Top 5 Ways to make money on your blog


Top 5 Ways to make money on your blog

If you are using some of the popular Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress or Blogger, it is probably because it is one of the most popular blogging platforms out there due to its ease of use and flexibility.In this blog post, I will outline the top 10 ways to monetize a blogging site. I have also tried to order them in terms of workability.

1. Google Adsense: Pay per click Advertising.

Top 5 Ways to make money on your blog

There is a huge potential in earning through this medium, if your website gets a lot of visitors. Pay Per Click (PPC) ads vary in profitability depending on the amount of traffic your website gets. Only a small percentage of people will click on these ads, so to earn a lot of money from them, but you will need a lot of traffic (Visitors).

The click-through rate (CTR) will depend upon the design of the website. You have some prime real estate, like the top banners or towards the end of a blog post, which is highly visible. These are the Ad spaces, which you can use of, in order to make the most of your blogging site.

You can find PPC adverts for your website at these popular sites:

2. Banner Advertising

If you don’t want to sell your own ads, you can sign up for network advertising from a variety of different sources. Like I mentioned about, for example
  • Adsense
  • Kontera
  • IDG
  • Tribal Fusion

3. Context based Advertising

If your blog is about Technical Products or computers, then in order to get a better CPC rate, you need to advertise similar products.

Selling books on a tech-blog is not going to generate enough revenue.

4. Market Affiliate Products:

These are products created by a third party which you promote on your site. These goods could be digital, physical or a combination of both. Some examples are:

Top 5 Ways to make money on your blog

5.  Email Marketing & Advertising:

Build a solid newsletter program, and have your visitors Opt in for it. If you have a good set of  email address which are in context to your marketing campaigns, then there is nothing like it. Using email marketing campaigns like Mailchimp etc. you can really make more money outside your regular blog traffic.
Top 5 Ways to make money on your blog


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