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Why MBA for IT Professionals is not Worth the Time & Money

Why MBA for IT Professionals is not Worth the Time & Money
Does MBA for IT Pro’s really have any Value?
Short answer – It depends.

Long answer:

If you think that anyone
who has an MBA degree has a sure shot success in the corporate world, then you
are hugely
. Unless you are from the top 10-15 of the  MBA collages in India, or anywhere else in the
World, there is a high probability that you would end up doing the same work like
anyone else with a BA,BCOM, BE, BTECH would be doing. In my analogy, 95% of the
MBA’s in India is still doing the same work as they were doing before completing
their MBA. So, MBA is not a shortcut solution to a higher & better paying
role, but ‘Talent’ is.
In the Indian IT industry, the urgent need for talent is in
High end software development skills like C, C++, Analytics, Business
Intelligence and Big Data, Web Development, .NET, Java, Hardware &
Networking skills like CCNP/CCIP, ERP & CRM, Linux and Wintel Admins with
shell scripting, DBA’s and Database architects etc.
Based on any of these skills, if you are good in consulting,
there is a sure shot chance that you would end up with a high paying job like
that of a Solutions Architect, Senior or Principal consultant or even that of a
Technical Manager with exposure to project management and software development methodologies
like CMMI etc. To put things into perspective, the opportunity is ‘Limitless
and you really don’t need a MBA to achieve these goals. Even your skills in
Technical Solution selling, or pure sales is also considered as great talent.
Why MBA for IT Professionals is not Worth the Time & Money
Imagine this, back in 2008, when recession hit most of us,
the skills mentioned above never lost their jobs and were still
in demand, even if the big corporates trimmed their IT budgets. You just cannot
cut these jobs, even if they did, you would end up with another job in a short
span of time. Many corporates did cut these high end jobs, but later, when the
worldwide markets stabilized in 2010, they had a hard time filling these positions,
because there simply isn’t enough supply of candidates with these high end

So, who lost the jobs?

Why MBA for IT Professionals is not Worth the Time & Money
Mid management, non-customer facing or revenue generating
roles like administrative services, Talent acquisition team, folks in the training
department etc.
If you are one of those folks who take a lot of interviews
for your company searching for skills in the Indian IT market, you will find
beautifully decorated CV’s, however candidates are simply not good enough for
the position your company is looking to fill. There is abnormal supply of a
large pool of candidates who have completed 5+ yrs. of experience in IT is simply
looking for a managerial position, some of whom does have an MBA degree. But,
you really cannot blame them, the culture in the IT Industry of India is ‘Fast
Promotions’, but does anyone realize that this is so 2007, and in the post-recession
world, things really have changed, for the good!

So, whom does MBA benefit the most?

Why MBA for IT Professionals is not Worth the Time & Money
Business consulting roles: Job offers from companies like
Boston Consulting, Citi, Ernst & Young, and Accenture etc. are excellent.
 Financial Services:
Jobs offers like analysts, trading, risk management etc. from big global banks.
There are many other greater job opportunities from
companies from other industry verticals, like FMCG, Manufacturing, and Oil
& Gas etc.
However, the top global companies only hire from top management schools;
hence cover a very small percentage of the overall MBA grads passing out each year.

Does MBA from not so ‘Great’ institutes benefit at all?

Yes, it does. For example, MBA is a good value add for
candidates who are from non-technical background like BA or BCOM etc. If you
have an MBA, there is a good change you can get into specialized roles like MIS
& Reporting, Analyst roles in companies like HSBC Data Processing etc.
Outside IT, there are definitely other roles, but my knowledge in that regard
is limited.
If you are eligible and can take up a student loan for your
studies and have a good GMAT score, definitely going for an MBA is beneficial,
and if you have the cash, and the score, yes, it is a shortcut to a ‘Great
. In India, it is common for most of the MBA candidates who
belong to rich business families or son/daughters of parents who are
bureaucrats/socialites etc.
Yes, it is a BIG
for institutes providing MBA degrees, and it is sometimes wise
to ‘stay
in certain circumstances. Agree?

Why MBA for IT Professionals is not Worth the Time & MoneyDoes MBA help Entrepreneurs?

If you read this,
you might agree to a certain degree, that you really don’t need a MBA to become
a successfully entrepreneur, if you are successful, of course you can hire some.
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  1. Business Analyst role in IT has high demand and are people with domain knowledge and good technical background. If not from top 10-15 TOP MBA colleges you will still make a lot of money when compared to a MCA or a BTECH guy. Imagine 9 lakh BTECH students every year, how different are you is what makes the cut and MBA will put you right up there…. Author has good points….but not good enough ! BTW are you a MBA degree holder ?

  2. @Rakesh: In 9 years all 9 lakh btech students will become mba grads also, then what will you do? these days doing mba is like following the herd mentality and they don't even know why they are doing it. 99% feel the same way as you do, that they will earn more money.
    The point is MBA is a documented form of common sense which one should have figured it out even before joining the course.

  3. @Satya : Why people have started showing there ignorance as their knowledge i am still unable to figure.Your comment is like saying
    "Grapes which i cant reach are sour ! "
    You need to get into the sea to enjoy swimming and cant know its value by sitting in the shore and having beer !

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