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Top Questions to ask before becoming an entrepreneur

Top Questions to ask before becoming an entrepreneur

 Do you have a dream which you want it to become a reality?

A  ‘dream’ may become ‘dreams’ later
on as well, but most importantly, do you have a dream  or are
you happy helping other people realize their dreams?  That is perhaps
what sets entrepreneurs apart from others.  That is why you might
want to become an entrepreneur.
If you have never wanted to work for others for a living

Though it is essential to work for others for a while to
acquire knowledge and experience, if you have innovative ideas to make the
venture a success and the seed capital to start off with, it now becomes crucial
about the right time to ‘drive in’.

Normally late 20’s and early 30’s are considered to be the
best time to start your venture, However it becomes a crucial step, since you would
now become a non-salaried employee without a guaranteed monthly income, but one
who’s income is dependent on the ‘ventures success’.
  • I have this drive or hunger to achieve
    success and for that I am willing to do anything.

I always wanted to be the master of my own time
instead of being at the beck and call of others, but one must realize that by
being your own master, you become more accountable to and also for others
including yourself.
Top Questions to ask before becoming an entrepreneur

 ‘Accountability’, ‘Drive’, ‘Passion’ and most
importantly ‘Discipline’ are the key factors for
a successful entrepreneurship and if you happen to possess all these
factors, then you are headed in the right direction!
The greatest measure of a successful entrepreneurship is
not just the monetary success, but the unique creation of one’s own
product or brand which is going to set it apart from the rest and that should
be my motivational factors towards a success!
 Top Questions to ask before becoming an entrepreneur
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  1. It seems the author and the editor has missed a major point. You end up working for someone or the other even if you are an entrepreneur…. all that matters is that you end working for the guy whome you sell it too, or in case you sell it all, then for all the guys and the gals…….. the only difference is you get direct orders and no "sub", "via", "through" anybody…………..

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