Laptop 2, etc.

13. XtremPro 61070 DP 1.2 to 2 Splitter:

Check on

The other name of this splitter is Mini DisplayPort to 2 Ports DisplayPort MST Hub. It allows multi-display configuration with the addition of two DisplayPort monitors directly from a Mini DisplayPort.


  • On both single port and dual ports display, the maximum resolution is 3840 x 2160 pixels @ 30Hz.
  • Multi-Stream Transport (MST) protocol is implemented with the STDP4320 chipset.
  • The input and output it supports are Mini DP Male and two DP Female.
  • SST extended MST and HDCP are supported.
  • The maximum data transmission rate is 5.4 Gbps
  • 7. 1 Sound Channel is supported.

12. SIIG DisplayPort to HDMI MST Hub:

Check on Amazon

This SIIG MST Hub lets you display independent content on every connected separate display. In this way, it streamlines multitasking and boosts your productivity. It is an excellent solution to set up a gaming station or workstation.

Apart from connecting multiple screens, you can use this splitter for obtaining reference data from a PDF or website when working on another screen or document.

Moreover, this splitter can be used to keep important notifications like email or communication channels shown on a single screen when working on a project on the other two screens. It is possible to watch the game on one screen when you view emails on another.

To minimize the usage of system resources, this splitter uses an existing video card. A micro-USB power cable and a helpful reference guide are included in the pack.


  • This MST hub allows you to connect a maximum of 3 HDMI display monitors at once via a single DisplayPort 1.2 enabled video output emerging from a laptop computer or desktop.
  • The maximum video resolution on each display is 4K.
  • 7.1-ch surround audio delivers outstanding video images and high fidelity sound quality.
  • Names 3 display modes are Mirror Mode, Extended Mode, and Video Wall Mode.
  • The woven braided cable offers high durability.

11. gofanco Prophecy 1×3 DisplayPort Splitter:

Check on Amazon

This 1×3 splitter is nothing but a DisplayPort 1.2 to 3 Port DisplayPort splitter adapter. It can connect a maximum of 3 independent screens to a desktop. It can also connect 3 independent monitors to a PC laptop that help you multitask.

Using this splitter, it is possible to keep essential notifications like email or communication channels displayed on a single screen when working on other screens.

Also, it is possible to view a game on a single screen when viewing emails on another. This splitter can let the display span a spreadsheet on 3 displays to avoid side-scrolling.

A DisplayPort v1.2 output or later is needed to explore the full functionality. When using DisplayPort v1.1 or earlier, MST functionality is disabled, and this hub works as a splitter that mirrors your video source across all displays. Being USB powered, an additional power adapter is not needed.


  • A DisplayPort 1.2 output can connect up to 3 DisplayPort displays.
  • 3 modes available are extended mode (for independent monitors), expand mode (combines multiple monitors as a single display), and splitter mode (same content on each monitor).
  • The active converter offers compatibility with the AMD Eyefinity technology that supports digital signage and multi-screen SLS gaming applications.
  • This splitter is compatible with Windows PCs; no need for driver installation.
  • Compatible operating systems are Windows 10/8.1/8/7.

10. SIIG DisplayPort to DisplayPort MST Hub (3 ports):

Check on Amazon

With this SIIG MST hub, you can connect a maximum of 3 DP display monitors concurrently via a DisplayPort 1.2 output of a desktop or laptop. A GPU that supports more than 3 external screens is required.

This MST hub can display independent content for multitasking and increased productivity on every individual display. So, it is a perfect solution for creating a gaming station or workstation.


  • It supports up to single (4Kx2K) @60 Hz display, dual 3840×2160 (4Kx2K) @30Hz, and triple Full HD 1080p displays.
  • Maximum bandwidth support is 21.6 Gbps.
  • 7.1-ch surround audio conveys high fidelity sound quality and outstanding video images.
  • MST graphics cards with NVIDIA Surround technology, Intel Multiple Collage technology, or AMD Eyefinity technology are compatible with the DisplayPort 1.2 port.
  • Panoramic Video Wall mode combines multiple monitors used as a large screen. This mode needs Intel Multiple collage technology, NVIDIA Surround, or AMD Eyefinity-implemented graphics adapter.
  • Extended mode displays unique content on every connected screen.
  • The woven braided cable offers excellent durability.

9. SIIG DisplayPort to DisplayPort MST Hub (4 Ports):

Check on Amazon

With a DisplayPort 1.2 video output, this MST hub allows you to connect up to 4 DisplayPort monitors at once. The ability to deliver content on 4 displays simultaneously increases your work productivity. It is possible to connect various displays like DVI, HDMI, and VGA by external DP converters.


  • It supports up to 3840 x 2160p @30Hz (4K) resolution.
  • 7.1-ch surround audio provides superior sound quality with stunning video images.
  • This splitter connects up to 4 independent monitors when used in extended mode.
  • When used in expanded mode, multiple monitors are combined to form a display.
  • When mirror mode is used with an NVidia Surround technology-equipped graphics adapter, up to 2 displays can be connected.
  • Video wall mode needs an Intel, AMD Infinity, or NVidia Surround technology-equipped graphics adapter.
  • The Plug-and-play interface eliminates the need for driver or software installation.
  • The durability is excellent due to the woven braided cable.

8. 8K Displayport to HDMI + DP Splitter:

Check on Newegg

This splitter proves to be useful for homes, offices, schools, hotels, etc., that need two ultra-high source displays. You can now assign an HD source to a TV and a monitor simultaneously without signal loss. The compact size makes it portable. A USB cable is needed to power this splitter.


  • Various resolution options it supports are 8K @ 30 Hz, 4K @ 120 Hz, 1440p @ 165 Hz, and 1080p @ 240 Hz.
  • This splitter is compatible with DP 1.4/1.3/1.2/1.0 and HDMI 2.1/2.0/1.4/1.3.
  • SST and MST technologies are implemented.
  • All DP inputs and all HDMI/DP outputs are compatible.
  • When the signal input accepts Thunderbolt 3 USB C interface, HDMI and DP compatible output can reach 4K resolution.
  • WHEN USED IN THE MST EXPANSION MODE, the DP or HDMI single port output can attain 8K @ 30 Hz or 4K @ 120 Hz resolution. The two output ports can simultaneously achieve 4K @ 60 Hz resolution.

7. Rosewill RHUB-8K DisplayPort Splitter:

Check on Newegg

This RHUB-8K splitter is also a triple display adapter or an MST hub. It lets you connect a maximum of 3 DisplayPort monitors via a single DisplayPort 1.4 video output available on your graphics card.


  • This Rosewill splitter supports up to 7680 x 4320p @ 30 Hz resolution.
  • The connected monitors are configurable in 3 modes, namely Extended mode (unique content on each display), Videowall mode (combines multiple monitors to be used as a single giant display), and Mirror mode (same content on every display).
  • An AMD Eyefinity or NVIDIA Surround technology-equipped graphics adapter is required when operated in Video Wall mode.

6. Cable Matters Triple 4K DisplayPort Splitter:

Check on Amazon

For all the latest monitors and computers having HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort 1.4, this triple 4K DisplayPort splitter is a great solution. A DisplayPort to Mini DisplayPort adapter is included, so you need not worry if your computer has a DisplayPort or Mini DisplayPort.

Using this splitter, you can simultaneously extend a desktop to three 4K monitors @ 60 Hz refresh rate. This way, you benefit from an expanded workstation. Alternatively, you can connect to the latest 8K monitors.

A magnet is available within the Mini DisplayPort 1.4 hub. It allows convenient mounting of this splitter on a metal case. Moreover, the 12-inch long cable tail on the MST hub prevents strain on the Mini DisplayPort of the computer. If you detect blinking or flickering, or disconnecting issues, you can connect the included USB power cable.

When connecting Microsoft Surface Pro 6 or all earlier versions, external power s required.


  • An HDMI port and two DisplayPorts are available for connecting up to 3 monitors.
  • The Mini Display Hub provides enhanced bandwidth for more colors and more pixels.
  • Due to the low power consumption design, this splitter can be bus-powered on most computer systems.
  • An optional USB-C power port is included for connecting computers having a Mini DisplayPort with low power output.
  • Nvidia RTX and AMD Radeon RX graphics cards are compatible.
  • HDR features are 10-bit color depth, improved color spaces and brightness, and dynamic color mapping.

5. UPTab USB C to Dual DisplayPort Adapter (8K):

Check on Amazon

The exceptional attribute of this UPTab adapter is it can transmit up to 8 channel audio so that audio and video outputs are immersive. You can use this adapter for connecting two independent displays to a USB C port with a maximum resolution of 8K. For high-level computing and gaming, this adapter is a decent choice. At once, you can configure up to 3 independent displays.

It is straightforward to use; no setup or software installation is required. Just connect an end to your computer and another with a DisplayPort cable. Subsequently, the USB-C video signal is converted into a DisplayPort signal at a resolution up to 4K.

MST technology implemented in this splitter works for Windows OS only. But if you use a macOS-based computer, the adapter will work based on SST Mirroring.


  • It can convert DisplayPort video signal to up to 8K @60 Hz resolution (single display) or up to 4K @ 60 Hz (dual displays) with 8 channel audio and HDR.
  • With the 4:4:4 color format support, you are guaranteed the true RGB color without color degradations.
  • USB C devices are compatible with the DP Alt Mode.
  • Thunderbolt 3 interface is supported.
  • Display, Extended, and Mirror modes are supported.
  • The adapter can be connected to the host.

4. UPTab DisplayPort to Dual DisplayPort Adapter (8K):

Check on Amazon

This 8K UPTab adapter allows two DisplayPort enabled displays to connect to a DisplayPort enabled device. When this type of connection is established, you can enjoy video extension, video mirroring, or watching a single video image on two displays. Generally, this hub is helpful for graphic design, digital signage applications, spreadsheet analysis, and gaming.

When you configure this hub to work as a splitter, it proves to help boost work productivity and multitasking. There will be identical video images on every display when used as a splitter.

Moreover, you can use this hub to expand a video image by connecting multiple monitors or extending a video image to multiple displays. Especially multiple display desk setups, this splitter is highly suitable. Due to the small and lightweight form factor, it feels comfortable to carry along anywhere.


  • It supports up to 8K @ 60 Hz resolution on a single monitor and up to 8K @ 30 Hz or 4K @ 60 Hz on dual monitors.
  • If the source DisplayPort output is incompatible with the DP 1.4, the MST functionality is disabled, and this hub works as a splitter that mirrors your video source on all displays.
  • AMD Eyefinity technology and NVIDIA Surround are implemented. So, the active converter supports multi-screen type SLS gaming and proves useful for digital signage applications.
  • An Intel/ AMD Eyefinity/ NVIDIA Surround technology-equipped graphics adapter is required when this hub is operated in Video Wall mode.
  • Windows PCs are compatible, and they can be connected without installing drivers.
  • 8 channel audio offers an immersive video and audio experience.
  • Extended display mode works only Windows 10/8/7 OS.
  • Those computers with integrated Intel HD 4000 GPU will only work in Mirror Mode SST.

3. 3 Port Mini DisplayPort MST Hub:

Check on Amazon

Use this MST hub to connect a single mDP port on your PC to 3 independent displays. So, multitasking is simplified. When used as MST hub, you can extend a desktop on additional monitors and stream independent content on each display. This functionality is perfect for setting up an easy-to-dock hot desk solution through a mouse peripheral and wireless keyboard set.

It is vital to mirror the same image on multiple displays for remote viewing applications like digital signage. This can be done when you use this MST hub as a splitter. When you extend your desktop at a workstation in an office or home office, there will be a significant boost in work productivity.

Before using it, it is better to check the maximum number of displays that your GPU can support. FOR EXAMPLE, specific GPU chips, Intel HD Graphics, can only support up to 3 displays.

The MST hub contains a 19 cm long cable for Mini DisplayPort, and an AC power adapter is included. Overall, this 3-port DisplayPort splitter is decent value for money.


  • This multi-monitor adapter can connect up to 3 HDMI monitors in duplicate or extended mode. This is possible through a Mini DP port available on Windows desktops/PCs/laptops.
  • The resolution is up to 1080p @ 60 Hz for triple monitors setup.
  • For dual monitors set up, the resolution is up to 4K @ 30Hz.
  • The resolution is up to 2560 x 1080 @ 60 Hz for three ultrawide displays.
  • MST technology utilizes your existing video card to provide uncompressed video output and use minimum system resources.
  • A host system with MST/DP 1.2/HBR2 or later from Dell/HP/Lenovo and AMD/Intel/Nvidia video cards is required.
  • LPCM digital audio is supported.

2. 4-Port DisplayPort Video Splitter:

Check on Amazon

Now you can configure displays for any environment with the help of this 4-port video splitter. When using the MST hub functionality, you can easily extend your desktop on additional monitors and stream independent content on each display. As a result, you benefit from multitasking and boosting work productivity.

This Mst hub is DisplayPort, and VESA certified to support DP 1.2 enabled systems. So, it flawlessly integrates with existing video equipment. You can use this 4-port splitter with computers/desktops/laptops graphics cards. A 19 cm long cable and an AC power adapter are available in the box.


  • 4 DP displays are simultaneously powered in duplicate or extended mode with the help of a DP port.
  • This hub supports up to 1080p @ 60Hz resolution for quad monitor setup.
  • MST technology utilizes video card performance to convey uncompressed video output. It makes sure minimum system resources are used.
  • Latching DisplayPort connector avoids abrupt disconnection and guarantees a reliable connection.
  • A host system with MST/DP 1.2/HBR2 or later from Dell/HP/Lenovo and AMD/Intel/Nvidia video cards is required.
  • The audio output supports LPCM digital audio.

1. UGREEN Mini DisplayPort to HDMI VGA Adapter:

Check on Amazon

The UGREEN product also works as a 4K Thunderbolt 2 adapter or 2 in 1 Mini DP converter. When used as a Mini DP adapter, you can connect a Mini DP/Thunderbolt 2 compatible laptop to a VGA or HDMI-equipped monitor/display/TV/projector. Enjoy HD images and videos on a large screen display.

With the support for Extended and Mirror modes, this adapter is perfectly suitable for information sharing in an office or during a meeting (mirror mode). Furthermore, this adapter is excellent for extending a workstation and displaying a different screen across a display and a laptop (in extended mode).

Transmission of both video and audio takes from computer to display through HDMI. Owing to the portable and lightweight design, there are no worries about device compatibility while you are on a trip.


  • It can process the output video via the external VGA port and HDMI port.
  • Various resolution options supported are 4K @ 30Hz, 1920 x 1200 @ 60Hz, and 1080P @ 60Hz.
  • Triple shielding of braid, aluminum foil, and ground wire prevents EMI interference. This shielding also guarantees a stable signal transmission amongst your devices.

DisplayPort adapters:

ImageProduct NameBuy Now DMS-59 to DisplayPort AdapterCheck on Amazon
Sabrent Thunderbolt 3 to Dual DisplayPort AdapterCheck on Amazon
Owc OWCTB3ADP2DPCheck on Amazon


Check on Amazon

Owc OWCTB3ADP2DP is a Thunderbolt 3 Dual DisplayPort display adapter. The support for dual DisplayPort ports helps you connect a single 5K display or a maximum of two 4K displays. When such displays are connected, there will be no excess consumption of system resources and no compromise in performance.

Being bus powered, external power is not required. This adapter is proper when adding extra screen space to a laptop. Also, it is beneficial for setting up an efficient desktop workstation with the existing monitors’ setup.

The ability to support multiple screens facilitates more working, gaming, and productivity. More screens mean more of what you’re working on, more gaming, and more productivity. A Thunderbolt 3 cable is included, so simply plug in your monitors.


  • The maximum resolution allowed is 5120 x 2880 pixels @ 60 Hz.
  • Thunderbolt 3 interface provides speed up to 40 Gb/s.
  • This adapter is compatible with any PC or Mac with a Thunderbolt 3 port.
  • Compatible OS is Windows 10 or later and macOS 10.12 or later.

2. Sabrent Thunderbolt 3 to Dual DisplayPort Adapter:

Check on Amazon

At once, you can drive up to two monitors on Windows and Mac systems with the help of this Sabrent adapter. Both the monitors can support up to 4K @ 60 Hz. It is famous for its capability to boost workflow by using multiple monitors.

Moreover, this adapter allows individuals to make the most of their DP monitors, letting them work faster and more efficiently. Thunderbolt 3 port is needed; it doesn’t work with a standard USB-C port.


  • It can drive one display at 5120 x 2880 @ 60 Hz or two displays at 4096 x 2160 @ 60 Hz.
  • You can add 2 DisplayPort displays with a max—resolution of 4K @ 60 Hz to a Thunderbolt 3 Apple Mac.
  • This adapter can execute demanding applications without consuming excess power or draining system resources.
  • An external power adapter is not required.
  • 2 HDMI female connectors with a maximum resolution of 4K @ 60 Hz are supported.

1. DMS-59 to DisplayPort Adapter:

Check on Amazon

The DMSDPDP1 is uniquely designed to offer maximum durability. It is a cost-effective and reliable substitute for misplaced or damaged DMS to 2x DisplayPort cables. The pack contains a DMS-59 to Dual DisplayPort cable, a DMS to Dual DP cable, and a DMS to 2 DP cable.


  • The connector type is a DMS-59 (59 pins) male to 2- Displayport (20 Pin) latching female.
  • The maximum data transfer rate is 21.6 Gbps.
  • The DMS to DP Y cable can support resolution up to 4K x 2K.
  • This adapter enables splitting video from a single DMS/LFH 59 or DMS/LFH 60 graphics card to two DisplayPort (DP) monitors.
  • Compatible graphics cards are DMS/LFH 59 or DMS/LFH 60 from NVIDIA, Matrox, HP, ATI, and PNY.

Concluding Note:

All connected monitors will show the same display information as the source computer with any of these DisplayPort splitters. The display output boasts excellent clarity and fine details.

For those applications that demand high display performance, these splitters work well. They consume low power yet convey efficient performance. You can boost your work efficiency and augment your entertainment experience with these splitters.

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