Xiaomi Mi Selfie Stick Review

Xiaomi Mi Selfie Stick Review 3.5 mm Headphone Jack No Bluetooth Pairing

Xiaomi is a young company. Even though the company was criticized for making iPhone clones, it quickly changed the people’s perceptions. Xiaomi, as we know today, is a worthy competitor to the industry biggies. Be it Samsung, LG or even Apple, Xiaomi has managed to get a slice of the market share from all of them. One of the main reasons why they got so much of market appreciation is due to its high-quality products at unbeatable prices. While they started as “Yet Another” Chinese phone manufacturer, they quickly diversified their portfolio with TV’s, Mobile Accessories, Windows Laptops and even power banks. Their business model works well in the emerging markets, especially in China & India. Their products are so appealing that even the US-based consumers buy them from International E-Commerce portals like AliExpress. With that introduction, today we are going to Xiaomi Mi Selfie Stick Review.

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Xiaomi Mi Selfie Stick Review

Xiaomi Mi Selfie Stick Review

Unlike most Bluetooth USB sticks, which needs to have batteries and frequent charging, the Xiaomi Mi Selfie stick instead uses the 3.5mm headphone jack. The shutter is triggered using the headphone jack and is compatible with most smartphones running Android 4.4 and above. Other advantages being not required to pair your stick with your phone using Bluetooth to operate. The absence of a Bluetooth radio and batteries also keeps the cost of the stick low. Here are the quick specifications below:

Xiaomi Selfie Stick Specifications
PriceCheck Final Price & Availability on Marketplace
Compatibility: All Mi Devices and Android 4.4 and Above. All Apple Phones

running iOS 5 and above is supported. iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are not supported. Other phones like LeEco are also not supported.

Weight 132 Grams
Dimensions Extends up to 70 cm with 6 Extention points
Head Angle Can rotate up to 270 Degrees
ColorsWhite & Grey
BuiltPlastic Polycarbonate
Sold On Mi Official Website Only
Warranty One year for accessories

Here are the product pictures:

In our Xiaomi Mi Selfie Stick Review, we tested it with a 5″ Xolo, 5.5″ Asus and a 6.44″ Mi Max to see how it holds up. Both the 5″ and the 5.5″ phones were comfortably easy to install. The stick had a firm grip on the all the phones with absolutely no anxiety or fear of the phone to fall off. However, in the case of the Mi Max, the stick maxed out. We had a tough time sliding it into the phone holder. We had to take off the phone case to be able to install it successfully.

While operating the stick, you would have to plug in the 3.5 mm jack provided with the stick. Once in place, you would manually need to open the Camera app before taking Selfies. On the home screen, if you press the shutter button, it toggles the volume settings. We suppose this is indeed by design and is mentioned on their website as well. The built quality is great, and the hand grip is excellent. At this price, the Xiaomi Selfie stick is going to kill the competition in similar price brackets.

What will you like?

  • Excellent built quality and cost effective selfie stick
  • Does not feel top heavy while operating
  • Does not require charging or Bluetooth pairing
  • When fully collapsed, its compact size is easy to carry around

What will you not like?

  • Difficult to fit phones with greater than 6″ screen size. But not impossible.
  • Does not work with Phones which does not have a headphone jack.
  • Some Android phones might not work with the default camera app.


To conclude our Xiaomi Mi Selfie Stick Review, we found the device to be perfect. It blows away the competition on built quality, support, and price. If you are in the market for a new selfie stick, this one should be the obvious choice.

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  • Performance9
  • Features9
  • Build Quality9
  • Value For Money10
  • Brand9
  • 9.2


    The Xiaomi Selfie stick is definitely the best selfie stick sold under 1000 rupees in India. This is complimented with great built quality and superb grip. How we wish Xiaomi to release a 3 axis gimbal stabilizer for smoother video shoots using a mobile phone.


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