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Why MOST Indians cannot be good Entrepreneurs?

Why MOST Indians cannot be good Entrepreneurs?

Why MOST Indians cannot be good Entrepreneurs?

Since our childhood we have heard the names Tata, Birla, Godrej, being synonym to Success, wealth,
rich, & uber class life. Then, most recently in the last decade and a half,
Ambanis, and yes the inevitable name from the list Lakshmi Mittal. These names
were common to every house hold because they had achieved something that most of
us would find an extremely risky “Business” (You can stop thinking about Tom Cruise and Rebecca De Mornay
now). While some of the now CEOs have done
nothing more than “Be Born” in an already well to do family. The men and women
born with the “Golden Spoon”. Others have had more humble beginnings like Mr.
Dhirubhai Ambani. The dream of being a great entrepreneur is a one most of us
share, but as they say “Dare
to dream and wake up to achieve it
”, we have just not
come around to the waking up part yet.
So the big question is “Do Indians make good entrepreneurs?”  Well,
yes and no.  As you have seen the names quoted above and I am sure
you can think of a dozen other names by now there is always a chance of a
positive answer, but at large, is the average Indian, the good Samaritan, the “daily
office goer”, suited for entrepreneurship?   May be, the chances
are you will have to think up something radical to do, which will not take up so
much time from your current ordinary routine, at least till the time you have
hit the big leagues.
            Take for example one of the most used
bus booking tool today, Red bus®. The name is as common to booking bus tickets
as Google® and Bing® are to internet searches. They started off as a humble
operation, which was linked with a few ticketing agents to book bus tickets
specifically in the south of India, and only a couple of years later, Red Bus®
can be used to book bus tickets all over the country with 577,000 fans on
Facebook® alone. So, as long as there are people who live within travelling
distances by Bus to link the IT Hubs of India, there will be Red Bus®.
            I had mentioned a line in my
previous write up about Switching Jobs
“Change is a good thing, change
is refreshing, and change is what we all desire”
We need to constantly
reinvent ourselves and our business to make it more interesting to the patrons.
After all, this is not your everyday general store we are talking about and
even they don’t keep things the same for long.
got to keep it FRESH!” 
Why MOST Indians cannot be good Entrepreneurs?


 So while doing your daily job and providing to
your family, when, would you have the time, to think about starting a business,
let alone running it and running it successfully.
“No one enters into
the world of business to fail”
(unless you are Gomez
Addams, then it’s a different story)
Why MOST Indians cannot be good Entrepreneurs?
Typically, an entrepreneur is a person who takes calculated
risks to achieve his dream, creates jobs for
others and sets examples for others to follow. Ask yourself, would you be
able to take risks when running a business? Are you operating on a rigid and
tight budget? Is it well placed and accessible? Do you know what you
are doing?
Are there millions(…and millions) with the
same business and less patrons? If the answer to even one of those questions is
a negative, then you need to
re-think the way you look at Business. In India, there are few communities who
are business minded, there are a few other communities who are not business
oriented but what defines that differentiation. Why do we say that X community
has only people having this business and that business and so on, where as Y
community is a worker class community. Doesn’t anyone think to be a business community;
someone had to take the 1st step. Then the others followed, we
always apply the principle
of herding sheep
. Where one sheep goes
the others follow. Business, needs contacts, these communities have massive
contacts and honest and clean transactions with each other (even if some of
them try to rip us off). Most of our contact right now is limited to people
just like us, working class. A
blind man cannot lead another blind man successfully.
 We can have ideas, but we don’t know the 1st
thing about starting.
can you run if you can’t even take the 1st step to walk?”
 India is a
developing country, and with that comes a lot of responsibilities to the
developing Indian. We definitely need more entrepreneurs oh yes, to create
jobs, to make an impact in the economy of the country and by extension the
world, to not be dependent on one major line of business which is controlled by
other countries
Do you know why
companies like Tesco, Walmart, etc are trying to come into business with India?
Have you questioned yourself why you see a sudden outburst of products in our
supermarkets, which were until recently, only available in the western world.
Why FDA is becoming a boom, its simple isn’t it. They pay you to work in an
outsourced company, and they sell you their products to get that money back,
and that my friends, IS BUSINESS
We have become so used
to the quick and easy that even the few lucky ones who can afford to take the risks
cannot be bothered with it. Why do business and risk some when you have, a sure
sum of money guaranteed every month by working in a Multi National. It takes
care of YOUR needs.
Indians, tend to
suffer from the dependency
which means that they like to work for others
rather than working for themselves.  In fact even at colleges or
management schools we are generally taught to be employees, not
employers.   It is possible that if you fail at the first hurdle,
you tend to give up the idea of doing business, pack your stuff and go home.
Nothing wrong with that, but then, don’t dream of being a business man either. The
problem is we don’t have a failsafe incase we don’t succeed. No one is asking
you to start and run a business in 24 hours, there are no SLAs. Think hard,
think right, and think innovative, take time to gather finances, check if
someone else has the same idea, partner up with the right people and HAVE A FAIL SAFE.  It is mainly people who have a running
establishment who tend to come up with new ideas and are willing to take risks. Yes,
there are exceptions, but those you can count on your fingers.
The universal truth
is, “Thou shalt never
be satisfied with the salary thou get”
, maybe that’s why the
best of minds go abroad and work, or even start a business and they do quite
well. Now, now, I am not encouraging you to leave our beloved country, but
I am encouraging you to take tips from friends abroad to run business here. India
at one time was one of the largest foreign population doing business in the US.
It doesn’t mean that everyone was a Tata, Birla or Ambani, but they had decent
businesses.Today, India, has become one of the largest outsourced countries in
the world, because of which we are lead to believe that we make better
employees than employers and better managers(the last 2 words made me laugh) than entrepreneurs. We have
numerous B Schools teaching us just that, they don’t teach us how to run a
business, they teach us how to run others business.
Working for others has
become a routine part of our thinking, it’s now an involuntary motion for most
of us and but it’s never too late. What’s
done can be changed, and what’s changed can get better
. It just depends on us.
                                                                 So, until next time,

World is a joke, and I, am Donald Trump The Joker.
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